A new bonding (swasan) – episode 14(“new game”)

hi frnds thnks for ur support,,,hope u will enjoy this part
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swara was crying really hard nd sanskar too was brking down in parking area..,but lucky nd ram spot him thr nd took him bck to home,,,where sanskar was still in his world of sorrow,,all were too broken ,

swara was crying loudly,,her breath was bcming faster,,she collapsed to floor completely…she knew wht is coming next,,she just need to run out to her brothers,,but no she cant..the lights bcm too brighter to her eyes,,,she closed her eyes tightly,,she feels tht her heart is going to come out,,nd she will be in the hands of “death”..she clutched her skirt bcz of the pain she was going through..

“mam..” guard was shocked to see her in tht situation..he contact others nd he was near her while others too came nd some rush outside to infrom others…thy whr asking wht happened..but she was not ready to open her eyes or not ready to speak..before some guards try to lift her varun and sandra came running to room..nd was shattered after seeing her condition,,

varun run towards her nd put her head on his lap..while she was in pain nd was struggling..

“shit…agn panick attack..”varun looks towards sandra nd next moment sandra ask all of thm to get out of the room..nd ask to arrange a car ready,also contact Dr.kabir soon..

sandra:varun,,wht will we do now,,

varun(was boken how can saw his sis in this situation.):need to make her relax..(to swara)u trust ur bhai na teddy,,we will go through this,,nothing will happen..relax dear..relax…it will end soon..

swara was loosing her energy nd atlast she falls unconsious in varun’s hand where sandra nd varun hugs her while crying..

varun:how will i see her suffering like this..we cant do anaything while she is going through pain..doc told thr is no much treatment for it,,nd we need to watch it..??

sandra:it will be fine varun,,pls be strong for her,,but did u noticed each time its getting worse thn before,,,but now wht such happened …

suddenly the door was opened nd ranveer came runing to thm nd fall in his knee before thm,,,he saw unconsious swara in varun’s embrace nd was feeling helpless,,

ranveer:why with her only varun..why?

he cares her face..but his expression changed ,,he touched her forhead thn hands..varun looks confused..

ranveer:its cold,,,her body feels so cold,,,how stupid u r varun?cant u check her body temp?? r u out of ur mind??

ranveer was too tensed nd he was shouting at varun ,,where varun was unaware abt it all..he was equally tensed as ranver is..

sandra:i asked to arrange car,,we will take her to hospital..i will contact kabir..he will explain her case to the doc who is incharge of the hospital whr we r taking her..

without any further thinking,,swara was shifted to hospital…nd doc checked her,,,

@doc cabin

doc:Dr kabir explained abt her case,,nd dont worry abt her now,,she is fine,,will woke up after sometimes,,her body is weak bcz of tht attack,,,but pls u guys take care of her,,,bcz her panick attacks are started to bcm worse,,,nd u guys knew its reason,,its bcz of those pills,,tht pills are affecting her,,her emotions are bcming too deep,,,so soon stop using those pills,,,otherwise,,we cant say how long this will continue,,

ranveer varun nd sandra came out of the cabin without any reply..

varun:we cant wait more..

ranveer:yes,,no other option left for us..

sandra:we wont let her bear more..so we need to do,

varun:only sanskar can help her,,only he can take her out of this pain

ranveer:but now if he repeat wht he did before in past,,i swear ,,,i will make him pay for it,,,

sandra:so now u both forgive him?..

varun:nahhh,,,nahh,,(smrik)he will pay for it,,surely will pay ..but atlast we need thm together to bcm

sandra smiled,,,

@next mrng…a new mrng,,a new step,,,

sanskar was waking up after hring his mom sound..he dont know whn he came bck?whn he reach his room?,whn he slept?..only he remember was swara’s face..but he was taken out of all those thoughts by sujath’s sound..

sujatha:sansakr..woke up..u knew our new neighbours are coming today..cm na,,,we will see thm,,cm

sanskar:mom .im not intrseted in it ..so leave me alone..

he was abt to go to put comfor over her,,but sujatha took it off nd make him out of the bed..soon thy heard a car’s sound nd sujatha listen to it..

sujatha:i think thy came..come sanskar..

sujatha left the room..where sanskar was no longer going to get sleep,,so we walked to the balcony to get some frersh air…nd he was automatically look towards the next mansion nd saw a car parked thr,,nd two ppl standing near to it,,nd looking at the mansion,,,so it will be the new neighbours..he was abt to turn bck,,suddenly something strike his mind,,he once agn look towards thm,, he was shocked,,same girl ,,nd tht boy,,yeah same one,,it was the same boy nd girl who was thr with swara last night..(so its varun and sandra).,without wasting any second he run outside,,he saw his family at outside,,ofcourse watching thr new neighbour with confused face,,,thy tooo cant forgot thm..

varun and sandra was standing close,,varun’s hand on sandra’s waist,,pulling her close to him ,,sandra hit his chest playfully..(maheswari family can only watch thm,,cant hr thr talking)

sandra:have some shame..its day time nd we r not at our room..

varun:wht i did but?,,i just hold u(he make a sad pout)

sandra:aww,,,my patiji is sad?

varun:ha..my patniji is not allowing me to romance with her..

sandra:pagal…areyy whr is thm both??

