New Beginning….new life (intro)


Hi friends !!! I m new to this and writing a ff for the first time….hope u all like it….
So starting with the intro, this ff is really different from the real serial storyline…because in this after a seven yrs leap it shows the pairing of a different couple –“Ishita and Mani”…well how and when ishita and raman’s story change its track to another beautiful journey of Ishita’s life is what the ff is all about. With all the characters same as the actual serial but having a little different role in this ff should surely bring to u another level of imagination and ofcourse entertain you…….

I don’t know how many like this couple ….but I am sure they might have been a part of ur subconscious for those who are fond of this serial….even if you don’t like the couple I will try my level best that u start liking them through my ff….. So lets start ….
The parts from serial taken in consideration are…serial has taken 7 yrs leap after ruhi’s kidnapping…..then the whole family knowing about each other….ruhi’s court case…..ishita in bhalla house to win ruhi back from nidhi…..
So now the ff begins with the ishita missing mani and alliya at bhalla house ……
(I will soon post the first episode….but following is promo to give u all an idea..)
Ishita gets chochlate milkshake for ruhi…
Ishu-ruhi you like chochlate milkshake so here it is….
ruhi ignores her…ishita keeps the glass and goes to balcony crying ….
Just then winds blow fast and a hand rests on her shoulder ….ishita without turning says…
Ishu-mani I am ok ….i know its difficult but I will not give up….
[guess what its not mani ..its raman ] Raman-I am glad to know that u will not give up..

Ishita realising its not mani feels uncomfortable and turn around to see the persons face and in the process frees herself from raman’s hand….raman is little shocked…
Ishu[strict tone]-I have come here for just ruhi so how can I give up….
Raman turns around and goes thinking in his mind…
Raman [thoughts]-in anger of losing ruhi 7 yrs ago… I have made ishita so far away from myself that she doesn’t even considers me worthy to share her grief …..
Behind ishita just then receives call from mani…
Ishu[on call]-hello(heavy tone)

Mani-hmm…[understands ishita is sad] I was having the chocolate milkshake… prepared myself ….but its not as tasty as urs.. what do u add …
Ishita-umm…milk,choco…[mani stops in in btw ..] Mani- And the most special ingredient is ur love…no one can resist it..,go to ruhi’s room fast…
Ishu wiping her tears feels comforted and runs towards the room…..the chocholate milkshake filled glass is now empty ….

Ishu-how did u know this about ruhi…
Mani-u know more about ruhi…but I know u more than u know urself…and I even know the taste of ur milkshake ….ur love for ruhi cannot stop her from coming close to u..
Ishita smiles…
Screen freezes on ishita and mani happy face talking on phone and in opposite ramans disappointed face…………….

So will update the episode soon…all comments and also critics are welcomed

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  1. Sarayumane

    actually it is good, please continue

    1. Thanx…i m really happy that u liked it ….keep reading….

  2. its good but can adi and aliya has to be togeather…. plzzzz

    1. Thanks…and hukum sarakho par ….will surely pair them up

  3. Ruksy

    wow love it i never thought ishita-mani would make sauch a great couple. plz update soon its fantastic.

    1. Thank u really very much Ruksy….will update soon…

  4. Really superb yaar
    Plz continue and I request u to update regularly

    1. Thanks kv….i will surely update soon. ..keep reading

  5. It’s nice story. But plz pair up Aliya and Adi too. I luv them.

    1. Thanx diya …i will surely pair them. ..keep reading. …

  6. It’s nice. And good. Ishita Mani pair is really works out. After all ishita has right to live happily.

    1. Thanks. ..i really had the same thought. ….keep reading. …

  7. Nice Attempt purna… Pls carry on
    Ishitha – mani pairing luks nice

    1. Thanks khushi….i am happy u liked the pairing…

  8. Nice start

    1. Thanks nisha ….keep reading..

  9. RUSHI

    Hii purna warm welcome
    first of all I like the way u write I mean ur presentation is flawless
    ur concept n story line is innovative
    n yes the pair is awesome
    so all in all yes it is entertaining awaiting more of it
    all the best n keep it up 🙂

    1. Thank u so much Rushi…i am happy u liked it ….ur encouragement means a lot….keep smiling. ..

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