A New Beginning- Part 2

Sorry it took me a lot of time to update, I had family plans so it was hard to write.

Recap: Suhani is shown in the BH. Everyone is shocked.

Pratima: “Suhani… my child.”

Suhani: “Maa, how are you?”

Suhani touches Pratima’s feet

Yuvaan: “Let’s go mama, I want you to meet everyone”

Yuvaan brings Suhani to Dadi

Yuvaan: “Mama, this is Badi Dadi…. she loves me very much.”

Suhani smiles but doesn’t say anything

Yuvaan introduces everyone to Suhani

Soumya: “Suhani, how are you? Where were you all these years? Why no phone or message?”

Saurab: “Ya Suhani, you lost touch”

Suhani: “Sorry bhaiya, sorry soumya… I will be in touch now, promise”

Pratima: “OK, we can talk later, first let’s eat.”

Everybody pampers Suhani and Yuvaan for a week and then Soumya gets a phone call from Yuvraaj

Yuvraaj: “Soumya, please tell Maa, Dadi, and the kids that I’ll be coming in a couple of days.”

Soumya: “Sure”

Yuvani: “Mumma what happened?”

Krishna: “Dadu is coming back?”

Soumya: “Yes Krishna, your Dadu is coming back”

Yuvani: “Mumma, why did you say that only Krishna’s Dadu is coming back? He is also my dad.”

Soumya: “Yes, but Krishna only calls Yuvraaj Dadu”

Soumya in heart: Krishna is Yuvraaj’s favorite daughter… and I’ll make that happen

Dadi: “Yuvani, come here please”
The whole family comes out to the living room

Dadi: “I have something to tell you all… Yuvraaj is coming home soon”

Kids: “Yay!”

Kids are happy and they leave with Saurab

Dadi: “E ladki, make sure that you leave this place before Yuvraaj comes here.”

Pratima: “Let her stay, Yuvraaj won’t come for a couple of days.”

Menka: “Mummyji, you spoke to soon, look who’s here.”

Everybody turns around and is shocked

Who’s at the door? You guys probably know… but still. I’ll update really soon, promise. Let me know if you guys are bored with this and if you have any suggestions, I’ll be happy to hear them. Thanks!

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  1. nice one pls create some romantic moments between yuvani

  2. kavya i lyk it.. pls i want yuvani moments…

  3. It’s nice just make the chapters a bit longer and keep up the good work

  4. Nice episode.. Please make them lengthy.. And I guess yuvraj is at the door…

  5. Aqsxxh

    Amazing! Yuvii is backkk

  6. amazing..i like it …

  7. komal sontani

    Perfect kavya love it

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