A new bonding (swasan) – episode 13(“why cant hate u?????”)

hi frnds thank u so much for ur comments,,,i replied to everyone comment in last part…thnk u thnk u soo much frnds..

previous part:episode-12

recap:dance show

swara is sitting in coach,,nd was in another world…where she can find only pain,,pain of betrayal,,pain of loneliness..pain of “death,”…she was lost in her thoughts..she didnt notice the door opening sound…ranveer enter to the special room tht was arranged for thm nd saw his sister who is in another world…nd he expected it,,,yet agn he was sad for her,,he sat next to her,,by the movement in coach swara came bck to sense nd gave a fake smile to ranveer,,he quickly cupped her face,,,

ranveer: r u okay teddy?

swara simply nods her head..

ranveer:i knew teddy..its okay..see u r not alone na,,ur both brothers wont leave u alone..we r with u na?

ranveer took her into a side hug nd he make her lay in his lap..he knew she love this position…she cuddled more to him like a small child cuddling to her mom…

“is my sister giving all her love to him??””thr comes varun with sandra..

varun sit next to ranveer nd followed by sandra..swara is still in ranveer s lap nd smiled at thm..

“wht saying abt a ice cream party now?varun agn spoke..where swara smiled agn..

thy can understand her situation,,she is going through pain ,,nd thy need to took her out of it,,,thy r doing all this for her happiness..if she was in mood she would have jumping by the name of “ice cream”,,but now thr she is giving a fake smile,,it hurts thm a lot..ranveer nd varun looks each other with a painful look…where sandra brk the silence

sandra:no ice cream…dont u guys knew abt her throat prblm?,,u three had a ice cream party at mrng itself..now agn?no chnace ,,,

where varun and ranveer gave “we agreed ” look…but swara was in tears..”how much thy care abt her”tht was in her mind.,,a long tear escaped frm her eyes…which hurts the trio..thy cant see her like tht..

suddenly a guard came to room..”sir,someone is waiting for u?”ranveer nodes his head nd guard left..just thn swara speak..

swara:who appointed this gaurds?

varun looks on..where ranveer was searching for ans..thy knew she ddint like gaurds to protect her..she always need to be a simple girl,,

sandra:its appointed by the sponsors of our show..thy asked for it..
swara agn went silent nd ranveer gestures thnx to sandra for the help where she smiled bck..ranveer’s phone rings..but he was not picking it,,

swara:answer ur call yaar…its iritating.(she was in anger mode..)

varun:ha..ranveer ans it,,,nd gave my child to me,,i too need to pamper her,,,
by tht ranveer lift her head slightly nd varun sat at ranveer position ..now swara is in varun’s lap..ranveer went out,,



varun:u must stop using those pills,,its effecting u …see ur getting angry quite often now..

swara:i wish to stop..bt(she went silent)

varun got a msg..nd he reads it..

varun:teddy comeon…thr is someone to meet u..u knew he is ur crazy fan,,he was trying meet u frm last few months..(swara sits straightly),he na…he now asked for transfer to kolkata..just to watch our show..or can say ur show!!..

swara:woh..such a cute fan yaar..come we will meet him

sandra:wohhhh..our teddy is bck to action..

sandra jumps..nd varun nd swara laughs at her..thy were abt to go..just thm some men came and ask varun abt thr prgrm..so some clients r thr ..so swara asked both varun nd sandra to handle thm nd she went to meet her fan…

@other side..

sansakr was following rudra..he dont know where he is leading to,,rudhra asked him to come with him,,he is saying abt meeting “teddy”..”teddy” tht means his shona,,he want to stop himself..but no …his soul is not with him to to do anything..he is just following him..thy stood outside a door..,rudra was so excited ..he is going to meet his “teddy”..but here sanskar is in guilt,,pain,,heartbrk,,anger,,hatred,,he is going to meet his “life”,,he dont know why he came thr,,whn he walked with rudra he hrd his family asking something to him,,but he choose to ignore it..he knew he is going to face “REALITY”…he needs to face,,

sanskar’s pov

im standing here..waiting for her,,i dont know why i came here.,i dont want thi situation to happen..yes..i was searching for her..but..but..i didnt think abt this moment,,facing her??,,,how??i dont have ans ..i must have return to home,,i will walk out..but why the hell im standing here ,,staring at this door,,i can see ppl waking hr nd thr …but no one is registering in my mind,,,my mind is full of memories of our “LOVE”…rudra is too excited but im not cared abt it,,im not cared abt anything..the only thing im concerned abt is “her”..how will i look to those eyes??,,how will i ans her??..how will i say sorry?..how??…my heart beats fast..yes,,she is coming ,,i can feel her presence..my heart beat is rising..the door opened..thr she came ..still looking same..but i cant look her more..my face fall,,,i stared at the floor..the guilt once agn wash over me…

rudra was speaking something,,i didnt hrd anything,,i look her frm my corner of my eyes..”is she didnt saw me?”…she didint react anything..”this is sanskar”rudhra introduced…she look at me,,i slightly closed my eyes…nd gather all the courage nd looks at her eyes..”shocked.!!”

