A new bonding (swasan) – episode 16(“my last chance”)

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“guys cm fast..why taking too much time..did i need to cm?”came sandra’s sound..

“no..no we r coming”varun answered immediately frm kitchen

ranveer return bck to kitchen after calling swasan to dinnner,,now both brothers are busy in some works…

ranveer:is kheer ready???

varun:ofcource …nd keep this bowl with u,,this is special kheer for our sanskar..

both smiled each other nd return to dinning table,,where all were seated nd swara and sandra is serving thm .. ranveer nd varun came nd serve kheer to everyone,,whn varun came to swara,,she make faces,,,varun chuckled nd pull her cheeks ,, she jerked,,other maheswari memebers didnt notice this actions but sanskar was watching this all,,nd was feeling too jealous of thm..

varun(in swara’s ear):dont u talk to me??

swara shook his head,,nd looked down,,as she is upset..

varun:thn ok,,today’s ice cream party is cancelled..(he said by taking a step bck)

swara grabbed his hand nd smiled ..”i was teasing u “she said while grinning,varun side hugged her ,,”mad for ice cream na”,where sanskar was wishing to punch him hard..nd by thn thy 4 too joined for dinner..swara in middle of both ranveer nd varun nd sandra on otherside of varun..opposite to thm sanskar was sitting along with lucky sujatha nd ram…

ranveer,sandra,swara and varun are in thr own world,,filling each others plate with the dish which each of thm hate,,nd giving death glare to each of thm..

swara:”i hate this,,dont serve it more”

she whispered loud enough to hear by both her brothers who are too busy in teasing her by filling her plate with mashroom chilly fry..

varun:have it or need to cancel ice cream party..

ranveer:have it,,quikly,,,

swara make faces ,,nd sandra look the trio nd giggled,,where sanskar didnt took evn a single bite,,he is staring at these 3 who r on thr own world,,whr sujatha too was watching thm in between,,,but both ram and lucky are busy with dinner,,

“sanskar..have the kheer..”varun said with a sweet smile nd forwarding kheer towards sanskar,,

sanskar gave a death glare to him,,nd varun ignored it like he didnt saw tht,,but swara give a question look to varun by seeing his extra sweetness towards sanskar,,where ranveer cleared his throat making varun to bite his tongue,,,

“something fishy” swara said in mind after looking both ranveer nd varun whose eyes are now fixed on thr plates ,,

“eeeh,,,,,whts this,,,damn!!!!”‘sanskar pushed the bowl infront of him nd take the juice frm table nd gulp it,,

“wht happen sanskar??”swara stood frm the seat…

where all looked at her with shock,,inlcuding her bears and sandra,,,suddenly relaity hit her,,,she slapped herself in mind,,,wht a fool she is??,,swara search for words,,,

swara:i mean,,mr.sanskar,,wht happen

sanskar was looking at her with a painful look,,how much he wished to hr his name frm her,,still hold tht sweetness..his name always bcm special whn she take,,why she still care for him,,why tht eyes still hold the same love,,why she felt pain whn he was hurt,,,he is asking questions to himself,,which can be answered only by his love,,,nd she is agn going to wear tht mask agn,,,mask of a stranger…

“wht happen sanskar”everyone was taken out of thr world by sujatha .

where swara took her seat ,,,

“mom ,,this kheer..its salty..”sanskar said while looking at sujatha..

varun and ranveer smiled at each other ,where sandra shook her head nd slightly hit varun by her elbow,,nd varun look at her like lost kid..

ranveer:wht??,,mr sanskar,,mrng itself we came to knew u r not normal,,now dont give proof for tht,,,this kheer is too sweet..

ranveer said by taking a spoon of kheer..

laksh:bhai…kheer is tasty… wht happen to u..

varun:ha..this man n..ram uncle is kheer tasty??

ram:its good..

sanskar:thn u taste this…(sanskar gave his kheer to varun,,while varun widened his eyes)

ranveer:oyee,,,if u dont want ,,dont have..


