A new bonding (swasan) – episode 12 (“DANCE SHOW OR HEARTACHE”)

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previous part: Episode 11

“TEDDY AND BEARS “are ready to rocks the stage,,,are u guys ready??..now hold ur breath “”the announcement hrd…

sanskar pov…
“TEDDY AND BEARS”…Oh…so this is the show which my employees was talking about,,oh yeah,today’s evng shift is cancelled bcz of this…today office was hectic bcz i was concentarted in mission to find out my shona..i didnt care abt anything else,,but i didnt find out any clue abt her,,i came to knew abt sahil’s marriage,,,he married kavitha not my shona..how stupid im to imagine all those things,,i took out my phone..this crowd is crazy i think..i can hr only shouting


i scanned whole auditorium…i was searching for some pic of this dance show…as thy r this much famous something will be thr,,but for my surprise i only saw pics of teddy bears all over the auditorium..dont know why so..too strange,,,i saw somany bodyguards in the front of stage lined up..full security tht means..but im not intrested in all this..i came just bcz dad called me hr,,,suddenly lights gone,,nd all the lights foccus on stage,,thr came a girl ..,”is this teddy?”my mind asked,,,

san pov ends

(thr comes sandra ,,,looks stunning,,,)

“hlooo,,,kolkata..thnx for ur grand welcome for our “teddy nd bears….(all were clapping..jumping,,shouting,,)how differnt is this evng??you will yourself discover as the colors of this show unfold…i welcome u all on the behalf of “teddy nd bear..to the most awited event..”so are u ready for thm?(yes…yess…thr come ans)..so wihtout any further delay lets welcome thm…so enjoy this evng frnds…”

lights gone..songs starts..
[song from student of the year…]
[im not giving full lyrics..as i need to include 4 5 songs..so it will bcm lengthy,,,so pls forgive me ..;)]
lights foccus on a boy..nd thr comes varun ,,,

“koi naa jaane kitho aaye hai tu
sab de dilon vich ho gayi kukiduku(2)”
“inna sona,inna cool
munna inaa wonderful
enna vekhe je kudiya toh kehndi
oh my god!!oh my god!!!””

the song continues..
nd the whole auditorium chear for him,,,thn thr comes ranveer,,,

“oh munda kukkad kamaal da,,(2)
bando mein banda perfect bemisal sa
kukkad kamaal da”

thy were rocking the stage…
song ends..

sanskar was not all intrested in this all,,,were he found ram and lucky too much enjoying it and talking with each other,,,nd sujatha too was enjoying,,,sanskar looks at his phone nd start checking the mail,,,suddenly some one came runing and sit next to sanskar..sanskar give a annoyed looked to him…he was breahing fastly as he was running whole the way…”oh thnk god ,,im not late…”he sighed in relief…where sanskar looks at him nd thn at stage..”u missed the first performance..”sanskar said.

“thts fine,,,teddy’s dance didnt start na..”he smiled widely..where sanskar was cluless..
“anyway..im rudhra..”he forwarded his hand..sanskar too forward hand for handshake,,
“im sanskar..”he smiled….
“u too fan of teddy na,,”rudra was so excited..

“i dont know abt teddy”sanskar said casually making rudhra shocked..

“wht,,u dont know?,,u knew one thing,,im a die hard fan of her,,dont know how mad im …actually i was working in pune till last week,,nd i used to watch all thr shows,,,i missed only few tht bcz of emergency prblms..in last show thy informed tht thy r going to perform in kolkata in next few months,,,i asked for transfer in my company…nd now im working here..(he rubs his hair where sanskar was numb…how crazy ???)i knew i knew,,im sounding crazy,,but i love thr shows so much..”rudra was jumping…

suddenly thr was a change in the audience,,,thyr not in thier seats,,all r standing and clapping,,whistling..whole auditorium in echoing with the name “TEDDY.”….sanskar was taken back by the sudden change,,,he feel restless,,,something coming..he saw body gaurds struggling to control the crowd who r not in the seats..he noticed the first song was ended,,new one is playing,,,he saw to next seat but rudhra was not thr,,,sanskar looks up nd saw him jumping nd shouting.”teddy,,,teddy…”rudhra turns towards sanskar..

“this is our teddy,,,once u watch her dance u will bcm mad like us…”rudhra shouted at sanskar..

