A new bonding (swasan) – Episode 3 (mission to find out his love)

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recap:love story begins..sujatha watching sanskar
sujatha was susprised by the change in sanskar..he is so calm now..he used to avoid irritation..which she thought was impossible,,,nd he is working hard for job,,,he once was too lazy..whn he read continuously he used to get bored nd will left it incomplete..but now he used to keep a target and he is succesfully following it..she knew something is thr which make a change in him..he used to take break in betwen to refresh himself…he used to cm to her nd used to enjoy with her,,sometimes will be on phone,,,she feel something strange in his behaviour,,ofcourse she can read him very well,,,she can find something special in his eyes,,its love…but he used to share everything with her,,but not this?she knew he wont hide it for long,,,whttevr he is doing will have a reason..but she knew his kid is innocent… anyone can take advantage of him…she need to be sure abt his life,,she decided to knew abt the person who is behind this change.right now she cant say this to ram as she is not sure abt anything,,ofcourse the one who is going to help her in this mission is none other than laksh…

laksh and sanskar was reading ,,as sanskar applied for exams..sujatha ask laksh to apply for himself too..so both can prepare together,,laksh was trapped….
sujatha came to thr room nd sit with her both kids..nd was asking abt the preparation nd all,,
sujatha:sanskar..so u r prepared?
sanskar:im prepared mom..tommorow i will leave bck to pune..i need to meet my frnds nd some work is thr,,
sujatha:ok..ohh…i forgot..sanky take juice frm kitchen ,,i had prepared for u both..take it frm thr..
sanskar: ok mom.,,i will..

sanskar left to kitchen..in the next sec sujatha took his phone nd start checking.
laksh:mom..wht are u doing?
sujatha:playing cricket..cant u see wht im doing.(make faces…she not getting anything).
laksh:mom..wht i did to get angry(make a sad pout)
sujatha:are u dramabazz..i will tell..now be quite..
thy hear sanskars foot step nd put bck the phone on place…

sujatha:so u both have juice…nd lucky,,meet me after finishing juice..i want to talk to u
both sanskar and lucky gave a look sujatha
sujatha:its abt todays dinner,,,i need to do some shopping,,,
laksh being impatient grab the juice frm the table and follows sujatha while sanskar was confused,,

laksh:mom..can u explain wht going on?
sujatha:exactly..tht wht i want to know..whts going with sanky…
laksh:wht mom..no more suspense..look ur lucky is angry..
sujatha:will u stop ur drama now..always tried to irritate me..(make a sad face)
laksh:oh my cutie got irritated(pull her cheek),,come on now say na..i wont irritate,,
sujatha:(rubbing her cheeks)is ur bhai is in love??
laksh:(widen his eyes)no chance,,,who will have tht dare to love ur hitler?
sujatha:u monkey lucky,,,,dont call my kiddo as hitler..
laksh:moms kiddo he is..
sujatha:yeah he is my kiddo..wht u want

laksh:nd me????,,i will go to papa..im papas boy,,
sujatha:are u fighting with me or joining with me in new mission?
laksh:hm..let me think..i will join u..but i want something
sujatha:god….(look at laksh who was smiling at his childish mom)say now
laksh:panipuri made by u
sujatha(smiled:)done ..i will make special for u..now listen to me
laksh:yes boss..im ready
sujatha:(hit him in head)u knew who is swara??

laksh:swara..who is she??anyway u have her num?i will check thn(he said by rubbing his hair)
sujatha:i will kill u..if u talk one more word ,,,,
laksh:hahhaha…are my cutie,,i as kidding na,,comeon say..who is swara
sujatha:i dont know…i saw msg in ur bhai’s phone in her name..i saw some change in him too,,i think someting is thr,,i want ur help..
laksh now bcm alert by his moms words..dectective laksh is in duty now
he simply nodded
sujatha:u r always with him na…watch him..nd if can take her num frm his phone..understood
laksh:ofcourse…but panipuri..
sujatha:will give u whn u do my works.
laksh:today too wanted mom(he cried like akid)

sujatha:lucky..(he pleaded through eyes)ok..will give
he smiled winningly

@at evng
sanskar was helping sujatha in kitchen..
sujatha(whisper to him):is my daughter in law name is swara??
sanskar:mittuu…(he used to call sujatha as mittu,,she is always a frnd to him)!!!how??
sujatha:saw a msg..nothing else
sanskar:its not good mom
sujatha:u say ..am i right or not
sanskar kept silent
sujatha:is she studying

(he noded)
sujatha:can we meet??
sanskar faces his mom ..who is so excited..
sanskar:no way..i will make u both meet ..but later..
sujatha: atleast let me talk to her..i want to knew abt her..
sujatha:not now mom..thts why i didnt share it with u na..evn i knw u have doubts…she too is excited to meet u all.but lets wait for right time..
sujatha sighed as he knew her kid very well as he wont change his decision once he took.so now her hope is her lucky…

@at this time swara s home

she was missing sanskar so much..two days before she caught fever nd thr was no one to took care of her,,she miss his care…but he did his maximun to avoid her sadness…she doesnt like hopsital at any cost,,she alwys denied to go to hospital..but this time sanskar was so stubborn to get treatment..but she denied ..atlast he said tht he wont talk to her untill she go to hospital..without anyother option she went to hospital..now she is recovering..sanskar will reach hr next day..she knew he is coming just for her..

