A new bonding (swasan) – Episode 1 (wht she hide?)

hi frnds ..im swara …please read and say whtr to continue or not….

lets start
“hey monkey whr r u?”..he read the message
“am little busy”..reply came after few minutes which make her upset.the eyes which was too excited are now staring at her mobile screen with a sad look..
she look at mirror..her eyes are teary,”,but why?its not his mistake..he is doing this all for you only…thn why this tears swara??u knew well na ur maddo didnt like ur tears?did he wish to see this….she scolded herself for her childish behaviour…but wht to do she is a small girl with him..
“sanskar i love u yarr,,,why ur making me falling for you day by day??”by saying it she fell into thier beautiful story…

1 year before
2 boys enter the college …girls r staring thm as thy are new to college..and boys too r giving weired look to them
boy1:akki,,,why thy r giving us such looks..
boy2:arey u sanky ..chill yarr..,.u r acting like its first time you are entering here.this is our college yaar..where we enoyed a lot..somany good memories…
(so the boys are sanky and akki…i mean sanskar and akshay…thy r graduted ,,,nd now akshay have some paper works so he came to college …sanskar and akshay r best frieds…nd now thy r planning for future…both r not serious abt it…)
sanskar:missing those moments…now somany responsibility came
akshay:responsibility and u???seriously??(he teased)
sanskar:dont pull my legs u idiot..
akshay:ok..ok..come we will meet someone now..
sanskar:u came hr for paper works or meeting ur gf??
akshay:hlo…its not my gf..she is my frnd..she is studying here..u shut ur mouth nd cm now
sanskar glared akki thn followed him..
akki:hr she came..hlo
sanskar look the way akki was looking and saw a girl coming towards thm with a smile.
akki:swara….how are u.
swara:hey akki..im good nd u?
akki: fine…fine..now stop all this formalities ..nd meet my bestie sanskar.
till now he was just staring thm both..now he is back to reality..he pass a smile to her nd she too gave back..
akki:sanskar..i will finish my work now…u do onething be with swara.so u wont be bored..
sanskar nodded nd akki left frm thr…
swasan talk abt themselves nd make a good bond with each other in a short peroid of time..
nd thr story start frm thr….

thy agn met each other after tht..mostly with akki…nd thn slowly thy become more closer..sanskar is so innocent..that is wht swara noticed..as she didnt saw such a nature in any one else..he speak without keeping anyhing in mind..he is so mad for two things…mad in love..that is his mom and music…when all he start speaking about his mom nd music he just go in his own world..he will keep talking without realising whr he was nd wht he is doing,,,nd swara always used to listen to him with a cute smile…she loves his innocent love…she to wish to have a person like him who will love her like he do..nd she was falling for him without her knowledge,,,,nd at the same time he was noticing her..she is so quite,,but he noticed something in her eyes something she is hiding ,,but he can see her innocence.but he dont know wht special she have…he normally ddint used to talk to girls…for him girls have attitude..or he was not comfortable with girls…but swara was differnt from starting itself she was making him speak..she always adjust with his mood and make him comfrotable.he is always a angry man..but she handle him so easily,,
thy were becoming more closer,,,now sanskar is sure tht swara is hiding something from him..she is smiling but her smile always hide something..he somany times tried to make her open up but all failed,,she always keep her family away frm him…but sanskar was now angry…bcz she is not sharing everthing nd he need to make her free frm evrything she is facing..he knew she is facing something but wht ???he cant understand wht is it?
one day sanskar got angry a lot as he was already irritated by his dad.his dad have soamny expectations for him..but sanskar was always agnst all his dreams..nd now his dad used to tease him for his all doings…sanskar took out all his anger at swara …nd he was just sying something nd swara was so hurt..she burst out…sanskar knew something is coming …nd he asked her abt her family ..she look deeply to his eyes…something was forcing her to speak …….nd she start to say abt her..

wht she tried to hide was abt her family,,she have everything with her..her dad gave her everything she need ,,but didnt got the love which she carved for…being a daughter she always wished to be a papas girl..she need her dad to be with her whn all her mom came by scolding her,,she need him with her to play like kid evn in this age,,,,her dreams are like not going to fullfill,,,her dad is always in business tour nd handling his business branch in abroad…he will meet her once in a year…for some days will stay with his family..but tht time too buisness calls nd all ……her mother died at her younger age and her dad married another women just for her only so she wont miss presence of mother,,,bt she always ignore her nd gave importace to her son….she is not jealous of him ..but she is alone at tht big house…having somany ppl by name but no one in reality…she is bright student but no one knew abt her loneliness…

swara is crying nd talking to sanskar who is in shock to see her this side..she used to smile whole time but she hide this much pain in those smile..wht he saw in her eyes was loneliness…
swara:u knew sanskar…u expalin abt ur mom na…u knew how lucky u to get her..u told na while looking at eyes she will say wht u r thinking..i used to go infront of my mom with red eyes after crying with a hope tht she will ask me wht happen at least….but she always care abt her son…dad too never gave any time to me,,,,nd bro he too in his own world…evn he is little to me never gave me his sis place…
(she was getting difficulty to talk…he consoled her…thy bond was getting more stornger…)
swara is so confused,,she never talk abt her family to anyone,,,but with him she just told everything ,,,and she trust him a lot…
from then he alwasy stood thr for her without thinking anything..nd she was getting wht all she missed..a fatherly protection..nd he understood she was finding her dad in him..she is always a kid whn she came to him..she start to share everything with her nd he starts to enjoy tht,,a special relation was developing…

precap:naming the relation

frnds pls say whtr to continue or not..seriously i dont have any idea whtr u like or not..this is flashback of my story actal story will strt after finishing it…plese let me knew abt this part…

sorry for the mistakes

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