A new bonding (swasan) – Episode 4(missing u love)

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previous episode:episode-3
@at night
swara was sitting in her bed..nd was thinking abt her maddo,,a smile can be seen in her lips..just thn she got a msg.she checks and find it from a unknown num?its simply said..”hi..”
swara(was thinking who will be it):hi..sorry..who is this?i didnt understand
unknown:hm,,im ur senior..i knew abt u
swara:senior?which branch nd whts ur name?how u knew me?
unknown:myself mittu.u r famous in clg na..
swara:sorry..i dont know abt u,,how got my num?
unknown:arey,,its ok if u dont know me..we can be frnds now?i will introduce myself infront of u at right time
swara:tht means mitttu is not ur real name isnt?
unknown:u r correct ….its not.
swara:ok be frnds..
(swara think something nd forward mittus num to sanskar)
sanskar immediately called her
sanskar:frm whr u got his num?
swara:whose num is this?
sanskar:moms..did she called?
swara:hahahha…seriously ur mom is so cute..she didnt called..she msged me..saying she is my senior nd said name as mittu..
sanskar:oh my god…my mittu is this much dramebazz,,
swara:u call her as mittu?
sanskar:yeah,,,sometimes…so she took ur num before i leave frm thr,,
swara:wht will do now?u told will infrom her after getting job na
sanskar:hm..dont worry..she will like u..u talk to her..i will infrom her tht u caught her..but dad..dont know wht he will say whn he came to know..mom will handle him..
swara:yeah ..everything will be fine,,
sanskar:yeah..u wait ;;let me call my mittu..
after sometimes..
sujatha s msg cmae
“so my daughter in law is smart to caught me..i like u swara,,,so wht my dil saying”
swara replies:(bit nervous)me good..can i call u as mom??
sujatha:yeah ..u can.
like tht thr conversation went,,sujatha was a bit worried for her son,as she want to ensure tht his son is right path,,nd she was so happy to know tht..swara is the best partner for sanskar,,she already understood sanskar very well,,,nd is so sure to thy both will handle any situation in life,,,
nd swara nd sujatha used to chat each other everyday..swara was enjoying her company..she is geting the motherly love …sujatha always ensure tht whtr swara is taking food ontime which she was careless all time,,nd sanskar has less time to check on her…nd swara is gradually getting a family…in between she came to knew tht,,its lucky who had given her num to sujatha,,nd lucky too start talking with swara,,nd thy soon bcm crime partners,,laksh is elder to swara,,,but he always behave as so small..nd swara treat him as younger,,nd call him as “chotte” nd he call her as”bhabhi”…sanskar was so happy,,tht sujatha nd laksh is spending time with her,,so she is not feeling lonely,,as he is busy in exam preparation..still ram didnr knew abt swara,,,
one day:(chating)
swara:yeah chotte.
laksh:i saw a girl in market
swara(smiled):number got or not
laksh:no yarr..u cm fast …we want to do somany things
swara:wht want to do
laksh:u will get numbers of those girls i will show u..
swara: wht wiill i get fro tht
laksh:ice cream
swara:u r best chotte….i will help u in anything
laksh:after all ur chotte na..
at tht time ram came nd ask laksh abt his exam date
laksh:bhabhi will cm soon…
laksh came bck to reality whnhrd rams shocked voice..he slap his forhead for his foolishness
ram:which bhabhi??
sujatha came thr nd understood the situation ,,she explained abt swara to ram ..he didnt said anythig to anyone nd left frm thr,,
@tht day night
sujatha was not feeling well so she was abt sleep,,nd ram was sitting in couch nd just thn hrd msg sound in sujathas phone,,sujatha knew it was frm swara..he lay down nd ask ram to check the msg,,
ram check the msg nd saw its frm swara..
ram was abt to say it to sujatha,,but found her sleeping..
he was abt to put bck the phone ..but next msg came ,,he feel something special,,nd he dont want to avoid,,he replied her without letting swara knew its him..swara was in flow,,talking abt his day nd fun,,nd hr ram was smiling at her cutness,,nd sujatha was pretending sleep is now happy to see him smilimg,,,her plan worked,,she knew verywell..he always miss a daughter,,,nd swara too miss her dad too much,,,thy will together will fill the emptiness in wach others life..
@next moring
sujatha was abt to pick her phone to msg swara..but was stopped by ram..sujatha look at him confusingly