swara give a death glare to ranveer,,nd both ranveer and varun kept silent nd looked down..

swara:mr.maheswari..have this,,may be some mistake happened sorry for tht,,

swara said by forwarding another bowl..sanskar took tht while looking at her..thr fingers touch while sanskar try to take the bowl,,nd a shiver ran down thr body ..thy look at each others eyes,,thy cant take away thr gaze . but now thy r sittnig as starnagers…how much thy wish to be in eachothers arms..need to brkdown in eachothers hold,,,thn need to start a fresh begining…but alas…its not going to happen,,atleast not now…

after tht incident no one talked..nd swara was ignoring both ranveer and varun…nd thy both r too much disturbed by it,,maheswari family and thy all were in hall,,nd was talking,,ranveer was saying abt thr dance show ,,swara nd sanskar was listening to all,,or thy r in thr own world,,thy r sitting thr nd thinking abt thr sweet moments..swara was having tears while she think abt her past..its true tht whn we think abt our sweet moments in our past it will bring tears,,it was beautiful bcz it wont return or cant rewind…

swara took a brk frm the discussion nd went to kitchen to have water,,,where sanskar too excuse himself..swara was walking to kitchen just thn she felt someone following him,,she turn bck to check whose coming,,but by thn sanskar reached near to her,,,,nd whn she turned she was shocked to find sanskar who was just behind her,,sanskar too didnt expect her sudden action..so he collide with her nd she loose her balance..

but he quickly hold her wrist ,,nd she look at him with wide eyes,,in next sec he pulled her towards him ,,she land in his chest,,tht touch make thm loose all the sense,,the mask she wearing was thrown away,it was her love which was in action ,,thy both eyes whr locked,,,he slowly moved her hair strands which was falling in her face..she shivered on his touch nd he felt tht shiver entering his body too,,the same love,,same passion,,once agn thy felt,,she closed her eyes after brking the eye contact,,his hands hold her waist making her to come little more close nd feel his heartbeat..her knees bcm weak as his hold bcm more tighter,,her hands slowly moved for a hug,,she wished for this moment ,,to hug him tight as she could,,convincing herself tht she wont let him go once agn,,she was abt to hug him bck,,,

“teddy,,thy r leaving.”ranveer called her.

she was taken bck frm her dreams,..she opened her eyes widely still in his hold..,she took bck her hands nd just push him a bit,,nd he was having a smile,,yeah he is happy,,tht shona whom loves him is sill alive with tht same love,,he found her,,

“thank u mr.maheswari for saving me”she once agn hide behind her mask..

“shona,pls dont do this drama more,,pls listen to me..”

“ur family is leaving,,so pls take ur leave”

“listen to me shona”

“im not ur shona..tht name is not for any strangers to use,,”

“im not a stranger na”

“i think u r,..”


“call me swara..or teddy..much better..”

“i knew i did a mistake,,no its a sin,,i knew,,im ready for doing anything to correct it,,please give me a chance,,a single chance,,”

swara was silent,,looking at the floor,,holding her tears,,

“please shona,,i didnt want anything else..i knew u r my shona,,pls accept tht,,so tht i can win ur love bck..”

“im not ur shona,,dont make me to repeat it mr.maheswari”

“its enough,,take this as challenge,,i will make u accept tht u r my shona..”he almost shout

“go ahead..”

“my shona never look at my eyes while she lie,,like u doing now?,,r u my shona”a smile played on his lip.

swara look at his eyes,,those eyes was determined,,it hold pain,love .”im not ur shona,,”.she didnt evn blink her eyes,,sanskar was taken bck by the fire in her eyes..but he too was not less in anger..

