A new beginning yet to start- episode 32

Hello everyone….
I had decided that i ll continue my ff for few more episodes…..πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜™

episode starts

Tw is shifted to the ward but is still unconcious…
Kunj is sitting beside her holding her hand…

He was lost in the moments he spend with tw but soon he came out of his dreamworld when he saw uvi standing in the same room
His eyes turned red due to anger….

He holds uv’s arm and takes him out of the room in the corridor…
Kunj punched him hard….
And then holds his collar
K- why did you come here….looked what you did to my tw…. I wonot leave you….
Uv- kunj i m sorry….my intention is never to hurt tw
Then only uv gets one more punch from kunj
K- donot to dare to speak her name out of your mouth…..
Otherwise i also donot know what will i do with you
Uv- kunj i realised i did wrong….i should not have to come inbtwn you too….
I know i did wrong…. But if today anythng gets happen to her, then i wonot be able to forgive her….
Kunj pushed him
K- just go from here….donot show your face..
Uv- yeah kunj i am going….i am going back to london as i realised if also i will hurt you, then tw will also gets hurt….and i cannot see her getting hurt….

You both always says na that you loved each other ….true love and all….and no one cannot seprerate you…true…..but also i will tell you a diff meaning of love…its called sacrificing in love
I loved tw to that extent that for her happiness i will leave you two alone….because her happiness is only you….
Like all says if you love someone set them free….
I am setting her free…..
I am going back to london
bie kunj
K- uv i hope you will get your love one day for sure…. Bie
Uv nods and went from there ….

Meanwhile leela and rt also reached hospital…
Leela is just praying for tw….

after 24 hrs …doc come to check her….
He came out of her room
Dr- she is out of danger….and gain conciousness…
You can go and meet her….
Listening this kunj runs towards her room

Tw is sitting on hospital bed….
Kunj goes and hugs her tightly….
K- thank god you are okay…. you scared me like hell….i cannot leave with you
T- excuse me …leave me…
Kunj gets boggled on her reaction….
then tw asks leela
T- mom who is he??? Why is he behaving like this….
Then only doc came…
Plz come to my cabin…dr said

Dr- mr sarna ……first i had slight doubt but i am sure….your wife is suffered from short term memory loss …..so what ever happened in last one year…she didnt knoe…..
I advised you not to pressurize her…as it may effect her health…
K- dr is there any chances that she can get her memory back…
Dr- i can tell…may be or may be not… I am sorry…
Kunj came out to cabin disappointed…
he narrates rt and leela everthng…
L- now what will we do…
K- mom dad take her with you …..
And donot worry if she cannot remember me….no problem…i will again win my love back…
Again she will fall in love with this stranger….her sadu sarna….
L- i m sure beta….its true love…..in any circumstances love will always finds his way…
And you guyz are soulmates…..obvio she will again fall again fall in love with you….

Kunj nods and smiles….

Episode ends

Hope you guyz like this new track


  1. Thanmy


    |Registered Member

    Awesome diiii ur continuing that’s a great news thanq so much and this track I’m like woa but at the same time feeling bad for kunj and liked his positivity hope uv does not mess it up again!!!!
    It was amazing dii

  2. Romaisha


    |Registered Member

    Hayye memory loss?? SHOCK laga yaar! Wow !
    But i have a feeling this track will really bring some really exciting moments and twinj scenes all over again right?? Good episode though dii!! Loved it to the coreπŸ’•πŸ’•
    Love you !! And please post your next epi soon πŸ™‚

  3. Ayu(shreya)

    Thank u soooo much akku!! U considered our wishes!! Love youuuu😘
    It was quite shocking that twinkle does not remember kunj but that surely announces a new sparkle and fresfph love… Pls post sooon. I want to read more and more after this twist

  4. SidVee

    Thanks for continuing πŸ™‚ and superb twist.. loved it.. Memory loss.. kunj is back to Sq 1😱.. poor him.. do cont soon πŸ’•

  5. SIDMIN-Daamini


    |Registered Member

    Omg joonu
    It was amazing
    I really wasn’t expecting this but this is fab dude
    U just rocked
    Plzz post next part soon……😘

  6. Kritika14


    |Registered Member

    Wow, what a twist! Memory loss. Didn’t expect this at all. But anyway, you wrote amazingly. Continue soon x Love you xx

  7. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    I knew it Twinkle’s memory Loss
    Loved the episode UV is out of picture now so only Twinj πŸ™‚
    waiting for the next episode please post it soon πŸ™‚

  8. Baby


    |Registered Member

    oh my god junnu amazing
    bt twinkle memoryloss
    oh god bechara kunj
    luvd d episode
    post nxt asap didu cnt w8
    luv u

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.