ram:let me talk to her
sujatha:to whom?
ram:sujju…come on..
nd ram swara was talking talking..but swara didnt knew she is chatting to ram not sujatha…by evng sujatha got so much angry as she didnt got a single chnce to talk to swara..whnevr swara is free she will cm online nd will msg her,,but next sec phone will be in rams hand,,,
sujatha:hello…give bck my phone..
ram: u use mine..
sujatha:no i need mine,,i want to talk to her,,u talk to her frm ur phone,
ram:she dont know tht its me who is talking to her,
sujatha:i will tell her,,(ram give her phone)u like her?
ram:yeah,,like my dream daughter
sujatha can feel his eyes glowing,,,she is so happy..she infromed swara abt ram nd gave his num
she was in sky,,flying,,she got everyon now,,
swara and ram bcm more closer nd closer,,
swara cant stay away frm thm for long,she always keep in touch thm..
@one day
swara nd sanskar met each other
sanskar:u look so differnt doll
swara:differnt?how differnt?
sanskar:ur eyes r glowing
swara smiled..
sanskar:whts the reason?
swara:thnk u…(sanskar frowned)u gave me a beautiful family sanskar..u knew my dream cm true..
sanskar:bcm papas girl…isnt
swara laughs:yeah..how u knew
sanskar:mom informed me,,,u knew mr.khadoose is now smiling whole time
swara:oye,,,dont dare to call my papa as khadoose..u fool..he is so sweet,
sanskar:u bcm his side,,hello u need to be with me,,,
swara:im papas girl..
sanskar:but my babydoll
swara:mad..u knew wht sanky,,,papa told whn cm thr he will take me for outing nd told will have ice cream together
sanskar:hahh,,,bad girl,,,how u forgot me…if u go with him wht abt me(make a sad pout)
swara: u go with some other..
swar was flying..sankar is so happy tht she is gettig wht she dream abt,,nd he is so happy bcz he bcm the reason for her happiness..he need to keep this smile in her life everytime..for tht he can do anything,,,
sankar:accha,,someone is forgotting abt me whn she got her papa…oh i forgot to call shreya too,,are thnx swara…u remind me
swara:wht…whn i remind u,,nd frm whr the hell this shreya came frm?
sanskar:oh u dont know her n..she is my bestie,,
swara:bestie??im ur bestie n
sanskar:u r..but she too,,she is so cute too
swara(jealous):wht else?
sanskar:she is beautiful,intellligent..
swara:go with her..(nd turn to other side,,she look at sanskar hring sm sound nd found him laughing madly..)
swara:wht the hell?why r u laughing at me?am i look like joker for u??r u in ur sense idiot??
swara was just shouting at him nd sanskar was shocked..
sanskar:oh,,my child..cool down..thr is no shreya in my life..
swara:wht u mean by tht.
sanskar:are u crying doll..i wa teasing u
swara:u fool ,,,idiot,,im not crying doll..
sanskar:u r,,always cry like small baby..owa.owa…(he act like small baby)
swar hits him in hand
swara:will kill u mad
sanskar:for tht baby need to grow up…u r so small..cm i will feed u milk in milkbottle
swara:u monkey.,u knew i dont like milk
sanskar:hm..once u cm to my home..will teach u new lessons,,
swara:wht lessons?
sanskar:abt ur health..loook how tired u r?..i will sit with stick while u eat,,,nd will make u drink milk by my own hand
swara:no way monkey..i wont drink,,,i will go to papa.he will help me
sanskar:hello..papas girl,,im not scared of him..nd after all he is my dad too,,nd he wont let her princess be careless,,,so in this he will be with me
swara:its not fair.
sanskar:no excuse in ur health..,,nd i forgot to tell u something
sanskar:next week is my exam..i hope to get selected..nd my dadi,moms mother is coming,,so tommorow i will leave back..u knew dadi is best,,i love her a lot..after a long time ,,im meeting her..nd also need to prepare for exam too..so ..
swara cuts him,
swara:i knew maddo..dont worry..i will manage,,u concentrate on ur exam..whn get time thn talk to me ok,,dont bother by thinking im alone..nd now say abt dadi,,u seemed to be so excited
sanskar says abt dadi,,,frm his talking she understood tht he love his dadi as mom,,,she mean a lot to him,,,she is so happy to find him jumping in happiness…she was smiling,,
@next day sanskar goes bck his family nd bcm busy with thm
flashback ends…..
she is missing him ..now thy talk rarely..his exam is in next day…
precap:entry of dadi

frnds..i want ur opinion,,is tht good or not,,i just write it in hurry..pls let me know hows it,,,story will start frm next episode…

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