A new bonding (swasan) – Episode 5 (am i good for her?)

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last part: Episode 4
“hi my bird”
swara(smiled):hi my papa,,,so wht doing?
ram:ur mom is preparing dinner..nd me helping her..nd talking to u
swara:woh,,thts superb..whts special today?
ram:alu paratha..
swara:its sankys fav na
ram:yeah..wht abt ur dinner?
swara:i will have
ram:whn?its already dinner time..we r going to have soon..
swara:i will be late,,
ram:go have now..nd tell me after finishing it,,thn only we will start..
swara:ohh papa..u have na,,i will have later
ram:no..ok we will have together,,whn u cm hr na tht time too we will have together only..so now start dinner,,,we too r starting..
swara:ok papa..i will have now
ram:thts like papas girl…

@after sometimes…
sujatha:hey ,,wht my princess doing?
swara:finished dinner,,nd waiting for u both,,whr is papa..he didnt finished dinner?
sujatha:hmm,,he finished,,,he got a call frm his family..he is angry
swara:why so…?
sujatha:his family took him granted,,,he was mentally broken by thm,,,as elder in his family,,he was who took everyones responsibility,,he started his earning once he was 10 year,,but whn everyone get in their own position just avoid him,,now his family called fro his share in property,,he said he dont want anything,,but wht hurt him is his siblings behaviour,,,he was sad,,now tht sadness changed to anger,,he wished to lookafter his mom but she dont want to stay with him,,,we r not tht rich na..
swara:i will msg him..nd mom dont worry,,everthing will be okay..
sujatha:no dear,,,he is angry for now,,will bcm ok soon,,,we didnt have dare to talk to him right now,,u knew ur papa na,,angry man
swara:my papa is sweet,,

@rams side
swara:hello papa,,whr r u
ram:(cant avoid her)yes tell swara
(sujatha was susprised by seeing ram replying swara)
swara:wht doing??had dinner na
swara:why looking like kadoose ,u knew my papa is sweet,,
ram(smiled):u r papa is khadoose,,u ask to ur mom or sanky..will tell the truth
swara:i dont want to ask to anyone else…i knew my papa very well,,he is sweet
ram:hahah,,u r always my princess.
swara:why not,,u r king na,,so i will be princess na
ram:really mad girl,,,
swara:am i mad?ur daughter na,,ur effect
ram:oh u doll..too naughty too..
(sujatha is watching this bond between both papa nd daughter..yeah its true,,whn dad is angry nd no one have dare to talk to him,,onlyhis princess can go to him similingly nd play with him,,,thts proved by swara)

@next day dadi arrived
all welcomed her
dadi:u all lookking so happy
sanskar:i miss u a lot dadi
dadi:oh my bachha,,me too missed u
lucky:nd u forgot me(sad pout)
dadi:how will i forget u,,u r the only dramabaz in this family na
all laughed whr lucky glared everyone
all settled in thr own seats nd was talking with each other
dadi:im happy beta..tht u r taking ur life seriously,,,my blessing is with u
sanskar:thnx dadi
lucky:are dadi evn im hr
dadi:i didnt saw any seriousness in ur face..still tht kid only
lucky:u always support him(in mind:let bhabhi cm,,she will support me)(he smiled)
dadi:why now smiling…
lucky blinked his eyes..saying nothing
dadi:i will take some rest now…nd sujatha,,we need look for beautiful girls for our sanky,,he is going to settle soon na
everyone looked each other
sujatha:ha.ma…u cm ,u r tired na
dadi nodes nd left with sujatha
@days r going..
swara nd sanskar is talking less…as he is having back to bck exam nd dadi is thr too,,dadi didnt knew abt swara.as thy decided to infrom others once sanskar settled down,,as swara is bengali nd sujatha nd ram doesnt have any problem with tht,,bcz swara already win thr heart by her pure love,,but other in his society ,,sanskar ddint care abt tht,,but dadi used to cared abt all this ,so ty decided to hide it frm dadi

