A new bonding (swasan) – episode 23 (depression)

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Bck to story

“papa,,, where are you?” swara was talking in phone while sitting at the room which was given by sunil..

“ don’t worry shona , don’t worry..we are on the way. Don’t be scared okay! “

“papa,,, no need to worry! Im safe here. I called u to say don’t need to be hurry! “

“shona! U r my daughter , my responsibility. U take rest dear! When u woke up I will be there”

“papa, is sanskar is with u? is he sad?” her voice was broken, expecting that her love is coming for her

“sleep shona! Ur papa saying na” ram pleaded as there is no answer for what she asked.

“okay papa” swara cut her phone and lay down…

Sleep was faraway from her eyes, she is again dreaming of a future with her love and his family.. hoping it will be new beginning..

Next morning ram reached the orphange and was too broken to saw swara in such a state. Laksh and ram didn’t find any words to explain her about sanskar. Atlast finding courage laksh speaks everything to swara who sit blankly. She wished it to be a dream, but it was not. Each cells in her body was hurting her. She kept silent without tears.

It was been few days after swara reached the orphanage, since sanskar and sujatha didn’t knew about swara and her situation ram and laksh was forced to return back. It was swara who insist them to return as she don’t want sanskar to know about her. He didn’t deserve that.

Yes,she was angry or her hurt was changed to anger. She forgot to cry and smile. Happiness was nowhere near to her. Loneliness starts to love her and took her in thr embrace. Her family thought that she went with sanskar and sanskar was nowhere to find, so they broke all the relationship with her and all shift to abroad.

Ram and laksh was not ready to leave swara alone thr, but thr was no other way. Laksh and ram together searched for a job in pune for laksh. Sanskar and sujatha was noticing them but later they give it up as they was more concentrated on settlement.

Laksh got job at “ R &V Company “. Ram and laksh was so happy as now they can keep thr princess safely. After a brk both are going to meet swara, for last few weeks ram and laksh was searching for a job, so they called swara daily as they didnit got time to come thr.

Swara was in room, sunil take them both to thr. She smiled when the door opened , she saw two familiar figure standing at door with tears.

“papa , chotte..come in!” swara welcomed them.

There was no tears in her eyes, there was no more. Her big eyes are gone, now it is hardly visible. Her face lost that glow, dark circles shows her sleepless nights. Her lips curved to smile, but that smile was not real. She was breaking form inside. She is breathing, and dying in each breaths.

Her wavy long hairs bcm a mess showing her heartbreak.

“swara, my dear! What u did to yourself” ram asked as he was not able to hold it anymore.

“shona, “laksh comes forward

He make her face her.

“see, swara! U r not alone! Ur brother is here, papa is here, we are beside u shona. Don’t be weak. Is this what my sis look like? Where is that smile which u always do when speak with me? “

Swara just looked down! That broke them, they need to do something.

“papa, did u bring what I ask for?” swara asked as ram nods.

He hand over a packet and swara smiled at it, she opened it to find a photo frame of sanskar.

“thank u papa!” she said while staring at his pic.

Days was passing.

swara built her world inside that single room. She never wished to come out of it. Ram used to go bck to delhi, as both sanskar and sujatha don’t know anything about all this. Swara was not ready to leave that room, it was filled with sanskar pic, his belongins which ram used to give after his each visit.

Swara started to love that lonilness, she was slowly going to the hands to depression. Ram and laksh was helpless before her. They both were fighting for her, but nothing changed. Ram and laksh tried to take her to a flat which thy both arranged, but she denied. No, she cant leave that room which is full of sanskar’s memories, the only thing remain.

@one day

Laksh was called by his boss to his cabin, its going to complete a month after he joined this job, this job was for keeping swara safe. But she was going to depression, he must do something for it, in all this he don’t know whtr he is doing his job as they expect or not. He took nervous steps towards his boss’s cabin. He took a deep breath and gather all courage to face him.

“sir, may I come in?” laksh asked

“ yes, come in laksh. I was waiting for u.” a middle aged man welcomed him, its his boss mr.Vinod

“laksh , im satisfied with ur work till now. Keep it up”

“thnak u sir!”

“yeah, and laksh im appointing u as the PA of my both sons.

“sir? “ laksh asked as he ddint knew about his son. Even though tht company is on thr both name, they didn’t showed up till now.

“wait , for 5 min. they will be here soon”

Laksh nods

After about 10 minutes the door was opened and there stand 2 boys!

Well we can say like that only, both of them looking so sylish. Not at all looking like a businessmen. Laksh first didn’t recognize but his boss stood up walk to them.

“why u both become late? We were waiting for u from last 10 minutes”

Laksh stood up from seat and give a smile to them.

“laksh, here meet my son ranveer and varun. U guys this is ur boths PA”

“dad, we told u we are not going to join business” varun said in a irriated tone.

“varun!!!” vinod called loudly

“what he mean was “not now”, we are not ready to take this responsibilty now!”

“ you both talk with laksh , no more argruments.” Vinod said while walking bck to his chair

Laksh stand without any idea to what to do! And varun gave a weird look to laksh, which confuse laksh.

@after sometimes

Ranveer and varun is sitting in the couch.

“varun, yarr, say something! “ ranveer said while looking at him who was thinking something.

Vaurn: “I saw him somewhere” he said while sitting straight.

Ranveer: “who?”

“that laksh! ”

“my god!! Laksh??? like seriously?? U knew where we are? We are sitting at our new office! Damn it”

“arey, relax yaar, let me think whr I saw him”

“varun!! Stop ur nonsense and find some way to get out of here. I don’t want to sit here & look those stupid files”

“u r saying like , im in love with these things. We are trapped now! We will find solution ”

“seriously yaar, I don’t want to do business, I wa “

Just then the door opened as laksh came with some files.

“what you want” ranveer roared at him.

Laksh kept quite while varun hold ranveer and calm him down.

“relax, ranveer. I told na, we will find solution. Laksh u keep that files on table and go”

Laksh put those files and was about to go back.

“im sorry” ranveer said while giving a weak smile, laksh smiled bck.

“can u say, whats ur problem” laskh asked hesitantly

Ranveer sighs,

Ranveer and varun said about thr dislike towards business. Actually they both are interested in dancing. They have a team, including ranveer, varun and varun’s gf sandra. They are trying for a good oppturnity . but being a father, vinod is too concerned about thr both fututre.

“can I say a option?” laksh asked freely

As by now they three share a friendly bond.

“you guys go with ur passion. That means dance. I will handle your both works here, u both only need to give a final look and approve it, that will only took an hour or so. That u both can mange too.”

“ that’s brilliant idea! “ both ranveer and varun jumped in joy.

Precap: teddy and bears

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