A new bonding (swasan) – Episode 2 (different relation)

hi frnds,,thank u so much for ur support and your lovely words…
recap:swasan frndship nd abt swaras family
back to sory…….

Thr bond was geting more stronger..sanskar was so susprised by the nature of swara…she is a perfect daughter…he always wonder why her dad missed such a daughter,,,he is sure no one can be perfect as a dughter as she is…he knew it very well bcz with him she always tried to find tht father she missed in this years…she is so small girl sometimes…who just need to be with her dad always ,,,her love is so pure…what make him susprise is her changing position of differnt persons within seconds..he always loves his mom a lot,,he was sure tht no one can be like her,,,but swara proved him wrong..only his mom can handel him…he used to get irritated easily..nd once he get irritated he wont knew wht all he will do..but this girl always susprise him she always handle him in a beatiful way..

he always goes to her whn he have irritation or anger..she will make him ok verysoon…he will feel his mom in her..such a special creation is she,,,at a time a kid nd next moment a matured girl,,,another one is he always loves songs…but he choose sad songs more…his mom too didnt understand his taste abt it,,without any explanation she understood it,,,which make him shocked,,evn she too start to love his choices..

(some realtoin r differnt from others….in a relationship each person need to handle more thn one position..not only as a partner….nd thy r making thr relation in a perfect way…thy r understanding each other to the core…he knew wht she is thinking while he look in to her big eyes..which always hold a lot of love…nd she too knew his mood nd how to handle it,,she knew how he will think,,how to correct him..)

swara is so pateint to hr sanskars all talks..he always explain abt things..nd his nature was changing…the angry man was turning to a sweet boy to all…he did tht for her,,because whn all he got angry ,,she never let him to show his anger to anyone else,,so she always try to handle him,,but he will took out all anger out her,,,evn she is hurt ,,but its she only make him do like tht,,,whn he bcm ok ..he will understood his mistake nd will get guilty…but she will forget all those within seconds making him agn shocked,,so he decided to control his anger so she wont get problem by it,,,nd she is changing him like this without his knowledge,,,,

swara is blessed to get him..he is so innnocent…he read her mind while lookimg into her eyes,,,she didnt used to share any of his worries to anyone..but with him she will share..all silly thigs she will explain to him,,,,nd he will listen to it with great intreset…he always gave the care and love…nd strengh to face anything…

(thy both were getting closed to each other,,,when all sanskar goes to his family who is staying in next city…she used to feel lonely agn,,tears will agn came as her friend..he used to msg her,,still she misses him ..she was realising abt her feeling..she knew thy r not just frnds,,,but wht abt him..does he have any such feeling..the love care he showing may be the sympathy for her…she dont want tht,,she shared everything with him because she have tht trust with him.whn he is with family..he always tried to be in contact with swara bcz he knew how much she will miss him,,bcz without him she is lonely…his family is a dream family for her..sanskar used to talk abt thm.,,swara always used dream abt a family like tht,,his mom a person who is so frndly..”sujatha”..a perfect mother..who knew his kids verywell..”ram” his dad..sanskar used to call him “khadoos”…but he himself know how much he love his sons..nd he have a brother “laksh” the most naughty one…his hobby is to make someone to run behind him..ofcourse with stick or something..he irriate sanskar a lot just to get hits,,,a super cute family..)

one day swara was so upset..nd sanskar ask her the reason..first she hesitate to talk ..thn she told tht her mom is trying to get her married,,,she is studying but her mom just need to get rid of her,,,nd being busy her dad left everything in the hands of her mother,,she was helpless,,,he very well know..if she goes to a wrong hand she will surely bear everything..he cant let her go through such things,,,he knew how innocent she is..this world will take advantage of her nature,,,he want to make her escape frm all this ..but wht he can do…he was getting restless whn he think abt she going away..he knew if she is with him he can give everything she need,,,he is frm a middle class family,,,nd she is rich,,but she need love..she wont look for money he knew it,,,why to make her suffer in someothers hand,,whn he can make her happy in his hands,,,he ask her hand to his life,,,,tht was a quite fast decision..her feeling cant be controlled,,she just said yes,,thy both dont know whr thy r leading to…thy talked each other agn like before like thr no such proposals came betwen thm..thr relation was changing unknowingly…day by day thy both were realising the taste of love nd the decision thy took was right….soon thy understood tht thy r falling for each other so deeply…nd thy confessed each other……

the story of love begins thr…thr relation get a name love ..a “pure love”…
sanskar decided to take her frm all her worries..nd make her smile whole heartely…he needed to share abt swara to his mom,,,but wht if she said no,,,he knew she wont say tht,,but dad,,he may can say,,,so he decided to get a job fast..so whn he have a job he can talk to his dad srongly…nd can take her to his palace,,nd will make her his queen.,,he was susprised the way she is changing him..he was not serious abt his future..but now he have a aim,,nd he will work for it,,,he searched for job nd apply for some exams…he start his preparations,,,he went to his family for more oppturnities for job..for him a job is must now..to get swara in his life..for tht she will need to loose everything she have now..once she came with him he dont want her to miss anything..he need to give her everything..nd for tht he will work hard..he is determined…

sanskar is with his family nd was chatting with swara
she was missing him so he was making him smile,,nd she was enjoying with her..
two pair of eyes r watching sanskar,,,its releaved to be sujatha

precap:unexpected meeting of sanskars family and swara

so frnds are u getting this love story…if u like pls let me knew,,if nt thn too ,,,,actually the things which i write till now is a real story of my frnd…i add some extra elements.but 95 per is a true story tilll now…hope u like it

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