A new bonding (swasan) – episode 11 (surprise)

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previous part:episode-10
recap:sanskar came to knew abt akki’s plan
sanskar enterd his mansion with unsteady steps ,,,tear marks are evident in his face,,he walked towards his room…


he turned to see his mom standing with a question look..ofcource she will be shocked by his state..messy hair,red eyes,walking like a drunkard,,wht not,,she run to him nd cupped his face..he couldnt hold back his tears…once the first tear broke free,the rest followed in a unbroken stream…he fall in his knees whr sujatha too do the same nd took him in her embrace,,,he hugged her tightly and broke down..whr sujatha was still unaware of the storm she need to face…

“why??””””””he screamed like he is being ripped off ..the noisy sobs echoed through the house…

“shhh..my bachaa…wht happen…??,,”sujatha was trying her best to make him cool..but she herself is finding difficult to hold her tears..by tht ram and lucky came thr after listening to noise nd was shocked to see sanskar’s condition,,thy both were abt to go towards him just thn he starts to speak..

“ma…we..we did..mistake ,,,i cheated my shona ma,,,i cheated,,,”

ram and lucky stood thr still staring at sanskar ,,where sujatha was in shock ,,,

“wht happen sanskar..why u saying so…dont think like tht..she will be happy with sahil beta…dont worry?””sujatha said positvely..

“noo ….ma…she didnt married him ,,she loves me soo much mom..but,,i,,ma,,its a sin i commited,,”sanskar was having difficulty in speaking,,the word r not enough to describe his situation,,,

“sanskar take this”laksh came forward with a glass of water..sounding so calm..

sujatha make sanskar drinks the water nd ram came to him nd ask laksh to take sanskar to his room ..nd laksh supported him to stood up nd along with sujatha thy moved towards his room…

sanskar was sitting in his bed like a lifeless body,,he explained everything happened to sujatha whr ram nd lucky stood at a distance nd watching all this..

“oh my god…wht we have done,,,we spoiled a girl’s life,,,”sujatha fell to the couch with thud,,

“if smthng happen to her ..dn its reason will be u both..!!””ram warned nd walks out of the room followed by lucky..

“ma…wht would have been happened to her??whr is she mom…is she fine mom?…sanskar asked as bad thoughts starts to came in his mind,,,,

“she will be fine,,,”sujatha said moreover assuring herself..

sujatha walked out leaving sanskar alone in hell…

he layed thr…remembering his bubbly doll…suddenly her crying face came in his mind,,which is pleading him to come bck..he cant stop crying,the muffled sobs wracked agnst his chest.the world turned to blur,and so did all the sounds.the taste the smell everything was gone.the last painful emotion slammed agnst him before he lost the feeling of feeling.everything darkned into nothingness as he passed ino the oblivion of unconsiousness…

@a new morning

a day whr somany things r going to happen…as planned??or as destiny??thy will be able to face it…

sanskar woke up by listening to crying sound of his mom,,,who is shooking him ,,,nd ram splashing water on his face,,,he scanned the room…everyone was tensed..

“doc is coming”lucky came forward nd give a sigh of relief after watching sanskar…

“im okay mom..”sansakr assured thm…as he knew last night he might have been fall unconscious,,thy must be worrying abt him..

sujatha kissed his forhead..nd ram smiled a bit…

later ram forced sanskar to consult doc nd he did as he said…as its after a long ram is showing concern towards him,..so he cant deny it anyhow…doc told its bcz of mental stress so avoid it…nd thy all nodded…

sanskar was abt to leave to office… now he need to find his doll…he cant leave her like tht,,he thought tht she is safe with sahil,,,,last day he understood tht he did a huge mistake,,,he need to do something,,,for tht he need to go to office,..need to search for his love..,but..

“sanskar ,came early today,,evng thr is dance show in “dreampalace auditorium” ,,,,lucky booked the ticket,,u too join us…it wil be a change for u,,,”ram said frm behind.,,,

making sanskar stop in his way,,,thr stood his father who was not talking to him frm last 2 years,,,now hr with a request,,how will he deny it,he need to recitfy his mistake,,may he can start frm his father…

sanskar nodded ,,nd left…whr ram too smiled bck…

@mrng at dreampalace auditorium..inside the special room for the celebrities…

swara is sleeping in bed hiding her face in pillow…she slighly moved in her place…she is awake,,but not ready to open her eyes,,,not bcz she is lazy,,,its effect of those pills..she need some more time to get up..she slowly opened her eyes with much difficulty,,still sleep is ready to engulf her,,but she is not ready for tht,,this day is special for her,,,she scan the room…as expected a new atmosphere,,,she knew she will be in kolkata,,,her bears shifted her to hr,,she smiled at the thought of thoses 3 pour souls,,,,she was abt to get up but thn only she felt a hand in her waist,,which is hugging her more tighter bcz of her movement…

swara smiled at the person who is sleeping next to her with a innocent face…she love to woke up like this,,,she cares tht persons face,,nd slowly remove the hand which was hugging her nd sat at the bed,,her eyes was glowing,,,she turn towards the left to find two person sleeping in couch,,,she giggled watching thm sleeping,,varun is sleeping ranveer’s chest,,,whr ranveer is holding varun with his legs..so person who sleeping with swara is sandra….

