A new beginning yet to start- episode 24


Hello everyone

Episode starts

Tw enters in the hall but its very dark….
T- kunj …kunj …where are you

Some one comes and back hugs her….
T- so here you are…common switch on the lights…i am getting scared….

Then goes and switch on the lights…
Tw saw the decoration in hall…
She gets excited….
She turns to look towards the man and is revealed to be kunj…

Kunj smiles and switch on the fan and all tje rose petals falls on her….

She was on cloud 9…she open her arms and moves round and round while the petals are still falling on her….

Kunj only stands there and think of something

When tw and kunj are talking in the guest room
Kunj saw uv through mirror….and he saw experssion on his face

Kunj understood something evil might come in his mind
So he sent tw home to get ready…

And then intentionally stands in front on uv room and make a fake call to book suite in hotel crown plaza
And then msg tw to meet him in farmhouse

Flashback ends

Kunj thinks its good that i called tw her…in outskirts of city becoz when uv know we are not there in hotel he would def search for us everywhere in the city….

But kunj leave all this thing…as tonight you have to focus on you lady love only….

Tw comes to kunj
T- kunj where are u lost??
K – nowhere
T- this farmhouse idea is awesome….
And this arrangements are mind blowing

The hall is decorated with heart shaped ballons …. And in centre a table is setup with wine bottle and two glasses and everywhere fog is scattered on the floor area…

K- come….
He takes tw to the tabel and make her sit….
Then pour wine in glasses and give one to tw
They are talking
Basically tw is only speaking and kunj is lost in her…

Meanwhile uv come to the hotel and got to know that kunj make a fake call….there is no room book on his name
Uv called his sources to search them everywhere but all in vain….
Then uv went back to his house , in his room and starts breaking the furniture….
uv- i will not leave you kunj…u snatch my happiness from me , my love
And you wait and watch…what i will do with you…
You will have to pay for everthng….

Next scene
Kunj stands and goes towards tw and sits on her knees and asks for her hand for the dance
Tw readily gives
Songs plays

Pyaar manga hai tumhe se na inkar karo…

They both dance romatically…
Song is still playing…
Kunj turns tw …now tw back lies on kunj’s front
Kunj starts kissing her neck while still moving his fingers on her one hand and his other hand is on tw hand which is on her stomach….

Now he starts kissing her bare back….shivers reach down her body with his each touch…

Kunj opens the dori of his blouse….
Tw gets shocked and immediately turns and hugs him …
T- kunj plz not here…
K- relax….

And carries her in his arms and starts walking towards one of the bedroom….

They went inside the room….
Kunj makes her stand on the floor and went and close the door….
Kunj comes towards tw…
K- now you are only mine…
Tw blushes and starts to run away
But kunj holds the pallu of her saree…
And then he pulls pallu towards him…with a sudden jerk tw comes towards him ….
Then he pins tw to the wall and starts kissing her passionately
Tw in carresing his hairs…while when the kiss is still going on kunj removes the saree and throws it on the floor…..

They broke the kiss…now tw realises her condition ….and due to shyness she turns and face towards wall….

Kunj again starts kissing on her back
K- are you nervous…..donot be….its only me…your love…your husband…your kunj….
listening this she turns and hugs him

Then kunj carries tw in his arms and goes towards bed…
He makes tw lie on bed and then come on top of her….
And starts kissing her face and neck…
Tw- umm kunj
Kunj looks towards her
K- yes tw
Tw keeps her hand on his face…
T- kunj i love u very much…. I cannot imagine my life without you….you are my everthng…i trust you more than me… I am giving myself to you….i am only yours…..

Kunj holds her hand which is on his face and kiss it
K- i love u too tw….
He then bends down and kiss her forhead…

Kunj switch off the room light…
Only moonlight is falling on their bed….
they consumate their marriage ….

Our love birds are peacefully sleeping in each others embrace….
Tw open her eyes and looks at kunj….
She remembers the night and blushes badly….
She gives a quick peck on his cheek and went to the washroom by covering herself with the bedsheet…

Tw comes out of the washroom
And goes towards kunj
T- kunj wake up baby
K- um tw my gm kiss..
Tw quicky gives a peck on his lips…
Kunj smiles and went to the washroom..

Tw sits in front of mirror and while combing his hairs think
last night was so special…finally we both become one….
I never thought that one day i will be able to love someone this much….

But to live a peaceful life with kunj i have to close this uv chp..
Then an idea strikes her mind…
She smirks

Episode ends

And aamu your guess was right ??

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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Joon….episode was awesome…. Lovely

  2. Aku!!! Too good! Finally…our lovebirds are one….i am eager to know why twinkle was smirking…? Pls post sooooon!!!

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u shreya…yeah i ll try to post soon

  3. Angita


    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u angita

  4. Sayeeda

    Hayyye reeee what a consummation scene…ohhoo too good nd romantic yrrr…. Loved it…..

    Awesome yrr…. Sorry for not commenting on ur previous one but now I’m back so this will not happen again…
    Love u???

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u soo much sayeeda.
      I m glad u loved it
      Luv u too

  5. Saby

    joon… wat to say…
    i m speechless… twinj love on-air
    loved it….

    1. Joonakanksha

      I m glad u loved it
      Luv uh

  6. Srija

    omg amazing????????
    twinj scens ?????????
    update soon dear

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u soo much srija
      I ll try to update soon

  7. Bindass epi kya zabardast writter ho

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u sidminlove

  8. Kruti

    Amazing epi……twinj ka romance at its fullest??
    Eagerly waiting to know twinkle ka plan

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u kruti
      Yeah i will update soon

  9. Shatakshi

    On reading the consummation scene I was like ?????
    Seriously it was damn good
    N akku u really rocked the episode
    Loved it to the core
    Love u❤❤❤

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u soo much shatakshi
      I m glad u liked it
      Luv u

  10. Wooowww

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u anshika

  11. Soo romantic… Joon u r a superb writer… Love the epi & u too my cutie pie…

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u sidhanshi
      Luv u too

  12. Wow amazing epi yaar.. romantic one.. loved it.. and am really glad that was not uv?.. eagerly waiting for the next ?

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u sidvee
      Yeah i ll post soon

  13. Priya_

    Amazing episode…
    Plz don’t separate TWINJ..
    Plz post soon..
    Waiting for it

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u priya
      Yeah i ll post soon

  14. Romaisha

    You know for a while i didn’t want to scroll down but then i had to keep reading nah?
    I felt so relieved that it was Kunj!!
    Too good dii! It was a mind blowing and hot episode… ???
    And i wonder what’s going on in our sherni’s mind for yuvi.. Hmm
    Post soon nah…i can’t wait 🙂 ..

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u soo much roamisha…
      I m glad u read till the end
      Yeah i ll post soon

  15. Thanmy

    Awesome diii as soon as I saw ur post my heart was beating so fast in fear thank god it was kunj really u scared me today episode was damn good

    1. Joonakanksha

      Haww… I m so sorry i made u scared
      Bt i m glad u like the epi
      Yeah i ll post soon

  16. Soo romantic….loved it

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u sidhantfan
      I m glad u liked it

  17. Shreya098

    It was beautiful..❤❤❤
    Loved it???

    I am curious to know what’s going on in her mind…

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u shreya

  18. Aamu

    amazing as always………
    romance at peak loved it

  19. Baby

    ommmgggggggggggg junnu amazing aapko pta hai u nailed it beautiful romantic episode

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u soo much baby

  20. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous marvelous romantic epi….loved it

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u purnima

  21. sidhansha arora


    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u sidhansha

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