A New Beginning- Part 1


Hi guys… I’m Kavya. I’m a silent reader of all of your ff’s and have very much liked each and every one of them. I applaud you guys for coming up with such ideas and for making them so interesting. This is my first ff so tell me if you guys don’t like it. It starts after the leap.


Suhani is a designer in Dehli and is assigned a three month term in Allahabad from her office. Suhani was also able to take Yuvaan with her, because it was Yuvaan’s school vacation. So after Suhani reaches Allahabad, she sees a summer camp ad. She registers Yuvaan in that camp. Coincidentally, Yuvani is also in the same camp (Krishna is not because Dadi did not allow her). Yuvaan and Yuvani meet each other and they build a nice bonding with each other. A couple of days later, Yuvani invites Yuvaan over to the BH. After playing with each other for a couple of hours, Yuvaan calls Sharad, telling him to come and pick him up.

The auto pulls up in front of the BH. Sharad is shocked seeing the BH.

“Oye, ye toh BH hai”

“Ha ji bhaisab, aapne jo address diya mujhe uder toh mae aapko laay kar aaya hu.”

“Theek hai, mae uter jata hu. Thank you bhai, kitna hua?”

“sau rupees”

After giving the auto driver the money, Sharad climbed up the steps leading to the house he had lived most of his life. He knocked on the door and Pratima answered.

“Sharad… Sharad… mera beta”

“Kasa ho aap mosi”

“Mae theek hu, baki sab khana pe hai, Bhavana, golu, aur suhani? Suhani khana pe hai?”

“Suhani bhabhi…”

“MAMU!!!” Yuvaan yelled, running towards Sharad

Hearing Yuvaan yell, the whole family comes out; Rags, Menka, Dadi, Soumya, Saurab

“Sharad tu kab aaya, kaha pey tu itna saalo?” Saurab asked

“Rehna doh na Saurab… kitni shanti thi iss ghar me ye strangers chaale gaya usske baad” Rags commented

“Rags, shut up. Itne saalo baad aya hai mera bhai… usko batne toh do.”

“Sharad, baaki sab kaha pe hai?” Pratima asked once again.

Sharad told the whole story to the Birla family. They were all shocked (excpet for Dadi) to know that Yuvaan is the heir of the Birla family.

Menaka: “Aare wah! Aab toh kitna majha aaye ga! Hayna gigi?”

Rags: “Menka, just shut up”

Soumya: “Sharad… Suhani kaha pe hai exactly? Kaisi hai woh?”

Sharad: “Soumya tu aapni kudh se dakh lo”

Sharad steps aside… Suhani is shown with full makeup and a very pretty dress.

Soumya, Rags, and Dadi stand in full shock

Menka: “Haayeee… Suhani gigi ye kaise hogaya. Aap aur sunderta?”

FB: Sharad is outside the BH door. He calls Suhani.

“Bhabhi, Yuvaan is at BH. IDK how this happened but he is in BH.”

“OK pa bhaiya. I’ll be there soon. Wait for me.”
FB ends.

What will happen now that Suhani is here? Yuvraaj’s entry will come next part. Pls comment below. Thank You all.

Credit to: Kavya

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