A new beginning yet to start- episode 29


Hiiiii everyone

Episode starts….

Kunj is in office…he gets a call from maya
K- hii maya
M- kunj…today i ll be staying at hospital as few tests before operation is to be performed….so i want to be with dad the whole time…

K- ok maya…but plz let me know i you need me there
M- ok…bie
K- bie
And he cuts the call..

K- umm so maya is not with us tonight….its a great chance to spend time with twinkle and clear all the misunderstndngs…
I ll just finish my work here quickly…

Kunj went back to home….but to his surprise no one was their at home..

K- god…where is this siyapa queen….
I think i should call her…

Just then he received a msg of tw….
I am at mom’s place….will be back in an hour…

K- good…now i can get time to prepare for a date…..

After an hour….

Tw comes
T- where is this kunj…
Must be in room.. i think i should just go and check…

She enters room…
She saw on bed their is a red backless gown is kept with a note..

Note –
wear this and come meet me at terrace….
Waiting for you…love u…

Tw smiles ….
She takes the gown and gets dressed….
And reach the terrace….
She enters the terrace…. It was decorated with lights all over the place….
And in centre a table is kept with the perfect date setup….

Then kunj comes from back…
K- did you like it?
T- i loved it….
He forwards his hands ..she grabs his hand…
He take her to the corner…..
T- kunj table is there na…what are we doing here….

K- wait
Now he shows her button and needle….
Stitch this button to my shirt and only you have the right….
I promise you no girl will ever come slightly close to me….

Tw smiles …she takes the button and stitich to his shirt….

K- now come….
T- kunj why is there only one plate…
K- becoz we will eat in this plate only….
They both make each other eat….
In btw they both share intense eyelocks….
They finished their dinner …..and is about to get up that it starts rainning

K- o fish….tw lets go….
T- no kunj…come na enjoy the rain….
And she start enjoying the rain…
Kunj heart beat is only getting faster on seeing her lady love….
he saw water droplets falling on her lips and then running towards her neck….
Now its very difficult for kunj to control himself…
He went towards her ……
She makes her to face him…..
He holds her by her waist and starts kissing her on lips …..
After some time they pulled back
k- tw i only loved you…..on one can take your place in my life….. Plz donot misunderstnd me….trust me
T- kunj sorry for being childish…. I trust you and i love u too.

On hearing this kunj carries tw in her arms and takes her to their room…
He lays her on bed and come on top of her…
He covers themselves by blanket and they make love to each other….

Maya is sitting in front of his dad room
Uv comes there
Uv- maya i think u donot want the life of your dad
M- what are you saying…are you mad
Uv- they what are you doing there and doing nthng is seprating tw and kunj
Listen from tomorrow you have to do that otherwise i wonnot give you a penny….
M- no plz…i will do whatever you say…

Uv- good….your dad’s operation in two days so you have to do your work …..
Maya nods…
And uv went from there…
Maya cries
Why god why….i have to betray my best frn…i thought that i will just act like i was trying to serparate them and when my dad ‘s operation gets over…we can go far away from here…thats why i did stay at sarna mansion so that they both can spend some quality time and clear their misunderstanding…
But i was wrong…this uv will not give me money…if he cannot see them seprated with his own eyes….
I donot know what to do and she broke in tears

Episode ends

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  1. Kritika14

    Maya is so good but she is completely helpless! I hope whatever happens makes twinj’s binding stronger. Loving it! Continue soon x

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u monica

  2. Sayeeda

    Amazing episode.. Awesome..
    Loved it to the core….
    Love u ??

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u sayeeda
      Luv u too

  3. Priya_

    Very nice.. Waiting for the next

  4. Superb epi… So romantic… Ohhh! Kunj is so nice, i wish i also get my kunj(sid)… Hahaha… Waiting for the next part.

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u soo much sidhanshi
      Hope u get ur kunj ?

  5. wow maya is true fren yaar…
    hope she tell d condn 2 twinj…
    so that twinj willteach uv a lesson…
    love u di n post mxt asap…

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u sujina

  6. Baby

    oh my god junnu
    u r bck wwid agn a bang
    luvd d peisode 2 d core
    osm di
    post nxt asap luv u di
    u always rck nailed it
    so basically maya is gud bt helpless
    n twinj r in luv bt cn bcm selfless
    if dey r sprtd dis uv i ll kill him
    di i hpe u cm wid a twist as u always give gr8 n vry cute twists to ur stry

    1. Joonakanksha

      Awee baby
      Thnk u soo much for these lovely words
      I m srsly on cloud 9
      Luv u

  7. SidMin

    Feeling bad for Maya ?and loved Twinj part so cute waiting for the next episode ?pls post it soon ?

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u soo much sidmin
      Yeah i ll post soon

  8. Twinj part was so cute…Maya is a true friend… Awesome… loved it…

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u soo much jisha di

  9. Superb and cute epi.. loved it.. do cont soon ?

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u sidvee

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing romantic cute emotional epi

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u purnima

  11. Shatakshi

    Akku akku akku (ekta kapoor style???)
    U r the best
    Aapne to Maya ko bhi itna accha banaya h…
    I m really liking no no…living the track but plzzz mere phool se twinj ko juda na karna
    Love u loads❤❤??

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u thnku thnk u soo much shatakshi
      Luv u too

  12. Rashiverma2199

    Joon episode was awesome….too amazing

  13. Angita


    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u angita

  14. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Mazaa aagaya n twinj uffffff
    Lovely ????????????

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u soo much damini

  15. Awww! Twinj scenes were soooo cute!!!!! Loved them!!!!
    Iss uv ka kuch karna padega!!!!

  16. Kruti

    Awesome epi….loved it

  17. Thanmy

    It was fantastic diiii
    Twin scenes were awesome
    I just loved it to the core
    Means Maya is positive hope he does not become negative
    By the way I have 1 doubt….
    When Maya can stay with kunj saying that she don’t have money to pay her rent why can’t she take money also from kunj is it necessary to accept that uvs order
    I know such a dumb doubt its according to story but still
    OK diii bye love u

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u soo much thanmy
      And for your doubt you have to read the upcoming track……
      As it may spoil if i tell u now

  18. Shreya098

    Amazing epi…
    Twinj scenes ??
    Loved it

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u shreya

  19. Shonaa...

    Amazing track loved twinj cute se scenes…. lovely episode akanksha….??

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u soo much shona

  20. Romaisha

    Awesome episode yaar di ?
    Cute Twinj scene and feeling sorry for Maya..
    Post soon … 🙂

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u roamisha

  21. It is difficult to locate knowledgeable folks on this topic, but you sound like you know what you are talking about! Thanks


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