A new beginning yet to start – episode 28

Hello everyone

So lets start the episode

tw show maya guest room
T- maya …u rest here….i will call you for brkfst
M- yeah sure tw….
Tw left

Twinj room
kunj is taking towel as he has to get ready for the office…
Tw came
T- kunj i want to talk to you…
K- hmm….tell
T- kunj is it nescessary for my to stay here
K- what do you mean
T- i mean she can live in her house…you can give the rent and she can pay us back
K- tw what are u saying…she is my frnd… I cannot leave her alone in this crucial time….
T- kunj try to understnd …you are married now…and we are leaving alone….what ppl think at an unmarried girl is staying with us…
K- tw i donot care what people think…she is my friend and i will help her….
T- kunj bt
K- tw end of discussion….now plz let me get ready
T- fine
Tw went from there

After few min
Kunj came out after taking a bath….
he is getting dressed ….
He wore his shirt but then realised his upper button of shirt is not there…
K- off ho…now i have to chnge it and he starts removing it…

then only maya came
M- kunj wait i will help you….i will stitch the button
k – no maya its ok
M- dnt be formal….i am your frn na….and it will take a min
K- umm ok…
Maya comes and start stitching the button…
Now she comes close to break the thread with her teeth
All the while kunj is looking here and there…
Then a voice is heard
T- maya
Maya and kunj looks toward tw ..
M- i am just helping kunj
Maya had already stitched the button
T- ok…your work is done…come for brkfast…
Tw gives death glare to kunj and went..
Maya smirks
Both went down for brkfast…

At brkfast table
Trio are having their bf
Then only maya starts coughing
Kunj gets tensed …..
He runs to her and starts rubbing her back…and make her drink water
All the while tw is fuming in anger and maya is smiling within

M- kunj i am okay…thanx
K- take care yr
Tw stands up from her chair ..

K- why are you standing…eat na
T- i am not in mood to eat… I am going in my room…

And went from there
K- maya you eat…i will check on her…
M- kunj you must be late…go…i will see to her…
K- yeah ok….bie
M- bie

M thinks- its just beginning….

Kunj is office
K- tw is upset from me…but she should also understnd na that maya is my bff…..
I think i should have to make her understand patiently…but first make up her mood…
Umm what to do…
Yeah idea …and he smiles

Episode ends


  1. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Awww gonna kill this Maya…. She is so bad…. 😠😠😠….
    Episode was too good… Amazing…
    Loved Twinkle being jealous……
    An idea strikes in kunj’s mind… I’m dam sure romance is on the way πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„….
    Loved it…
    Love u πŸ’πŸ˜†πŸ˜„

  2. Sonali05


    |Registered Member

    Wonderful episode…
    Hope maya’s truth will reveal soon & exited to see kunj plan
    Eagerly waiting for next episode…
    Loved it

  3. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Loved the episode Twinkle jealous of Maya and this Maya Hate her waiting for the next episode Kunj’s plan to make Twinkle’s mood fine Post the next part soon πŸ™‚

  4. Thanmy


    |Registered Member

    Oh no fight on first of Maya coming hope twinkle won’t mis understand kunj and kunj plan works
    And this was awesome

  5. Sidhanshi

    Amazing epi… Nd joon yaar i have 1 question that is maya still loves kunj? I mean she is doing this forcefuly or now she also want to separate twinj for kunj….

  6. Ayu(shreya)

    Sooo nice! Loved it!! Pls post next soon…even i want to know what will kunj do to pacify his lady love..

  7. Shatakshi


    |Registered Member

    Iss maya ki aase ki raise😑😑
    Anyways, Hey akku
    It was really Awesome
    Loved it to the core

  8. Baby


    |Registered Member

    oh my god junnu
    dis maya did her wrk first step
    twinkle is upset frm kunj
    n of course y wont she b apne pti ko kisi or ke sath dekh kr jelous na hoke unki puja kre kya
    oh god di post nxt asap very mch eager to c wt ll hpn
    luv u di
    osm episode d fuming in anger wali twinkle yaad aagyi sch mein

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.