@next day sanskar reach pune nd at evng met with swara
swara is so exited,,she was so happy nd was saying abt her day to him like a kid..he was enjoying her cutness..tht time her eyes caught the ice cream seller near by thm..
swara:sanskar,,,come..lets have ice cream..

sanskar: (who was smiling till now…look at her angrily)are u seriously mad swara?
swara :wht happen?
sanskar:wht happen???u fool..u was not well ..nd now want ice cream
swara:now im ook na.so no prblm,,,pls lets have n
sanskar:dont make me more angry?i cant take risk in ur health,,
swara:u used to have na,,,why cant me
sanskar(sighed):i dont have any illness..nd if i fall ill .my mom is thr to take care of me…who will take care of u??

swara look on..she was teary
sanskar:see my babydoll..till i take u to my home u need to take care of urself..afte tht i will take care of my small baby
swara smiled at her maddo..but was silent

sansakar:seem like someone is trying to be angry..(swara hide her smile)listen…u already have problem with cold items..if u take cold drinks or ice cream to more thn a limit u will get throatproblems..u should avoid tht…now u r not well..if u cant have ice cream.me too wont have…we will have together once u r perfectly fine
a tear dropped frm swaras eyess by seeing his love,,,but sanskar cant see her tears
sanskar: why my child is crying now..did i said something wrong..nd one more thing,,i dont like ur tears,,,but if this tears r for ice cream..thn im sorry,,,im helpless ,,i am not going fullfill ur wish…

by saying it he look away
swara rest her head in his shoulder nd sanskar side hug her,,nd cares her hair…
swara:why u care for me so much papaji?
sanskar:bcz u r my baby..my small baby,,,(just thn he realized wht she called)//wait..(he make her face him)..wht u just called me??
swara hide herself in his arms,,
sanskar:hahahha…u r totally mad yaarrr…why u miss fatherly love so much shona?
swara:(feel so happy..she love him calling her as shona..he always call her by somany names..baby,doll,babydoll,mad,,,so on,,he favourite is shona)
she came bck to reality

swara:i miss tht love frm my childhood papaji.(she look at him with naughty smile nd he too smiles bck)ok sanky…enough…(he chuckled)u knew sanky,,,whn others used to talk abt thr dads ,,i ws silent,,i was confused,,i have my dad,,but only by a name,,i dont have anything to talk abt him..i dont have anything praise him infront of my frnds..nd i have mother,,eventhough she is my stepmom..i was ready to accept her,,infact i accepted her with whole hertedly…but she didnt,,,u knew whts my dream,,,(he looks at her,,while she look straight not meeing his eyes..he hold her hand tightly..she is always strong in his hold),,its to be papas girl..i want to say im papas girl,,but i dont have a papa..(a tear dropped frm her eyes..he can feel her pain..)
she kept silent..he make her look into her eyes…

sanskar:u knew something by child..more thn ur lips ur eyes talk a lot..whtevr u tried to hide,,but u cant,,ur biggest enemy is ur eyes…it wont let u hide anythhing…it speaks a lot,,but ur family doesnt have time notice it,,,im promising to my baccha,,,i will make u forgot all this worries nd will bring bck a cute smile which u loose somewhr in ur past…do u trust me shona?
swara nodded,,

sanskar:im always with u,,i wont leave u at any sitution…we will fight together,,
thy sahred a eyelock..
sanskar thought to divert the topic,
sanskar:so shona,,,wht doc told u,,didnt he gave injenctions?
by the name to injections she look so horrfied..nd sanskar chuckled
swara:injection??? r u mad?if he said too i wont take
sanskar:who is asking ur permission….next time if u be careless nd fall ill na,,i will take u to hospital,,,nd myself will ask doc to give u injection,,,
swara:u cant do tht monkey..
sanskar:its u monkey.,..i will surely do,,,dont challenge me,,u knew i can do anything
swara:idiot,,how can u ask doc to give me injection
sanskar: why cant..i will ask him to give u injection daily
swara:who is going to come with u

sanskar:no need ,,i will kidnap u,,
swara:dont forgot to take knife once u cm to kidnap..we can cut apples on our way
sanskar:r u making fun of me..the grt sanskar maheswari..
swara:u r grt monkey..see ur tails..
sanskar frown nd she laugh,,he ws abt to catch her but she starts to run by laughing..nd thy satrt thr chasing..

precap:the meeting of swara nd sujatha

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