swara walked towards the bags tht kept at the side nd took one box outside nd kept on table thn she went to washroom nd get freshen up…whn she came out of the washroom sandra was awake nd was trying to woke up both boys but thy r in deep sleep…swara gets irritated…

“sandra ,,r thy not getting up…?”swara asked glaring at the sleeping devils,,,thy hrd giggling sound,,ofcourse thy r awake..sandra rolled her eyes in way tht she gave up…
“stop this drama ..nd gets freshen up..did u forgot abt today?”swara asked in a bit more loudly…still drama continues..plus some snoring sound too is coming…

“u idiots..woke up…”swara said while getting ready nd taking the box in her hand…

“splashhh…”both ranveer nd varun jumped frm the couch,,

“ahhhh,,,,cold,,,coldd water…”varun cried..
“r u mad ,,stupid,,”ranveer shots bck…where sandra stand with a empty bucket having a wide idiotic grin,,,,

“dont dare to irritate my shona,,,”she warned nd run bck to wsahroom,,,

varun nd ranveer looked towards swara with a innocent face…whr swara laugh at both of thm…

@after sometimes..

varun and ranveer is sitting in bed nd discussing something…swara walked towards thm with the box in her hand,,ranveer nd varun both looked at her with confused face..

“hey,,whts it,,,r u not coming for practice.?come we need to do last section,,,our supporting dancers r thr in next floor..”ranveer stood up while saying..

swara looked at him shockingly,,
“dont u remember todays speciality?”swara asked sadly..

“wht special teddy?today our first performance in kolkata,,,wht u r talking?””varun asked bck..brining tears in swara’s eyes…

“stop the drama””sandra came frm behind making swara to run bck nd hug her..sandra is holding a artiplate..”careful shona “she said calmly.

suddenly swara felt her world bcm dark,,she cant see anything,,,a blindfold,,she was in air in next sec…she knew she is lifted by ranveer where she clutched the box in her hand,,after sometimes she was touching the ground,,,blindfold was removed,,she took some sec to adjust with the light,,but next moment her mouth turned to “O” shape…she was standing in front of a garden which is decorated with roses..her fav red roses…writing something…
“happy raksha bandhan day teddy”
“happy raksha bandhan day teddy”she hrd both ranveer nd varun whispering to her ears…she looked towards thm who r standing beside her with the most sweet smile…

“how we will forgot this special day teddy…this day is when we get our sweet sister..”ranveer said by patting her shoulder..

“this is the day when we get most beautiful gift of our life,,the best day in our life,,,u r our sweet little sister”varun said by holding her chin,,,

swara without any words hugs thm,,,

“thank u thank u soo much,,,u both came to my life at a situation whn i was in need of someone,,,now im satnding here is bcz of u both,,,a bro sis relation will happen not only whn thr is blood relation,,,by heart too we can keep tht relation,,,u both taught me tht,,u both give me all love of a brother,,without letting me knew tht im not ur real sister..”

“no teddy,,,u r our own sister,,,our little sister,,,by heart we r connected..moreover we r frnds too..thts why we asked u to call by our name,,”ranveer said

“so dont u give this?”he pointed towards the box…swara nodded her head nd opened the box..to find 3 “rakhi” in the box…sandra came with artiplate nd give to swara ..thy did arti nd tie rakhi in both ranveer nd varun’s hand,,.nd thy gave gift to swara ..later sandra tied rakhi to ranveer nd he gave gift to her too,,,

swara was looking at the box ..which still remain one more rakhi,,

“he will come,dont worry teddy..”varun side hugged nd smiled at her..swara smiled back..

“so today wht my little sister want?”varun asked//”ice cream.”swara replied without taking a sec for thinking..
“hahhha…no need to ask her,,,she will say this only,,come my siso we will have ice cream party today”ranveer took her along with varun and sandra…


“god im late…its 6:17”..program will start at 6″sanskar walked hurriedly to the entrance of auditorium…in office he was so busy,,as its first day of mission to search his shona,,,no single clue he got,,evng shift got cancelled..while he was thinking all this he saw lucky waiting for him outside..

“sorry lucky..im late.”sanskar said..

“its okay..program didnt start yet,,come,,,”lucky answered nd led to thr seat,,thr sits both ram and sujatha nd thy smiled at him…

“TEDDY AND BEARS “are ready for rocks the stage,,,are u guys ready??””the announcement hrd…

sanskar looks on..

precap:swasan first faceoff…

pls read:
im sorry for not including swasan meeting in this part,,i will give it in a fresh part,,i need to ask ur opinion frnds,,,can u all can accept ranveer varun and swara’s relation…thy have no blood relation,,but thr relation is pure frm heart,,”as for me,,i have experience,,i have my sis @meghana,,,nd a lot other,,who proved me tht thr is no need of blood relation for bcming siblings.”..i need ur opinion abt it…can u accept it?let me know..

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