“nice to meet u mr.sanskar”………………………..

wht i hrd?…she didnt recognize me?,,,she forgot me??…”mr.sanskar”..no..she wont use tht…come to reality sanskar,,but its reality only,,i agn looked at her confusly..she is talking freely with rudhra…not at all concerned abt me..like i didnt exist..

“shona…”i whispered..

thr was change in her expression,,yes..she is my shona only,,,my old swara who loves me a lot..same girl..but wearing a mask…she was still looking at rudhra but her face went pale…tears slowly brimming in her eyes..but she didnt let it flow..i saw her clutching her skirt..same girl..no change,,i smiled faintly,,,whn evr she try to control her cries she always hold somthing like this,,but,,thr is sm change,,,wht is tht??,,,her eyes,,,it hold “pain”..she look at me,,throwing all her pain to me nd walked bck biding bye to rudra,,,i knew she is brking down frm inside,,thts why she is going..i found speed of her step increasing nd finally she was running bck…

my eyes were glued to her..she ran bck,,nd i cant hold it more..i walked out like a jet..i walked to parking area hide myself in a corner where darkness stood with me…i lean towards the wall behind me,,i let myself to brk down like tht…it was needed,,i was holding my emotion for long,,now cant,,,tears are already making its way,,,the night is enjoying my pain,,the stars are twingling just like thy r mocking ,,,my knees touch the ground making it feel pain,,but my heart is bledding like hell…i dont know how much time i will sit here,,,i just dont care….

sanskar pov ends.

swara’s pov…..

i was walking towards the door for meeting my crazy fan..i always love my fans…thy gave me so much love..i was walking towards the door,,,but..why im feeling him now..i stopped at my place whn i saw wht is waiting for me..its glass door i can easily see all who standing outside,,nd thr stood my “life” .,..my “sanky”..i dont want this,,,not like this,,i knew i need to face him tht too soon..but now??no i cant be weak..atleast for THM i cant…i walked towards the door wearing a mask covering my feelings..,plasterd a smile,but my heart was beating fast ,,its paining inside,,i need to cry,,damnnn,,,i saw him looking at me but thn looking down,,”oh guiltyyyyy”…

i talked to rudra ,,he is so excited to meet me…if situation was differnt i would have enjoyed with him,,but now im stealing glance of him,,,my eyes are betraying me,,,i knew how much i want to see him,,,im avoiding him ,,,i watched his shocked face bcz of my actions,,,but rudra introduce him to me,,without any other option i spoke..”nice to meet u ..mr.sanskar”…god….why its hurt me???,,,its hurts..so bloddy much…i cant meet his eyes more,,it will make me weak …i agn turn to rudra,,but next thing lose the ground under my feet,,i felt my legs trembling,,,

“shona,,,”the same sound,,,the same calm sound,,,the same LOVE…this is not going to happen,,i wont brk,,atleast not infront of him..i can feel my face turning pale,,my words shook,,nd he noticed,,i need to run bck nd i did,,i some how said bye to rudra,,walked bck,,,no ran bck,,,,

i stormed into our room,,,runs to the corner,,my body hits the wall,,,nd i fall on the floor,,,i sat thr ,,,cupping my mouth to suppress the sound of scream..why im not hating u sanskar???i should hate u na,,,thn why ur guilty eyes are making me weak,,,why i cant be strong infront of u??wht u did to me sanskar???wht the hell u did??my cries are bcming louder,,i wish to hate u but its just not possible..i love u too much,i always have and i always will….

swara pov end….

precap:new begining… new neighbours

so frnds how was the chap?..
nd i have some questions for u?just keep this question with u?dont know whtr u already knew abt this or not.wht u think abt this?
1.wht pills swara is taking??
2.in last part..thr said 3 rakhi..who is third one??
3.swara said pain of “death”?wht it means?
4.swara said she knew she will meet him soon..how?is all this planned?

im making it worse i knew,,,yet pls keep this question nd ans wht u think pls,,,,,

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