A new beginning with him (OS)

He saw a beautiful girl in black saree running. He followed her but she didn’t stop anywhere. He was keen on seeing her and hence followed her. She went inside a house. He too followed her. The house was all empty. She ran into a room. Abhi ran behind her.
The room was beautifully decorated with flowers and candles. Suddenly someone locked the room. He turned to find none there. He was about to turn back when someone tied his eyes with silky ribbon . He moved his hand to remove the ribbon but it was held and both his hand are now tied.
“oye fuggy again you changed to mogambo listen don’t play with me then the result will be dangerous” said abhi
“Want to know so soon?” She asked whispering in his ears. Her hair on his face, her mouth an inch from his ear made him go crazy. He inhaled her aroma. She smiled and bite his earlobe. He smiled. She opened the first two buttons of his shirt. abhi was dying inside coz he really wanted to see her and touch her. He trembled in her touch. She slightly moved the shirt and kissed in his bare chest murmuring “I’m safe in here” . He blushed.
“I never know boys look hot when they blush… Especially you ” she said an inch from his mouth. He could feel her mouth near him.
“I want to see you” finally he said those words.
“Not so soon” she said biting his lower lip and he opened his mouth when she placed a icecube with one end on his mouth and other end on her mouth. The ice cube melted over their body and she moved closing the gap between them and finally they kissed passionately as if there is no tomorrow.
Her hands moved around the nape of his neck and she pulled him closer towards her. After few minutes both stopped in need of breath.
She licked the water droplet in his throat. His muscles clenched and his body stiffened.
“Please let me see you” abhi asked now pleading.
“I can’t do that,baby. But i will untie your hands if you promise me you won’t remove your ribbon off your eyes . If you try to remove i ll leave from here immediately ” she said slowly unbuttoning his shirt one by one.

abhi trembled and shivered at her touch. “Okay” he agreed and she untied his hands. The moment she untied his hands he got hold of her pallu and pulled her forcefully and she hit his bare chest. He cupped her face with his hands and gave her a passionate kiss.
She pushed him making him fall on the bed and she climbed slowly holding his legs when he pulled her towards him. He started to kiss her starting from her left hand palm. abhi kissed her collar bone when she bend further giving him full access. abhi smiled while kissing. She noticed it and immediately took charge. pragya pinned him on the bed with her on top of him. pragya started to kiss him starting from his forehead. When she reached the lips she moved his fingers around his lips “This has too much of effect on me” and he bite her finger. “Auch” she shouted but smiled at his playfulness.
She then kissed on his bare body, when he turned and pinned her with him on top. “Please let me see you” he asked again.
“No” she said.
“I will make you to say yes” he said.
“Let me see” she smiled.

He touched her navel and placed his lips and started kissing passionately there. She shivered. He enjoyed her uneasiness or his effect on her. She tried to move but he was so strong.
“Okay.. I will remove” pragya said finally not able to take anymore and he let her go. She found this is as opportunity and get off the bed when he held her by her waist.
“You can’t leave halfway” he said holding her in one hand and moved her hair front. He then removed the dhori of her blouse using his mouth and kissed her gently. She trembled under his touch and closed her eyes. He slowly turned her. He removed the ribbon off his eyes. She opened her eyes.
Since it was dark he could not see her face properly but he saw her eyes glistening in the dark like a sunshine. He smiled on seeing the eyes. He bend to kiss her when she pushed him and went near the window and opened the screen making the moon light fall on her. She looked heavenly. Her body was so beautifully designed by god he thought her hands were looking very beautiful filled with mehendi and red bangles her kumkum in her maang enhanced her beauty the magalsultra which see was carrying made her to look like a angel. He was mouth stuck seeing her. He went near her to see her.
She turned and smiled at him. Her eyes were shining in the same way he tightly hugged her.
“fuggy wear your chasma otherwise I will remember mogambo” he called her and she smiled.
“Watz up my dear husband you don’t like mogambo ? ” she said trying to push him.
“You left me halfway. Now I have to complete it” he said nuzzling into her neck and she chuckled.
“answer me you don’t like mogambo ” she tried to get off his grip.
“No .. I love both my fuggy and my mogambo ” he said carrying her in his arms.
“I love you ?” She said
“l know and love you too” he said slowly placing on the bed and went near her.
“suniye.” she said looking at the door.
“Its locked” he said winking at her. when he placed his fingers on her lips and she kissed his fingers. He smiled.
He removed the first button of the blouse and she held it indication and looked deeply into his eyes. He removed her hands and kissed her neck and collarbone. She closed her eyes.
“Suni…ye” she moaned
“fuggy… Don’t You think you talk too much” he said still kissing her.
“Then why don’t you make me stop”
He paused for a second , looked at her and she opened her eyes. She smiled at him naughtily.
“Sure” he winked at her and kissed her passionately this time on her lips.they started worshiping eachother and abhi pulled the blanket covering them.he kissed her nape and passionately nuzzled her neck he slowly moved down and placed a kiss on her cleavage “suniyeee” pragya moaned in pleasure by digging her nails in to his arms they made love and they become two souls and one body.

Abhigya got remarried after tanu’s drama came to a end they were happy couples and they enjoyed there life

1 year later

“fuggy fuggy please come here” abhi shouted from balcony calling pragya who was in the kichen
“suniye don’t tell me he winched or he sneezed” pragya said in a irritated tone and went to balcony there abhi was playing with their baby boy ariya she went near abhi.

“Kya kua” pragya asked

“fuggy he smiled at me” abhi said happily caressing the baby’s head and he kissed ariya and pragya too kissed him. abhi hugged pragya and both kissed ariya’s head….and took a selfie
life was happy

the end

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  1. Whoever wrote this piece should be employed as a writer by the Kumkum bhagya director. This is how I am hoping we will see when evil Tanu & Ali ah are gone out of the house. Just perfect. Very romantic and I for one cannot wait. This writing is sooo refreshing. It makes me forget all the rubbish we are stuck wik. Thank you. I just love this piece.♡♡♡

    1. Stupidstarakshaya

      Thanks dear for your comment

  2. Maahhi

    superb dr but missing ur ff a lotttttttttttttttttt hope u vil update tht soon

    1. Stupidstarakshaya

      Definitely will update soon dear tqn for commenting

  3. Stupidstarakshaya

    Hy guys this is akshaya kannan I believe you all rememberme sorry couldn’tupdatemy ff but soon will updatethank you reading all my readers and all who are commented

  4. hiii ?dear today episode Awesome?? plz akshyaa updates your ff love of two poles plzzz ??

  5. superbb yarrr…………………………………….

  6. Nice OS yaar bt plzzzzzz update your ff yaar plzzzz asap yaar

  7. Super…. I miss ur ff..

  8. Adhya

    Just superb Di… i loved to core..Ariya..hahh cute name… and Di i’m missing ur ff very badly…hope u will continue it soon… and Di i’m so happy for receiving ur comment on my ff..LOVE AND IT’S SHADES” but sorry to ask u…I’m not the writer of Innocent Love ff…di…It’s Aditi roy ‘s ff!

  9. so much romance…..just awesome….
    miss u dr……

  10. just love it yaaaaaaaa

    miss u lot pls update u ff

  11. VarshaVenkat

    It was cool….soooo much romance…..d way wen u explained prags with d moon light was awessooommmeeeee….

  12. Awesome!!!

  13. Hi akshaya, How are you dear ??
    OS looks good but couldn’t beat my favorite two poles nor revenge fa luv.

  14. Superbbb yaar… Please update your ff soon…

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