A new beginning yet to start- episode 30


Hello everyone !!!

Episode starts

twinj room
T- umm kunj… I think we should also visit maya’s dad at hospital
K- even i also think so….bt every time maya told me not to come…she can handle itself
t- offo…kunj…but she is your frnd….she needs your support…
K- yeah you are right….do one thing…today you go to office and ill will give a visit to the hospital
T- better mr sadu…
Kunj smiles….
T- awww my sadu also knows how to smiles and winks at him….

At hospital

pallavi comes to maya
P- maya take yuvi’s words srsly…. As we cannot delay the operation to very long
Maya folds hands…
M- plz start the operation….i will do whtever yuvi told me too…bt start the operation
P- no…first you have to do our work then only we will submit the money for operation….
And went from there…
Maya broke down into tears and went to mandir in hospital only to pray…

She went back after some time but she saw his dad is not in the room
She came out and ask the nurse where is my dad
Nurse- we take him to the operation theatre ….you should also go there…..all the money is submited…
M- you paid the fees…
nurse points in a direction…
She looks towards him

M- kunj….the guy revealed to be kunj
Maya runs towards him and hugged him…

Kunj consoles her by rubbing his back….

Maya why did you hide such a big thing from me…. Woh toh aacha hua that i came hospital to meet uncle and listen all the conversation between you and pallavi….
Why didnt you ask for my help

Maya broke the hug
M- how can i? I very well know that you had just joined the buisness and also uncle is not here….and you are not talking money from him…. As i knoe you once told me…when you will joined the buisness you will stop taking money from uncle and will take care of house and tw on your own….
But kunj from where did you get the money…

K- i take out from my personal savings ….
M- kunj what you did? You had saved this money for your and tw future…..
K- i can save it later but right now my frnd is my priority …..
M- thank u kunj….thank u soo much…
K- but i never thought that this uv can get stooped so low….but donot tell this to tw….once he was her frnd….i donot want her to get hurt…
Maya nods
K- come lets go to operation theatre

After 5 hrs
The doctor comes out
D- miss maya….your father is out of danger now….we will keep him in icu for 12 hrs for observation and then we shift him in the ward
M- thnk u dr…

M- kunj you can go…tw must be waiting for you…as she is alone and its getting late..
K- ok …you tc…i will come tomm…
Maya nods…

Pallavi got the news of opearation…
She calls uvi and informed him everythng….
Uvi fumes in anger…
He slams the phone on wall….
Uvi- i will not leave you kunj…just wait and watch….

Precap – uvi ‘s evil plan

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  1. Angita


    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u angita

  2. Romaisha

    Yay!! Im so happy kunj found out the truth! Well at least its something good nah..
    Oh God yuvi is so mean ?? !!
    What’s his plan now!?
    Anyway lets wait and see what u planned nah .. Post soon ..

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u romaisha
      Yeah i ll post soon

  3. Jisha

    Kunj found it out… happy… waiting 4 yuvi’s next move…

    1. Joonakanksha

      Yeah di…i ll post soon

  4. Awesome…..

  5. Sayeeda

    Woooowwwwww what a amazing.. Superb episode…
    Loved it to the core…

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u soo much sayeeda

  6. Sameera

    Amazing yaar loved it

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u sameera

  7. Awesome.. so happy that kunj found out the truth.. do cont soon ?

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u sidvee
      Yeah i ll post soon

  8. Amazing epi.. Awesome.. Loved it.

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u sidhanshi

  9. Aamu

    ahaa…very very happy dat twinj dint separate….
    dis uv…….huh
    want to kill him
    woh thak nahi jaata evil plans banaakar……..hahh

    1. Joonakanksha

      I m glad that u are happy with the track…
      Haha…shyd nh ?

  10. Shreya098

    Thank god kunj came across the truth…
    I just hope that uvi’s evil plan won’t work…. And will bring them more closer.. Fingers crossed.

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u soo much shreya …
      Hope so

  11. Baby

    oh my god junnu
    i knew it dat u wuld b here wid a gr8 n cute sa twist
    luk yr di u r jst fabulous
    u always leave me speechless
    i mean wowwwwwww di kunj came 2 no d truth bt dis uvrajs 1 more evil plan now wt ll hpn oh god
    cnt w8 di
    u r osm wowwww di i m jst so happy aftr reading d episode bas yeh jo precap hai usne tension di hai thodi
    b muje pta hai ki app usko kar do ge puri ki puri
    luv u diii amazing
    i m jst soooooooooooo happy
    post nxt asap di luv u

    1. Joonakanksha

      Awwww baby….
      Thnk u soo soo much
      Luv u

  12. Shonaa...

    Amazing episode loved it….

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u shoona

  13. Kritika14

    So glad kunj found out the truth at the right time. But another evil plan of yuvi? god! anyway, write soon as i want to know more of this. Loved it!

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u monica
      Yeah i ll update soon

  14. Thanmy

    Yay yay UV haar gaya ek base phir!! Don’t know now what’s going on in his mind
    What diiii Maine doubt kya poocha itni jaldi clear kar diya wow thanks dii
    Episode was awesome dii
    I’m waiting for the next part

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u thanmy
      And will post soon

  15. Kruti

    Loved d epi…..eagerly waiting for d nxt one

  16. Awesome!!! Loved it!!

  17. SidMin

    Loved it Twinj misunderstanding cleared and Kunj came to know about UV’s plan
    Love your ff for this very reason that you don’t drag a thing for long Loved it waiting for the next episode πŸ™‚ post it soon πŸ™‚

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u soo much sidmin
      I ll post soon

  18. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Di !!!!!!!!
    Saarrryyy saarrryyy
    I’m really sorry coz I’m late actually I was busy with my studies that’s why
    N epi was fab dear
    U just rocked
    Plzz post the next one soon
    N Precap is fully thriller
    Loved it
    Love u ??????????????????????

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u daamini
      Yeah will posst soon

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