A new bonding (swasan) – episode 15(“leave me devil”)

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bck to story
@ maheswari family

sujatha informed ram and lucky abt mrng incident..

ram:if she choose to be like strangers thn we must accept tht.

sanskar:no dad,,she is not a stranger

ram:thn who is her??ur lover??if it so this situation wont cm in ur life,,if u trust her love,,situation might be differnt,,

sujatha:but ram..we did mistake,,but we need to ask her sorry for tht n

lucky:if she is behaving like strangers,,,tht not needed mom,,u guys now dont hurt her more,,,we all already did somany thing to her,,now pls,,stop it

ram:we will go thr for dinner,,as a neighbour,,,nothing more.

sanskar was hurt..his father is right,,he knew how much he loves swara,,he gave her right of a duaghter nd he lost tht too,,but sanskar is not ready to accept her as a stranger..she is his love nd will be..


ranveer and sandra are too busy in dinner preparation…both are moving hr nd dr,,doing somany things..but both are loving the work bcz thy both have smile in thr face nd both are talking to each other nd laughing,teasing everything is going on,,,


ranveer and sandra stopped thr work nd listen to the screem of VARUN which is coming frm hall..both look at each other nd slap thr head and move towards the hall…

sandra:now wht happen u idiot ..why u r irritating like this?u…

sandra was scolding varun and walking towards him but whn she saw varun she just stopped at the place and stare at him,,,while ranveer too was on same condition..

“u both… wht u r staring at?,,help me fools…”varun cried looking at thm…

“teddy..whts this?”ranveer asked while coming near to varun while sandra laughs loudly nd walk towards thm,,

where varun was laying at the floor near to sofa,,and swara sitting above varun at his stomach nd hitting his chest with her hands nd inbetween pulling his hairs,,nd wht not,,where varun is trying escape frm her hits,,,but swara was not ready to gave up..

varun crying like kid”ahh…devil….leave me….dont..ahh..its hurting”

swara still hitting”thn wht u did?…haa…will u repeat it?”

ranveer came to thm and pull swara bck nd take her away frm varun where varun quickly crawled to sandra who came nd sit at the floor just near to varun,,he immediately went to her nd act like hiding behind sandra,,where sandra hit him at his head,,,ranveer was having tough time with swara as she was struggling to go near varun…somwhow he make her cool

ranveer:areyy,,now wht he did teddy??

varun sit next to sandra..

varun: why u asking her?i will tell na,,

ranveer:u idiot,,,this is fourth time we r coming after leaving our works bcz of ur both stupid fights..

sandra:seriously guys…wht all this?,,shona was not well thts why we asked to take rest nd(to varun) we asked u to be with her not to fight,,,nd u both r just fighting like this(she make faces at her decison to leave this both kids together).. ..now wht happened?

swara:i will say..(to ranveer)he call me fat bhai..(she told with too much sadness,,ofcource acting)

varun:u devil,,see ranveer,,she is buttering u,,calling u bhai ,,just bcz of tht..dont fall at her words…i will say wht happened..

varun says as a child complaining to his dad.

swara:i will say..

ranveer:will anyone say wht happen???

swara:i will say,,i was watching a movie ,,

varun:not movie but cartoon(varun snapped bck)

swara:its movie..u fool..i was watching “tangled”..now be quite..

swara give a death glare to varun where sandra was enjoying this all..nd ranveer was trying to solve the prblm..

ranveer:ok …thn??..

swara:thn he came nd told tht he need to watch his show..

sandra:his how???

ranveer:which show??

varun roll his eyes as he understood wht she is going to say.

swara:in discovery channel some show abt “gorilla ” was thr..(she said casually)

varun:its u gorilla… u devil,,

swara:u r gorilla not me..

varun was abt to go near her but sandra pull him bck by collar nd swara was in hold of ranveer…

sandra:by the way varun,,u always look at mirror nd thn why to watch special prgrm??

varun gave “u r gone” look
ranveer:so this wht happen??

swara:no no.,,,i didnt gave remote to him ,,so he tried to take me out of sofa ..while he was trying to lift me,,he told tht ,,im weighing too much now,,nd call me as “baby elephant”

“ahhhh..”varun cried as he got a hit frm sandra in his shoulder nd ranveer shook his head ,,,just like kids thr r behaving…these two always fight like this,,,varun was sitting like over innocent nd swara is sitting like crying doll…

swara:am i fat bhai??

ranveer fall in her extra innocence while varun was hiding his smile at his sister’s acting…he knew how much she like to play like this..

