A new beginning yet to start – episode 19

Hello everyone

So lets start the episode….

Twinj room
Both are shown peacefully in bed
Tw still holding kunj’s hand
Due to sunrays kunj open his eyes….
He saw tw sleeping very close to him
He eyes her lovingly
Kunj pov
tw i know you are doing all these things for me… I was mad at you for not telling about your past…but i trust you ….you obvio hide all these bcoz after knowing your past may be i wonnot except you……but its not the thing….i am doing all this so that you will realise that you should not have to hide things from me….instead we should have to share everythng….
He then removes his hand from her hands and kiss her forhead and went to get ready…..
After some time they both went to clg

every night they study together…..

Now the morning before examz

Tw- kunj all the best for examz…..
And kisses his cheek….
K- what was that for…
T- that was for goodluck na…..
Kunj smiles
K- all the best to you too
T- and were is my gudluck
K- oooo….. So you need goodluck
Tw nods
K- umm ok
Tw gets excited
k- umm tw now close your eyes….
Tw closes her eyea
K- now slightly part your lips….
Tw smiles and parts her lips….
In a few sec she realises a spoon in her mouth
Tw open her eyes in shocked…
T- kunj what was that
K- tw it is dahi shahkar….you knoe for good luck and winks at her…
Tw – ok fine…lets leave…

they both went for exam….
Soon there examz gets over….
After a week there results also come….

Manohar called twinj to his room
M- tw kunj as your mba rslt is out and you both scored good marks in it and i m proud of you guyz
Twinj- thank u dad
M- now i want you both to join our wedding planning buisness…..
Twinj- ok dad…sure…we will join office from tomorrow only
M- gud…now you both can go…..

Twinj room
Tw enters the room and she saw a date setup in the balcony…
She looks towards kunj
T- for me kunj
K- obvio tw…come….
They both went in the balcony….
Kunj make tw sit on chair and then sit in front of her
Kunj opens wine bottle
And pour the wine in glasses and give one to tw
T- thank u soo much kunj for everthng
K- anythng for you
He then holds her hand in his
K- tw no promise me….you wonot hide anythng from me ever
T- i promise kunj
And you also promise me you wonot get angry with me….
K smiles and say promise….
Then he plays song sab tera and then goes towards tw and asks for his hand
she readily gives her hand….
Then they dance romantically on the song
When the song ends kunj carries tw in his arms
And then place her on the bed

Kunj switch off the lights of room
Tw gets nervous…and cluthes bedsheet
Kunj goes towards her ear and whisper….
K- i knoe right now you are flng uncomfortable
As from all past these we havent spend time properly with each other….
Donot worry we came close to each other when you heart says….
Tw smiles brightly listening him and hugs him tightly
While hugging
T- thnk you kunj for understanding me….i love you
K- love u too my love
And kisses on her forhead….
And he lays on bed….
Tw keeps her head on his chest and kunj wraps his arms around him
t- gud night
K- gud nt
And both sleeps
Episode ends

Precap- first wedding contract and a surprise……

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  1. Kruti

    Amazing epi akanksha

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    It was too good I liked it

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    As always .. Your episode was too good. Continue soon x

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    Amazing just amazing joon

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    awesome amazing epi….loved it….

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  14. so cute tht dahi waala part..i m controlling my laughter… love cute romance n eager 2 know d surprise…do post asap…

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  15. Baby

    hey junnu amazing episode wow luvd it 2 d core w8ing eagerly fr ur nxt episode n sry fr cmntiing lat ews busy wid studies

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      Studies are also imp

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    Hey akku
    It was really Awesome
    Loved it to the core
    Sorry for being late
    Love u❤❤

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