A new beginning yet to start – episode 20

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Episode starts

Twinj room
Tw was getting ready in front of mirror……
Her gaze fall on kunj sleeping peacefully
T- offo…this sadu sarna….still sleeping….we will surely get late for office on first day only….

she went towards….
T- kunj wake up or else we get late
K- plz tw….for few more min
T- no na baby…we have to get office on time otherwise what would dad think that we are very irresponsible
K- umm…no na
T- kunj we you get ready fast then i ll give you a kiss
Kunj suddenly opens his eyes…
K- donot worry i ll get ready fast and went to washroom
Tw wents back to kitchen
After half hour….
Kunj come downstairs towards dinning table
K- tw , tw
Tw come – kunj come sit….lets have brkfast
K- tw bt my kiss
T- later….first have brkfst….we are getting late…
K- sadly …okay
They have their brkfst and went to office…..

Mahohar cabin
Twinj- gm dad
M- gm ….come sit
They both went and sit in front of manohar…
M- tw kunj you guyz have to share a same cabin….hope no prob in that and listen i am just heading for a meeting with client….if it gets successful….you both have to handle this contract …now you both can go and work for ideas
Twinj nods and went back to their cabins…..

In cabin
Twinj desks are opposite to each other…
Tw is working on designs
Kunj is just seeing her

Then he stands of his chair and goes towards tw…..
Tw still sitting on chair looks upwards towards him
Kunj bends towards her keeping both his hands on the side of the chair….. Locking her….
He comes close to her face and
K- sensual voice …. Kiss me….
Tw gulps him and starts looking down
He moves closer to her ear…
K- i say kiss me…..
Shivers passes through her body
Then in a quick action kunj pulls tw from her and he himself sit on chair and make tw sit on lap….
He tucks her hair back….
And starts moving towards her lips…..
Tw also closes her eyes giving him a postive response…..
Soon their lips meet……it was a deep kiss full of love…both melting into each other touch….
After some time they broke and kiss….
Tw blushes badly and hugs him tight…
Kunj also hugs her back…..

Then only their is a knock on the door…
Both compose themselves
K- yeah come in
A girl enters
G- manhohar sir has called you both to his cabin
K- ok…we are coming

Manhohar cabin
M- tw kunj we got the deal…..we have to leave now to meet him…here is his address
Twinj goes to that address

Their car stops in front of a mansion
K- tw you go, i ll just come after parking the car
Tw nods and went inside house…
She enters in drwaing room….there she saw a man standing but his back is facing towards her
T- sir we are here to plan your wedding
Man turns towards her
Tw is shocked
T- yuvi, you
Uv- yeah tw its me
T- i am glad you are moving ahead and getting married
Uv- hahahaha….tw …this wedding is just a plan to snatch you away from kunj….in this plan my frn pallavi is also helpng me….
T- are you mad? why are you running your life…and no one cannot take kunj away from me
Uv- time will tell tw….
T- no , i donot want to do this contract…this deal is off
Uv- really and show tw some papers
These papers shows that sarnas has sign this deal with a huge amount and is this deal gets called off then they might get bankrupt also….
Tw gets shocked on hearing this…

Then only kunj also enter
k- what are you doing here….
T- kunj uv is getting married….and we will plan his ending as he is moving ahead
K- but tw
T- no kunj we are doing this…
K- ok fine
Uv smirks that his plan is working

Episode ends

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  1. Angita

    Nice twist….happy friendship day,,
    Loved it
    Love you

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  2. SidMin

    Loved it the new twist is exciting 🙂

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    Joon it was lovely….awesome….

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  4. Thanmy

    Interesting cont asap and happy friend ship day

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  5. Interesting epi and happy friendship day dear

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  6. Hmm…nice❤️

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    What a twist! It was just amazing ! Continue soon x

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    Osum osum Jonu loved it to the core

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    Nice epi..

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  13. Shatakshi

    Akku it was too good
    N I can sense the threat
    Loved it to the core❤❤❤

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  14. Osum mindblowing but plz plz plz plz plz make looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg me to 1 min me sara parh lete hun i want that ur epi should take atleast 5 min plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u sidmin
      Aww i ll def try for you

  15. Happy friendship day Joon… Awesome epi.. The romantic scene was too good… Keep writting like this… May God bless u always…

  16. Sayeeda

    Amazing…. Awesome… Too good…
    Twinj romance…. Ooohoo too lovely yrr…
    Loved it…
    Happy friendship day dear ?????

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    awesome amazing

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  19. Happy belated Friendship Day…
    oh new twist loved it hope twinj will b 2gthr n so swt epi

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  20. Baby

    omgg junnu amazing episode romantic n dis cheap uv ughhh bt amazing yr luvd it post nxt asap dear

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