ranveer:are my child is not at all fat..ur gorilla dont know anything,,,i will show u ,,

by saying it he lift her in his arms and twirl her,,where swara laughs loudly,,,both varun and sandra stood up nd smiled widely at the sister who is smiling widely,,,thy only wish this,,to bring a smile in her face,,varun always love to irritate her,,bcz he knew ranveer will cm for help nd will end like this,,,she is cutest kid for thm…

same time maheswari family enters the mansion,,thy was welcomed by the lauhing sound of swara ,,,thy saw swara in ranveer’s hand ..all were in a shocked expression,,but composed thmselves…thy knew she is not the same girl thy knew,,but sanskar is burning in anger or in jelaosy??..

ranveer:hi aunty ,,hi uncle,,

he make swara stand nd come to maheswari family nd took blessing frm ram nd sujatha..all other 3 too took blessing..later thy talked with lucky too,,thy were sitting in hall.while sanskar was staring at swara…his thinking action everything is just concentrated on her,,how much she changed,,,her look too changed,,he is noticing it now only,,her eyes has shining but it didnt glow like before,,,her face still holding her beauty but something still missing something,,,its may be her smile,,now those smile doesn’t reach her eyes,,,,she is looking so differnt..her dressing she is looking more modern thn before,,,a perfect celebrity look,,,by all this time,,varun and ranveer are talking along sandra too,,while swara was sitting silent,,nodding smiling at her brothers..not to maheswaris,,which make maheswaris to feel bad…

swara ofcourse will have difficulties,,,once she saw this family as hers,,she was ready to do anything for thm…but thy didnt understand her or didnt trust her,,which make thm to betray her,,,push her to a deep pit of darkness,,more thn all this,,his hot gaze she cant avoid,,evnethough she is not facing him,,but she can identify his gaze,,,only she knew,,how much her stupid heart wants to run to him nd give a tight slap at his face thn to ask him “how dare u to leave me?” thn to hide her face in his chest nd take out all her pain,,wash all those pain with her own tears,,,but she wont do,,,she wont fall weak,,,,

ranveer:swara and sandra u stay here ,,me and varun will arrange dinning table..

to which swara nods nd sandra smiled,,,varuna nd ranveer left to kitchen,,

sandra:so lucky wht abt ur business here?

laksh:going well..

thy start thr talking while swara just need to escape frm sanskar’s gaze,,he is just avoiding all the questions,,,and just staring at her,,as he was searching something in her,,atlast swara left the hall nd walks to garden …but for her susprise,,he followed her to thr..

swara turn bck whn she felt some one behind her,,she feel someone behind her,,a shiver ran down her spine…she knew his presence his smell his breathing everything still all same,,,but thr relation?is tht still same?she could hear his breath rhyming with the heartbeat,,a cold breeze cares her face nd she took some steps forwards but stoppped whn she felt his touch,,,he turn bck nd he holding her wrist,,,sanskar was in same situation as her,,,how much thy missed each other,,thy need to hug each other nd take thr pain out,,but nothing is same as before,,he loook striaght to her eyes,,a deep eye lock was followed by it,,he was searching for his old shona,his love,,but something is hiding her frm him ,,where she is finding answers for her questions..why he cant trust her??is her love was tht weak??does thy can be together agn??how??

it was swara who brk the eye lock…nd take him bck to relality,,

swara:mr.maheswari…do u want something?

sanskar(felt bad ,,):i want u shona..why u r acting like this?

swara:acting like wht?

sanskar:like u dont know us..dont know me

swara:i dont know u..i dont ur family..

sanskar:stop it shona,,,who r those boys..how u cm here?

swara:none of ur bussiness..nd remember one thing,,i dont want any starnger to call me as “shona”..only some have right to call me like tht..nd some of thm lost tht right too..

she said by stressing her last sentence whr he felt a pinch in his heart..

sanskar:(teary eyes)i knew i did mistake,,pls give a chance to correct it,,i knew u r my old shona only…(she glared at him)..i wont stop calling u as shona,,u r my shona,,nd u will be

she turn his face nd closed her eyes tightly,,she cant face him more,,his tears are hurting her…

ranveer:guys come have dinner ,,its ready

ranveer came to garden nd called thm bck making swara to move frm thr quickly,,nd ranveer smiled at her nd look bck to sanskar..(in mind:wht u think sanskar,,we will leave her alone?we will be thr whnevr she needs)..swara walked to ranveer and passed sanskar,,,she stopped few steps before him nd turn bck,,sanskar look at her with hopeful eyes,,

swara:im not ur shona

sanskar(he was angry,,,ranveers closeness with swara was one of the reason for tht):i will provee tht u r my shona to urself..

swara:we will see..

swara left garden nd sanskar was in his thought,,she was right,,he loose her …2 yrs bck he loose her,,but some whr he was happy,,,he can feel her love on her voice..the same effect on her whn he came near her,,,he wiped his tears which was make his cheeks wet nd left to hall…

precap:dinner….new devil entry.

hows it frnds….can i continue like this ,,isnt..

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