[sonf from student of the year]
“gopiyom sang ghoome kanhaiya..
raas rachaiyaa,raha na jaye re
ab saanwra na bhaaye re”

thr stands the girl showing her bck dressed in pink nd open hair…sanskar was staring at her without blinking his eyes….ofcourse he knew his lady love ,,can idenify her frm any corner…but now he is praying to make his thinking wrong,,whts he thinking must be wrong,,but its reality…the girl turn nd crowd once agn roar with the music,,,where sanskar stood up with shock,,,”noooo,,,,”his inner consious screemed,,,thr stand swara,,,

“radha on the dance floor
radha likes to party'”

she was dancing …she is smiling widely..,,,moving her body along with the song …she hits her foot in stage making audience to jump with her,,,with her performace we can easily say why this audience are crazy for her,,”she is breathtaking with her moves..a magical grace in her performance…”the one who watch her dancing will get goosebums,,truly justifying the characteristics of a grt dancer

both varun and ranveer join her..nd starts the performance..making everyone to whistle..

“o radha teri chunri
o radha tera chhalla
o radha teri nathlat nazariya
o radha tera jumka
o radha tera thumka
o peechhe peechhe peechhe saari nagariya”

sanskar stared at her,his mouth bcm dry,,he cant belive his eyes,,,his love is infront of him after abt 2 yrs..he didnt understand anyhting as if his brain short-circuted and needed to be rebooted.arond him,everything was in rush but he is motionless,,

the songs end,,

“hey sit down and take rest now …whn performance start u cant sit,,”ruda makes sanskar sit forcefully…sanskar was out of the world…. he dont know how to react..

rudra took him bck to reality and sit bck with a racing heart,,he look towards him family,,who too r in same situation as him…rudra speaks agn,,

rudra:”u knew why thr performance r more special?..”

sanskar shooks his head..

rudra:thy always tells a story thorugh thr dance performance…i hrd tht here thy r performing a special story..now wht we watched is thr intro,,story will begin frm next part,,

he explains thr dance performance where sanskar is remembering thr days,,agn guilt make him numb,,,
nd sandra agn came bck to stage,,

“so frnds…we hope u all enjoy the intro of our “teddy and bears..”(the auditorium echoed.”YESSSS)”…so lets gear up for a beautiful start of the show…so lets starts the performance,,,,”
the lights once agn showed in stage,,,”it was staring of a storm”

thr came ranveer nd along with varun ..thy danced together,,,shows thr frndship in between,,,the song was going smoothly,,,nd in middle came swara nd thy 3 dance together,,,enjoyng together,,,
sanskar was feeling restless,,as he remembered his nd akki’s frndship nd meeting with swara..shit!!he screemed and agn looks bck to stage,,,next song played,,,a romantic song,,making ranveer nd swara to dance together in slow steps nd some cute fights in between…”damn it…its our story!!”sanskar inner voice cried at him..he needed to run frm thr but his body was rooted to whr he was sitting,,,thr comes next song..

(so frnds through the dance thy a showing swasan love story….)

“Aa chal ke tujhe,main le ke chalun
ek aisa gagan ke tale
jahan gam bhi naho
aansoo bhi na ho pyaar hi pyaar pale..”

sanskar rememberd her meeting with his family,nd his promises abt thr life which he broke into pieces,,,dam of tears within him exploded and it flushes down making puffy eyes….
the follwoing songs remain him akki’s talking and his evr stupid decison…
thr comes ranveer nd swra..hand in hand,,song plays..
[bhula dena mujhe
hai alvida tujhe
tujhe jeene hai mera bina
safar yeh hai tera
yeh raasta tera
tujhe jeene hai..mere bina..]
swara’s nd ranveer hands seperate..where swara was trying hold his hand,but he is jerking her away frm him..thy danced painfully
the whole crowd was in tears,,thy r showing thr emotions clearly,,,nd swara was living in it,,well she will be,,after all its her story..
the songs end when ranveer leave the stage leaving swara alone…

the next song pushed sanskar to empitness,,it was solo performance…swara is in stage all alone with a pale face,,tears making it owns way through her cheeks..songs starts..making sanskar feel like the each words are stabbing him agn and agn,,,without any choice he creid,,,the whole crowed sighed nd some joined thm with tears…