varun:no idea…ranveer told tht thy will cm straight frm hospital after finishing her final checkup..

where sanskar was building new hope in his mind,,,ysterday he was not able to do anything evn after getting his shona infront of him,,but now he cant sit queitly…after watching her dance show he could feel wht all she faced after he left her,,he need to take her with him,,he need to ask sorry frm her,,need to rectify his mistake…nd ty may can help him..he was abt to walk towards thm,,but next thing make him rooted to place whr he was standing,,nd other family members was also in same position,,

a bike entered..the boy who riding it was looking handsome nd the girl sitting behind him is holding a bundle of roses…her face cant see clearly as she was holding it near her face ,,but sanskar cant fail to recognize his love,,his swara,,thy reached infront of mansion nd walked towards varun and sandra,,whr maheswari family was getting next shock,,swara was holding ranveer hand ,,where varun came nd take her to side hug nd sandra pecked her forhead,,

sandra:my bacha..looking so cute..

swara:hahha,,nd my bhabhi too…

varun:so u was late bcz of this?

he pointed towards the roses in her hand,,

ranveer:u knew how much she loves this na..

varun:thts why u will love our garden..look.

he pointed towards the garden whr thr was a samll pond nd was surrounded by roses,,swara eyes twinkled,,,where sanskar was so confused by all this,,he was some wht relaxed by seeing her smile but he knew those smile is not same one which he used to love whn he was with him….nd who r thy,,,he dont know abt thm,,she is close to thm,,but wht her relation with thm?,,who r those boys??..thy hugged her,,,sanskar was angry,,nd was sad same time,,but soon thy four entered thr mansion,,before entering the mansion swara look towards maheswari family nd passed a smile to a person,,,nd the other person too passed a smile to her,,she thn entered the mansion after getting a assured look from tht person,,where other members of maheswari family was not aware of this silent talk including sanskar,,as thy all r trying to register everything in thr mind..

@after sometimes

sanskar was getting ready for office,,but he was thinking abt his love,,he was too confused abt both the boys,,he was angry,,how thy can be both so close to her,,nd shona,why she react like tht ysterday..

sanskar was walking to the hall..ram and lucky was already went outside for some work nd sujatha was waiting for sanskar for bf..he walks towards his mom,,thn the bell rang nd sujatha went to open the door..

“hello aunty,,”sandra stood thr with varun ..sujatha passed a faint smile,,sanskar came to thr nd sujatha invited thm both inside,,

varun:namaste aunty..we r ur new neighbour,,we came to meet u all..(he was smiling,)

sujatha:come ,,come inside..(sanskar came to thr)sanskar r u ready to go?

varun:hi sanskar(forward his hand for a handshake,)

sanskar:hi,(thy shook thr hand)

varun:im varun nd this is sandra,,nd (he look at the door and thn to sandra)whr r thy?

sandra:no idea!!(she rolled her eyes)

thn thy hr some noise ,,,swara nd ranveer came to thr,,where swara was trying to escape frm ranveer ‘s hold,,as he was tickling her..


ranveer:wont leave u

varun:teddy !!ranveer!!,,stop it..

swara and ranveer came to sense nd thy both stand straightly,,where swara hit ranveers head inbetween nd he glare at her…BT sanskar was too angry..who is this stupid?huhhh…sanskar look towards swara who was standing like a stranger where sujatha too was shock,,she knew her shona well..frm the first meet itself,,she understood her innocence,,she called her as”mom” and give all tht love and respect,,but her mistake make everything upside down…she wished to listen her voice calling her as “mom” in these years,,ranveer take everyone out of thr dreamworld.

ranveer:hi..im ranveer,nice to meet u all,,whts ur name?(he look towards sanskar but he was staring at swara)

varun:its sanskar(varun answered)

sujatha and sanskar was waiting for swara to intrduce herself

swara:im swara..nice to meet u aunty and mr.sanskar ..we came to call u all for dinner..as we r new to hr we wish ur family to join as for dinner,,so we expect u all will cm..u will join na?

AUNTY!!!!!!!no she used to call her as mom..not aunty,,nd agn MR.SANSKAR….not agn,,

“shona..”sanskar once agn try to caught her,,but this time she was not alone,,she has her strong support with her,,

varun:how u knew abt her name?oh ok ok,,,u must be her fan na,,our teddy has somany crazy fan like u,,who r trying to knew more abt her,,u must be proud teddy..(varun said by coming near to swara and side hugged)

sanskar:(was angry..how she can act like tht)shona,,wht all this?wht happened to u??

swara:mr…wht all this means??

sanskar:why r u acitng swara??why u r acting like u dont know abt me?(he was abt to grab her by shoulder before tht ranveer and varuna cme in between)..

sandra:wht u r doing?

swara speaks.
swara:i dont know u mr.maheswari…


varun:wht u r shouting at,,aunty i think ur son need some treatment,,(to others )lets go…(thy walked out,,swara with sandra nd ranveer and varun walking behind thm)

ranveer turns bck:aunty dont forgot abt today’s dinner,,nd u too sanskar,,but we dont want any drama thr,,,

sanskar anger was rising,,where thy four came outside nd thr was a evil smile playing in both ranveer’s and varun’s lips..nd thy both look each other nd gave a hi fi…
a new game was started …


so how was it?im so nervous,,say how’s it…

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