new chapter of love episode 1

hiiiii frnds….
am not a kanchi fan… and am not a sanveer fan…
but i love veer…r’s acting….

do support me

am starting with present story line…

veer pragya and isha are shocked seeing kanchi and kabir dancing happily…
veer is hurt seeing them together…. and goes from there.. angryily….
pragya and isha goes to them and drag sanchi from there…
hostel room…. mrng..
isha and pragya annoyed with sanchi .. sanchi woke up
sanchi: wot happend .. why are u luking like this…
oh god y this head ache
pragya: yes.. that much u enjoyed naa.. hang over.. now i cant support u… may be there is some misunderstanding or anything else… wots veer’s mistake… c all these things through his eyes.. now it crossed the limits.. he is that much broken…
isha:y u saying like this pragya… just shut up… sanchi y u r silent.. tell us wot happend yesterday
sanchi: i dont know… i was hust going to tell kabir sir everything…
she said everything… but dont know she said or not.. and i dont know wot i did .. y this girl is showing this attitude
pragya: attitude??.. is it u or me showed
pragya goes from there
isha tell her wot they have seen
and sanchi is shocked hearing that.. she luks fir the ring and doesnt c that
sanchi: may be i gave that to him
its gud… kabir sir will understand ..

isha: wot abt veer
sanchi: veer… i know he is hurt.. but am also hurt because of my love for him… its better to end everything

pragya comes to canteen.. and sees veer sitting alone.
she feels bad for him
veer luks sad ..
pragya” veer
while seeing her he makes a happy face..
veer: haaa rajkumari..
y u r alone… where is ur frnds… everything fine naa..
pragya: veer actually all that is a misunderstanding… sanchi loves u so much.. i also dont know wots haplening then.. u both love each other.. u have to clear those misunderstandings..
veer:haha wot misunderstanding pragya…
actually i always behaved like a prankstar… but i didnt paly with anybodys emotions… i play pranks to make othrs happy… but now a girl played prank on me…. but broken my heart.. love.. and trust.. i become a fool…
pragya: veer try to understand
veer: not anymore
am here to become a doctor… and not a joker…
may be that prankstar veer died…
sanchi came there hearing them…
both luks at each other…. bgm plays….
veer goes…
sanchi tries to speak to pragya..
but she refueses and goes… screen fresszes at sanchi..

is it gud????
can i continue..

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  1. Hey Riya (I hope u don’t mind me clawing u riya) it was amazing episode ND u should definitely continue it but on every request veer ka yeh sad mode zyada time tak mat rakhna love to see him as a prankster….

    1. RiyaMaheen

      u can call me like thst… need ur support too dear

  2. nice dear
    may i know which pair are you going to make
    or all remain single just joking
    asking just for curiosity
    but ha don’t break kabir’s heart dear

    1. Dhruti

      i also want to ask same………….but nice ff……….post soon

    2. RiyaMaheen

      wait anc c dear…

    3. RiyaMaheen

      wait anc c dear

  3. Niyaaa

    Awsome dear but frankly main kabir ka heartbreak hote nahi dekh skti nd veer ko sad bhi nahi.. kaya muskil h yaar itna to kisi exams k obtional question me bhi confused na ho..btw what u write nd whom paired u made.. I loed to read from u.. M eagerly waitting for nxt one..nd m also a VK fans but sorry no sanveer fan.. Tc bye

    1. RiyaMaheen

      thank u for ur words dear

  4. Good.. Continue soon…

  5. Sajnana900

    Hey Riyu (hope u dont mind if i call u riyu)
    That was sprrbbbb
    U shld continue it…
    But question is that whom u r pairing sanchi with???
    Im a kanchi fan but as its ur ff its totally upto u that u ll make kanchi or sanveer
    I ll read both of them
    But plz continue it..

    1. RiyaMaheen

      thank u so much yaar… yeahh u can call me like that…. need all support

  6. Nyc,,epsd.. Bt,,is it sanveer or kanchi ff???

  7. Riyarocks

    hello mahi dear(mahi from maheen….hope u don’t mind me calling u this)…….nice storyline, but dear, being a kanchi fan, can’t see kabir hurt anymore…..btw, whom r u going to pair up in the end???……. keep writing dear……luv u……..

    1. RiyaMaheen

      awww… thank u so muvh for ur words… keep dear

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