A New Beginning- Part 3


Recap: Someone is shown at the door. Everyone is shocked.

The person shown at the door is Yuvraaj.

Suhani turns around, Yuvraaj sees her.

Yuvraaj in heart: “Am I dreaming?”

He gets dizzy and faints

Whole family: “YUVRAAJ!!!”

Everyone rushes to him

Saurab: “It’s ok everyone, he just got unconscious… maybe its because of the heat”

Saurab and Sharad take him to his room while everyone else is in the hall

In the bedroom:

Saurab and Sharad sprinkle water on Yuvraaj trying to make him get up

Sharad: “Yuvraaj, are u ok?”

Saurab: “Yuvraaj say something”

Yuvraaj: “Suhani… suha…”

Sharad: “Suhani bhabhi what about her?”

Yuvraaj: “Where is Suha…”

Saurab: “She’s in the hall”

In the hall:

Rags: “How could you do that Suhani?”

Suhani: “What did I do?”

Rags: “You left your child. that’s what you did”

Suhani: “WHAT? My child is with me”

Menka: “Gigi… are you crazy? Ur child is with Yuvraaj bhaiya”

Suhani: “What… but how?”

Rags: “Your daughter… Yuvani Yuvraaj Birla”
Suhani: “DAUGHTER? I have no daughter. I only have a son”

Menka: “Gigi don’t be crazy”

Suhani: “Bhabhi I’m not crazy. I’m telling the truth. I have a son named Yuvaan”

Rags: “Only one child was saved during your delivery. That child is Yuvani”

Suhani: “No bhabhi, only one child was saved and that is Yuvaan”

Rags: “So are we lying?”

Suhani: “No… yes… I don’t know… maybe”

Dadi: “What is happening over here”

Menka: “Dadi Dadi, Suhani is saying that she and Yuvraaj have a son and not a daughter.”

Yuvraaj: “WHAT? I HAVE A SON? Dadi you said that only one child was saved and that is Yuvani so what is Suhani saying?”

Dadi: “Um, actually”

Yuvraaj: “What the h*ll? How could you hide such a big thing from us?”

Suhani leaves the hall sobbing

Yuvraaj: “Suhani… Suhani come back”

Suhani shakes her head and runs to the outhouse.
Pratima tries to go after her but Yuvraaj stops her.

Yuvraaj: “Maa wait I’ll go”

Yuvraaj goes to the outhouse

Suhani runs into her room and locks the door

Yuvraaj: “Suhani open the door”

Suhani: “No you go away”

Yuvraaj: “Suhani please open the door”

Suhani walks to open the door until she hears Soumya

Soumya: “Yuvraaj come Dadi is calling you”

Yuvraaj: “Soumya tell her I have no relation with her”
Soumya: “Yuvraaj come na Dadi said sorry”

Yuvraaj: “A sorry won’t give me back my 4 years I have spent without my wife and son”

Suhani and Soumya both get shocked hearing him. Yuvraaj realises what he said.

Yuvraaj: “Um sorry, I meant the 4 years I’ve spent without my son”

Dadi: “Soumya come here dear”

Soumya: “Coming”

Soumya leaves

Yuvraaj: “Suhani… suhani please open the door. I beg you”

Suhani: “Don’t waste your time… your family is calling you.”

Yuvraaj looks at the door with tears in his eyes.

What will happen next? Will Suhani ever open the door? pls comment down below. thx for all your support and suggestions.

Credit to: Kavya

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