[read the lyrics ]
Bejaan Dil Ko
, Bejaan Dil Ko Tere Ishq Ne Zinda Kiya
,Phir Tere Ishq Ne Hi Is Dil Ko Tabah Kiya
Tadap Tadap Ke Is Dil Se Aah Nikalti Rahi,
Mujhko Saza Di Pyaar Ki,Aisa Kya Gunah Kiya
, Toh Lut Gaye, Haan Lut Gaye, Toh Lut Gaye
Hum Teri Mohabbat Mein,
Tadap Tadap (Repeat)
Ajab Hai Ishq Yara
, Pal Do Pal Ki Khushiyan,Gam Ke Khazane Milte Phir,
Milti Hain Tanhaiyan,Kabhie Aansoon, Kabhie Aahen,
Kabhie Shikwe Kabhie Nale,Tera Chehra Nazar Aaye
,Tera Chehra Nazar Aaye
, Mujhe Din Ke Ujalon Mein Teri Yaadien Tadapayein
,Teri Yaadien Tadapayein, Raaton Ke Andheron Me Tera Chehra Nazar Aaye
,Machal Machal Ke Is Dil Se Aah Nikalti Rahi,
Mujhko Saza Di Pyaar Ki,Aisa Kya Gunah Kiya
, Toh Lut Laye, Haan Lut Gaye,Toh Lut Gaye Hum Teri Mohabbat Mein
Agar Mile Khuda Toh, Poochoonga Khudaya
,Jism Mujhe De Ke Mitti Ka, Sheshe Sa Dil Kyon Banaya,
Aur Us Pe Diya Phitrat Ki Woh Karta Hai Mohabbat, Wah Re Wah Teri Kudrat,
Wah Re Wah Teri Kudrat Uspe De diya Kismat,
Kabhie Hai Milan Kabhie Furqat,Kabhie Hai Milan Kabhie Furqat
, Hai Yahi Kya Who Mohabbat,
Wah Re Wah Teri Kudrat
,Sisak Sisak Ke Is Dil Se Aah Nikalti Rahi,
Mujhko Saza Di Pyar Ki,Aisa Kya Gunah Kiya,
Toh Lut Gaye Haan Lut Gaye,Toh Lut Gaye Hum Teri Mohabbat Mein,
Tadap Tadap(Repeat)

song end making swara falls to the ground..varun and ranveer ran to her,,pick her up…she hugged thm,,,where all the audience making “awwww” sound…everyone thinks its act…but some knew tht tears r true,,nd thy r in guilty for tht,,,

thn the next song played..,,

[jaane nahi denge tujhe,jaane tujhe denge nahin,,(2)
chaahe thujhko rab bula le,hum na rab se daranewale
raahon mein datake khade hai hum]
ranveer nd varun picked her up nd wipe her tears nd danced together…

thy end in hugging position nd audience are in thr seats..standing nd clapping for thmm…
“thr comes sandra agn…varun,ranveer nd swara are hugging each other…swara is in middle and in either side both the boys stood,,,

“did u enjoyed the performance…”sandra asked making the whole auditorium to shook with the voice of their audience…varun and ranveer hugged swara towards thm more nd bowed infront of the audience…where swara is still having a pale look…

“its okay teddy,,we r with u.”ranveer whispered to her ears…”we wont leave our sister alone”said varun making her hug thm nd sandra too joined thm…
sanskar is shocked to the core,,he dont know wht he need to feel evn..guilt??sad??happy??anger??..wht??? he need to scream ..but he is not in a situation to do so..he need to cry his heart out ,falling to ground gripping the mat,,nd loose himself in those tears…but nothing he cant do..just stare at the stage..watching her with these silent tears..

“sanskar..today i can meet teddy..i got this oppturnity after a lot of struggles..my frnd said he too will join,,but a medical emergency came,,he didnt came.,,r u joining me?”rudhra asked

sanskar looks at him..he didnt hrd anything..he is feeling his soul is out of his body..not ready to come bck..why to be bck…he is bloddy “cheater…”..

precap:”mr.sanskar..nice to meet you”,,,,”shonaa”

pls frnds…give ur comments…i dont know to explin dancing steps thts why i didnt wrote,,pls say ur view nd suggestions…hope u guys will enjoy..i knew in this episode only dance show is included…frm next part..everyones reactions will be included…,

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