“i will make u mine once agn,,will make u accept u r my shona,,only mine.”he said with his deep voice while coming near her ears,,making her heart drumming in her chest..he moved bck nd she got a little space to breath,,unknowingly she was holding her breath..he was looking furious,,he walked out of kitchen not before giving a glare at her,,,she fall bck on the floor,,,

she knew ,,she was brking inside,,his memories crawling its way bck into her mind..he is her sweet pain.. tears were streaming down her cheek,,she smiled with those tears..

“swara ,,,wht happen swara”

sandra runned to swara nd took her into hr embrace,,whr she hug her tightly nd cried silently,,

“shhh,,nothing yaar,,dont cry na,,we r thr for u na,,”sandra caresed her hair ,,, she understood wht would have happened as she saw sanskar leaving the kitchen whn she came in search of swara…

“dont cry kiddo…see we need to see ur bears,,did u frogot wht happened in dinner??sandra came with the “kheer” incident to change her mood…

swara brk the hug as she remembered the incident,,she was angry,,

“come let’s see thm”sandra pulled her up nd take her out of the kitchen..swara wiped her tears and walked to the hall..

where ranveer nd varun are laughing at couch..maheswari family just left the mansion nd now thy r talking nd laughing madly,,

“wht was tht ??”swara asked angrily whr both ranveer nd varun stopped thr laughing section nd bcm serious,,where sandra chuckled at thm,,

“wht teddy?..come on we will take rest now,come come,,”varun came to her ..where swara took a step bck,,

“wht happen teddy”ranveer stood with varun

“wht happened to the kheer tht was given to sanskar”

varun gulped after watching her anger..

ranveer:he is mad..(swara look straight to his eyes,,making ranvee to bite his tounge)i mean,,it was good,,he

swara:dont make me fool..i could see the extra care u both give to him while serving tht kheer,,

varun:teddy its not our mistake..both salt nd sugar looks same n,,may we mistakly changed it …

sandra:wht..seriously ??in sanskar’s food only u did tht mistake..

sandra said by evil smrik,,where varun signal her to shut up nd she rolled her eyes,,,she is least concerned…

ranveer:we did to take revenge frm him(finally he accept,,as thy dont want her to be angry)

swara:for wht??

varun:bcz he hurt u??

swara:thn i will took revenge,,,not u both..

ranveer:u do anything,,we r with u,,we knew u forgave him already…but we wont,,we cant see ur suffering,,,nd its sole reason is him,,he need to pay for it,,we dont care abt anything else,,we need ur happiness
swara:this will give me happiness??

varun:teddy we r sorry.,we didnt want u to be sad,,sorry na

thy both hold thr ears nd look at her with puppy look,,

swara cant hold bck her smile,,she smiled a bit,,nd thy both sighed..

ranveer:so will have ice cream party now..

swara grinned nd thy all laughs..

varun:u knew something teddy,,

he looks towards sandra nd thn bck to swara…swara looked at him..

sandra:u knew wht this idiot told us?(pointed towards sandra),,she already knew abt our plan,,,she asked us to add chilly..

swara eyes bcm more wide nd looked at sandra ,,she smiled as idiot nd run frm dr,,where varun tried to catch her,,thr tom nd jerry fight once agn starts nd swara laughed at thm,,making ranveer relax after watching her smile..she is his little sister,,his daughter,,everything,,he wish to keep this smile forevr,,he will do anything for tht,,,

@next day…

sanskar left the mansion very early,,now its evng..swara was in garden with ranveer..just thn sanskar’s car came nd stopped infront of his mansion..swara nd ranveer both watch sanskar stepping out of the car with a attitude face nd for thr susprise he turn to thm both,,,swara felt something odd..where ranveer was staring at sanskar,,sanskar looked bck at the car nd hold something in his hand ..thn he walked towards the garden..someone else stepped out of the car,,,making swara to freeze on her spot..ranveer moved towards swara nd hold her by shoulder nd gave angry look at sanskar who is standing at the enternace of garden with his new devil,,a devil doberman..

“r u my shona??my shona is scared of dogs??wht abt u?”

“sanskar”ranveer shouts..

precap:something new

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