@at park
sanskar is sitting at the bench nd chatting with swara
swara is happy ,,tht she is getting some time to talk to him
at tht time akshay came to park
akshay:hey sanky..
sanskar:hey akki,,after a brk meeitng u..
akki:forgot me??
sanskar:no yarr,,i was busy in preparation for exmas..
akki:hahha,,whts going on’
sanky:nothing,,i need a job fast..thn only can take her to hr
akki:whom?dont say im going to get my bhabhi soon
sansakr smiled naughtingly
akki:wht…u fall in love??r u serious
akki:u sanky,,didnt told me..u r very bad yarr
sanky:oh come on yarr…no one else knew..only my family knew.
akki: r u nut??normally everyone used to share thr love story with frnds thn only parents,,,nd u reverse
sanky:hahha,,u knew my mom na,,she caught me..
akki:sujju aunty na,,she is grt…so tell who is tht most unlucky girl
(sanskar is msging swara in between thr talks too,,how will he avoid her..by thn swara told ,,”will be bck” ..so sanskar kept phone bck at pocket at start to ans akki)
akki:ok.ok,,tell whose it,,nd how this miracle happen
sanky:bcz of u?
akki:me..stop suspenses,,come to point..u dont know..how much excited im
sanky(laughs):its swara yaar,,i love her alot..
akki stood frm his seat..sanky look at him
akki:wht u told?swara?whom i make u meet..u fall for her???
sanskar nodded..akki stood thr for sometme nd came bck to sense by sanskar sound
sanskar:wht happen akki?
akki:(sit bck)sanky,,did u think anything abt her
sanky:wht u mean ,,i knew her,,im doing everything for her
akki:can u make her happy?
sanky:yeah i can & i will
akki:did u evr went to her home,,did u evn see it?(sanskar nod in no)i once went thr,,its not a house,,its palace..for her ur home will be a hut sanky..im not saying this to make u low..but u just think..she have everything thr,,2 or 3 special maid just for her ..everything will be infront of her whn she wished
sanky:akki relax,i knew her dad is rich nd we r not,,wht all u said is correct..but i knew my swara well..she wont feel bad for it,,nd she too knew all this ,,she love me after knewing it only
akki:wait,,let me tell u,,,she may wont feel bad..but u urself think how will she adjust with this new lifestyle
sanky:akki,,im working hard for a good job,,nd u know na,,i love buisness,,but i need some capital for tht,,so i will do job for sometime nd will save money to start business,,thn i will start buisness with job,,once i get stable in buisness,,will concentrate on it,,nd will spread my buisness,,nd i will give all those happiness she deserved
akki:nice plan..but it will take time,,till thn she will suffer?
sanky:wht to suffer..she will support me..im sure..
akki:u dnt know anything..same happen with arjun,,he too married a rich girl.now she is asking for divorce..think sanky,,if u need her happiness
sanky:wht u mean..i knew her very well.dont compare her with anyone else.she will make my family complete..
akki:how wills she?did she knew cooking?surely sujatha aunty will be tired,,she must have looking for daughter in law to help her in household works..nd may swara didnt evn know whr is kitchen in her home evn…

