A new beginning yet to start – episode 14

Hello everyone

Recap- twinj went to manali for family trip where tw realises her love towards kunj and agreed for marriage…they went back to amritsar and marriage preparation strt…

Episode starts….

Taneja mansion
A beautifully decorated stage is shown…
Kunj is already waiting for his lady love…..
Tw come and stands beside him….
Both makes each other wear ring….

( guyz i ll be making it quick )

days passed….there marriage date is coming closer and with each passing day their love for each other keep on increasing….

Now finally the night of their sangeet….
Tw pov
I just cannot believe tommorow is my wedding day….
Finally i ll become mrs twinkle kunj sarna….i never thought that i could be able to love someone to this extend….now i cannot imagine my life without him….. He took complete control over my mind and heart…..

Kunj pov
Yeah finally tomorrow is my marriage….then tw will be mine forever…. The dream which i have seen from chilhood is going to happen tomorrow…..
I will love to that extent that no one could ever loved you that much….

Taneja mansion
Sangeet ceremony….

Tw and kunj are sitting on the stage and seeing all the performances….
Then family took them to meet the guests….
Tw and kunj were standing opposide corners talking to guests….
But they were just looking at each other….

Kunj signals tw to go to her room and he will join her in a minute….
Tw excused herself and went to her room

Tw room
Tw is standing at the side of bed….
then someone come and back hug her….
T- soo kunj finally you come
A voice come- baby who is kunj ? Its me

Tw turns and gets shocked.
T- uvi tum
Uv- yeah baby….so tell me did u miss me
Tw was standing numb….as if she has lost the ability to speak

Kunj came in the room
K- tw who is he?
Uv- hey i m uv , you are?
K- i m kunj
Uv- oh so you are kunj….what had you done to my girlfrnd that when i hugged her she took your name by mistake..

Listening this kunj’s whole world come to standstill….
He composed himself and went out of the room completely shattered….

Tw tries to run behind him bt uv stops her…
Uv- tell me what is going go
T- uv i am going to marry kunj tomm
Uv- cups her face…baby i knoe you are doing this in pressure…. But see i came back….now just call off the wedding….
t- no uv….i love him….i want to do this marriage
Uv- so what was btwn us?
T- uv that was just attraction….the meaning of true love i learned from kunj….
Uv- no you cannot do this to me
t- uv plz understnd…. I am not urs….plz go and move on
Uv- i wont leave you tw for playing with my feelings….who have to pay for this
T- plz uv…let me go…plz… I beg you…my kunj need me…
Uv- kunj kunj kunj…just shut up….
Tw with all her strength gives a push to uvi and run towards sarna mansion….
Uv- tw baby i wonot let you and your so called true love to live in peace….
And he went away

Sarna mansion
Kunj room
Kunj entered his room and starts throwing all the things in his room out of anger…
He take out all the cards and set them on fire

k- twinkle taneja…. How could you play with my feelings….
Its better you said no to marriage …i never forced you ….but no…. I will never forgive you… You cheated with me… You broke my heart….
And he gets lied on the floor crying…..

In backgrnd song is playing
Aacha sila diya tune mere pyaar ka
Yaar ne he loot liya ghar yaar ka…

Tw entered sarna mansion in a hurry…. No one is at home as all at taneja for sangeet ceremomy…
she runs to kunj room
She enters and gets shocked seen the condition of room

She move ahead and saw kunj lying on floor
Tears are flowing from her eyes seeing on his condition

Episode ends

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  1. Uv ka baccha!!! He always have the wrong timing….but it was nice!!!! I really want to read the next one!! And as always Joonakanksha!! Awesome n terrific!!! Loved it!!?

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u soo much shreya ?

  2. Shatakshi

    That was painful akku
    Waiting for the next episode❤❤

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u shatakshi

  3. Gr8….feeling bad fr twinj….luving it more?
    Updt sooon

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u maggie

  4. Kruti

    Awesome epi akanksha …….loved it
    Post d nxt one asap

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u kruti…yeah i ll post soon

  5. Angita

    Oh no
    Its too sad
    I’m….I’m crying!!!
    Hope everything come to place
    Amazing episode

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u angita

  6. Bulbul23

    Feeling bad for kunj and for tw also

    Bewakoof uv abhi aana tha usko akku jaldi se sab theek kar do and by the way can I call u akku

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u soo much bulbul
      Yeah u can call me that

  7. Ridhima

    Diiiii i m warning u agr mere twinj ko alag kiya na toh……..
    Main baat nhi karoongiiii???….
    kitna rulaya mujhe….??….
    On the serious note…i loved the epi….????…..
    nd apki marzi jaisa karna vaise karo….. bt zyada mat tadpana….
    permission granted…??

    1. Joonakanksha

      Tnsn mat le jada nh rulaungi tumhe…
      Ab khush…..aur jldi post kr dungi

  8. Loved it to the core I know something like this is going to happen. Hope Twinkle make Kunj understand .love you too.

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thank u so much lover…
      lets see what happens next

  9. Shreya098

    Kunj??…feeling really bad for him
    I hope all their misunderstandings will soon be cleared….and that UV??

    Loved the epi??…..

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u so much shreya
      Yeah hope for the best

  10. oh no…hope kunj believes twinkle

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u sidhantfan

  11. Bechara kunj!!! Feeling bad for him… It was so emotional… But very nice one… Aur ek baat es uv ki timing itni buri kiu hoti hey hamesha!!! But i’m eagerly waiting for the next part…

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u soo much sidhanshi

  12. Jisha

    Wow… nice episode…feeling bad for kunj…

  13. Rashiverma2199

    Joon so emotional episode…..loved it yaar….

  14. Romaisha

    Wow emotional episode yaar … Loved it …

    1. Joonakanksha

      Thnk u romaisha

  15. Baby

    omgggggggg junnu a gr8 shck d episode oh god now wt ll hpn pls post nxt asap dear bcz cnt w8 u no ryt very emotional episode tears r nt stping

  16. Joonakanksha

    Awww….thnk you so much baby….
    I ll post at night

  17. Purnima.agrawal30

    Emotional epi…eagerly waiting for next part

  18. wrong timing uv…
    so emotional epi…
    cant c kunj condn…
    hope kunj trust twinkle…
    n post asap loved it if u don mind callin junu…

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