A new beginning yet to start – episode 12

Hello everyone i am glad that you are liking the story….

Episode starts-
Everyone return back to amritsar…..

Taneja mansion
both sarnas and taneja are having dinner
M- kunj and tw we had decided that day after tomorrow is your engagement and a week later is going to be your marriage…..
is it clear

Twinj nods in affirmation….
After that sarnas went back

Next day
Tw went to sarna mansion
U- hello tw
T- hello aunty
U- you where? Something imp

T- i am here to meet kunj as we have to dicuss how we are going to manage clg during marriage prep
U- beta i think that you should join clg after marriage
T- okay aunty…i will talk to him….whatever he decides we will do that
U- ohh kunj has changed you a lot….whatever he decides…hmmm
T- shies…no aunty its nthng like that
U- its okay…i was just teasing you….you go he is in the room…and make it quick we have to go for engagement shopping also…
T- ok aunty

Kunj’s room
Tw enter but the room is empty…
t- kunj kunj where are you?
K- tw i am in washroom…you wait i ll just make it quick…
T- kunj dnt wrry…you take your time…
T- so this is my would be room….i must say it is very nice and spacious….
I think i should check the cupboard….as is it spacious enough or not as i m having a lot of stuff….
She opens one of the drawer in the cupboard and is full of cards
T- for whom this sadu sarna had bought soo many cards…let me see…
( guyz i already told you in my first epi that kunj bought card for tw on her every bday and put it in drawer)
Tw saw the cards and tears are flowing from her eyes….
T- omg!!! how much kunj loved me and from how many years….
She remembers how rudely she behaved with him in the early days….

Meanwhile kunj came out of the washroom and saw tw in tears…
K- tw what happened…why are you crying
T- nthng
He holds her hand and make her sit on the bed
He cups her face and wipes her tears
K- tw tell me….you knoe na i cannot see you in tears… If you cry when i am right beside you that means i am not efficient as a lover…
T- no…kunj…you are the best….i am not good enough for you…
K- shh tw….you have no right to speak ill of my tw….my tw is the best…
She smiles and hugs him tightly and while hugging she tells him the whole incident
they broke the hug
K- tw you see all the cards but i also have a gift for you
He went and bring a chain with a star shaped pendant in it
T- it is beautiful
K- may i
Tw nods and turns so that her back is facing to his front…
Kunj moves her hairs to one side and makes her wear the chain
All the time she is feeling butterflies in his stomach….
To close the chain he uses his teeth while doing that his lips touch her bare neck…she cluthes the bedsheet tightly….
Then kunj start kissing her on the neck
T- kkkunjjj
K- hmm….
T- we have to go for engagement shopping….
K – hmm okay….come…
He makes her stand
K- umm you are forgetting one thing…and points towards his cheek
Tw kisses his both cheeks
Kunj smiles
He held her hand and both came out of the room
Episode ends

Guyz if you find lenght to be short…then donot worry i will post daily as i m free now a days …hope you all like this epi


  1. Shatakshi

    |Registered Member

    U r just Amazing
    U know I m waiting for this ff….donno why but I m loving this story so much…
    Aacha h tu mere jaise late latif nahi hπŸ˜‰…in posting the ff
    Loved it to the core❀❀

  2. Baby

    |Registered Member

    of course nt amazing episode jst luvd it junnu cn i call u dis nono hey akansha d episode ws osm yr luvd it n post asap dear osm muaaaaaah kya lika tha yr sidin scenes were d bst

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