sanky:why u r looking for negative..a daughter in law is not for doing works only akki
akki:im saying reality….girls r not only for works,,but did ur mom is for doing work,,swara need to help her,,,its truth,,did she can do tht????,,,.did u notice her ,,all the dresses ornaments she wear???thy r most expensive one.. mostly bought frm outside india,,she may wont complained to u,,,but she too is human ..did she will be happy to leave all tht??if u marry her,its sure her family wont accept her,,bcz thy look for reptutation ,,so she will be left with u,,can u meet her needs,,
sanky:money is not everything.
akki:its not everything,,but it too plays a role…cant live only with love,,for tht money too needed sanky..
sanky:its not like tht..we can make everything fine..
akki:think once more..if u need her happiness..anyway im leaving now..be safe
by saying tht he left the park making sanskar into deep thoughts..
its been long afetr sansakr is in his own thoughts,,he came bck to reality whn his phone recived the msged,,offcourse it was frm swara..
“hey sanky sorry for going at sudden..so whr r u now”
sanskar:its ok swara..where were u?
swara(feel something odd..as he used to call her as swara very rarely):tht na,,costume designers came ,,next week a party is arranging hr for some business success by dad..mom is handling it, as he is not hr,,so thy came to discuss abt the suit need to wear on tht day…
sanskar:so wht selected?
swara:will send pic on tht day,,u see urself
sanskar:can u send a pic now,,take a selfie now nd give
sanskar pov:
i asked for pic ,,,nd without any further question she gave the pic within a min,,its commmon between us whenevr i feel low i used to ask her pic or will see the previous pic,,her eyes always shows her innocence nd pure love for me nd my family….whn i feel she hiding something i will ask for pic,,so i can find out is im correct or not,,her eyes hold everything she want to express,,,which cant say by words,,but wht now..i looked at her pic,,but im not looking at hr eyes now..this akki made me crazy with his stupid talks,,,i look her pic,,he is correct,,her dress,ornaments,,evn she is in home,,but its true wht she wearing is too expensive,,tht dimond earing which matches with tht small nd simple chain she wore which have a beautiful pendent,,,nd the background of her pic,,yeah she is in her room frm tht can understand how big it is,,,wht the hell im thinking,,i never interpret her pic like this,,i only saw her eyes b4..but why not now,,,why im noticing this all…stop it sanskar…but im still looking all tht details.,,i took previous pic of her…nd yeah…akki is corerct,,she will loose somany things once she is with me,,but did she need all this?she will be happy with me na,,,thn why im bothering…now only i noticed,,she said something after sending pic..i didnt noticed,,very well,,i excused,,nd went offline nd came bck to home,,,dadi is at home thts why i went to park to talk to her,,,but everything went wrong,mom opened doors of our small home..wait wht i said,,,oh god whn did my home bcm small for me,,it was my palace,,,no this is not going to happen,,,mom asked me wht im thinking,,i dont know wht to ans,,i cant lie to her,,she read my eyes very well,,she knew im confused,,she is asking reason,,..well let me tell her,,she may make me fine…i told everything going in my mind,,,she look confused,,,i asked her to say something,,she asked me to dont think anyhting now…nd ask me to have food as dadi is waiting for me,,,well lunch,,did swara had or not??i sat on dining table..nd msged her,,”i didint had”..her msg came…this girl is always careless”whts thr in lunch “i asked,,”dont know…let kaki came with lunch thn will see”…her reply make me think akkis words,,,well she dont know anything abt cooking,,i too wonder whtr she entered in kitchen or not,,,”please stop this nonsense nd have ur food” my heart is scolding me,,wht i did for tht .. looked mom,,she assured by closing her eyes,,,everything willl be okay
sanskar pov ends

sujatha is calling akki
akki:hello aunty
sujatha:akshay..wht did u told to him yar..he is so disturbed
akki:aunty he is like my brother..wht i told is for him only ,,,did he told wht i said
sujatha:well he said wht all u both talked..
akki:i wonder..how u accept this relation…u used to think abt everything for his safety na,,wht happen in this matter??
sujatha:akki ,,i didint called u to get tht letcutres u give to him..i called to infrom u tht dont repeat it,,i knew thy both love each other,,everything came after thr love only
akki:after love it will cm na aunty
sujatha:stop it akki..its look like no use to talk to u…anyway by
akki:u r going to loose ur son aunty
sujatha was abt to cut the call..but was shocked to hear his words
sujatha:akki..its going out of limits
akki:u knew abt her dad ? i knew u dont if u knew u wont say yes to this relation
sujatha:wht u mean akshay??
akki:aunty he is famous buisness man in india nd outside india too…he will surely decided to get swara married to someone like him only,,swara is my frnd too,,i knew her nd her family as my mother is her moms frnd…
sujatha:wht u need to say ,,
akki:aunty dont be angry at me…see..if her family came to knew abt her relation with sanky na…thy wont leave him,,,thy can harm him,,,no one will ask thm,,,,its thr power nd influence,,,
sujatha ,cut the phone,,,sanskar is her world,,her kid,, how will she think abt such situation,,no she cant,,,

sanskar coming bck to home..he felt someone is following him..he walked little faster,,no one is thr in the way,,he ca hear tht footsteps too getting faster as him,,he dont know whn he start running,,,nd thy too running behind him,,,he felt someone hit hard on his head,,his head is spinning,,he cant move forward,,his legs r loosing the strength,,other men came nd surrouded him,,he can see thy r looking him with red shot eyes,,,thy start to attack him,,he fell down..thy r not stopping,,,,he is in pool of blood,,still thy r not stoping he is closing his eyes,,”mom”he screamed..
“sansakr,,my child”,sujatha shouted in her sleep..ram was awake by her shouting
“wht happen sujju..u saw some dream?”ram asked with concern
sujatha without answering walked towards sanskars room nd opened his room quitely..nd saw him sleeping peacefully..she sighed nd turned to saw ram looking at her worriedly..
“nothing..its just a dream”sujatha answered


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