new beginning (episode 6)

hi guys in last ff by mistake i write advik insist og gaurav so sorry for that but i am very happy that you are liking

my ff so let started

In oberoi mansion
in morning
aayan room
he is reading a book when someone knocks his door he sees gaurav is in his door and says-come gaurav
gaurav-how you know me
aayan-arohi tell me about you
gaurav-she also tell me about you
aayan-why you come in my room any problem

gaurav-i have to say something to you
gaurav-thankyou you are he first one who realises my dad that he is wrong and supports me
aayan-its ok but i have to do one thing more
aayan-telling you that you are also wrong in some place

gaurav-what are you trying to say
aayan-i am just trying to say that your dad is wrong sometime but sometime you are also wrong he just wanted

your good future he just wanted that you also do something that make him proud
gaurav-i do that make him proud i do painting all people said that i am a junior artist
aayan-that is not enough only art give you name you have to do more you have to learn business you have to study

gaurav-but i am least interested in it and dad also not interest in it
aayan-you know what my badi nani said”kuch cheeze hume apne khushi ke liye nhi dusro ki khushi ke liye karni

chaiye” and i see you tej daadu how much loves you he want that dream which his son not fullfill you will fullfill

that and i think you have to respect his dream his trust which depand on you and you are saying omkara uncle dont

interested in business but the only thing is that if he want he can do it he have the ability to do and somtime he

crack big business deals which you shivaay uncle cant crack and he have a social status he have manner to talk in

english and his status in the business world is also high and for that he do studies and work hard you also have to do it and you can continue your business also
gaurav-but i am very low in studies i cant understand simple things learning,calculating is very tough for me
aayan-all problem have solutions
gaurav-what are you saying now dude
aayan-i mean to say all math problems have simple tricks he tells him simple trick and he started to solve the problem gaurav also start to follow and its works he also solving problem fastly
gaurav-wow thats so easy

aayan-agar padaii ko itni easy tareeke se karoge tho paaka easy lagegi problems ko solve karna sikho baghna nhi
gaurav-now i got it dude thankyou so much
aayan-its ok and remember one thing always you got what that you give
gaurav-you always talk in puzzles tell clearly
aayan-when you give respect you got respect got it

gaurav-got it
they both hug each other three obro seeing them from the door and smiling
gaurav comes outside and see omkara there he go near omkara
gaurav-sorry dad for rudely behaving i understant your point of view now
omkara-its ok my baby and mistake is not only yours its also mine so i am sorrry my boy
gaurav-its ok dad
gaurav gives thumbs up to aayan and goes
shivomru goes to aayan room
omkara-thankyou for changing my son and give him a good advice

aayan-i donnt do anything i just help him to realise that how good you are and dont let me down and became a good son
shivaay- you are such a intelligent your dad is so lucky that he got you
aayan-its the only problem my dad dont know that they have a son
rudra-what are you trying to say
aayan-11 years ago my mom-dad had divorce

omkara-we are sorry
aayan-no its ok now i am habitual of this thats why i know what is the value of a father then aayan phone rings and he leave with teary eyes
shivaay-i think his father is very unlucky that he lost hi diamond like son
omkara-hmm somepeoples dont deseves goo thing
rudra-but i think his mom is so good she gives him such good morals and a very good life without any support she is a good single mother
shivom-first time you say anything right

rudra makes innocent faces and shivom laugh in their innocent face and do a oberoi moment
screen freezes on their laughing face

precap-oberoi kitchen reserves by junior oberois

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