new beginning (episode 5)

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episode 5
in oberoi mansion
in evening
aayan is walking thinking about to help gaurav and he bump to someone
and the someone is our cute rishika
rishika-dont you have eyes
aayan-actually i am thinking something but who are you cutiepie
rishika-mere hi ghar mai aakar puchte ho mai kaun hu i am rishika sing oberoi but who are you
aayan-i am aayan anya sighaniya your guest
rishika-oh you are guest from londom
rishika-arohi didi come fast
arohi comes
arohi-what happen rishika is everything fine
rishika-yes didi meet aayan bhaiya our new guest
arohi-hello bhaiya i am arohi welcome to oberoi mansion
aayan-thankyou so much you both are such a cutiepie do you eat choclates
arohi and rishika-neki aur puch puch we love choclates
aayan goes to his room and come with two choclate box and gave both of them
arohi-wow imported choclates thankyou so much bhaiya
rishika-you are so good bhaiya

then gauri comes there
gauri-what is happening here
arohi-mumma see aayan bhaiya give us choclates
gauri-aayan why you give such expensive choclates to them
aayan-its okk gauri aunty they are also my sister
aayan-please aunty
gauri-its okk listen both of you get ready we are going imagica
arohi-really mom
arohi and rishika-yayyyyy we both come in few minutes
gauri-if you want to come with us
aayan-no aunty i am least intersted in them
gauri-its ok then
gauri and aayan goes to their respective room

in tejvi room
omkara-mom are you ok
jhanvi-i am ok omkara you just go without any tension
omkara-but mom i dont want to leave you in this state
jhanvi-i am ok om and i will take care of myself its just low fever and if you not go everyone’s mood spoil go please
om-are you sure
jhanvi-yes om
om-ok then take care mom and if you need something just call me
jhanvi-ok my boy they both hug each other
everyone goes imagica except shivaay aayan and jhanvi but shivaay is in his office so only jhanvi and aayan is in home.aayan is reading a book and suddenly he hear some sound he goes following the sound in tejvi room where jhanvi is trying to take water but unable to do so because of his state.aayan goes there help her in drinking the water and touch him and said- oh mu god dadi you have a high fever
jhanvi want to say something but because of high fever he cant say anything aayan fastly goes to kitchen and tske some water and ice and start placing the wet cloth in jhanvi head for protecting her from fever and he does so continously 2 hours now the fever is slighly low aayan take the sigh of releif but he is not totally covince at 10pm he goes to kitchen and make soup for jhanvi(he is a good cook afterall he is shivaay son) and come in tejvi room and feed soup to jhanvi with his tiny hands jhanvi is overwhelmed with his love and care after feeding the soup he gave him medicine and again started placing the wet cloth and suddenly sleeps there by bedside and jhanvi is also sleep because her fever is gone now

in morning
shivomru three of them coming to tejvi room for checking jhanvi three of them know that jhanvi is not well
they reach there and suprised to see aayan sleeping there shivaay goes there and says aayan wake up
aayan rubs his eyes and sees shivaay then om rudra and at then jhanvi he fastly go towards jhanvi and touch her
and says-oh goshh now she is okk
omkara-what happen to her
aayan-she have a high fever tomarrow
omkara-what why you dont even call me
aayan-jhanvi aunty dont allow me
omkara-but you have to call me
aayan is saying something but he sees gaurav and thinks this is the right to start his plan
aayan-just stop doing drama mr omkara agar apko chinta hoti tho app unhe aise chodkar nhi jate you always give lectures to your son but sometime follow your lectures yourself in you place gaurav is present he never leaves her mom i think he is much better than you so stop blaming him in all matters and give him some space
gaurav listen this and goes aayan sees this
om-aayan what are you saying i love my mom
aayan-i know this and i know you are a good son but i just wanted you also a good dad i know you are trying your best but if you dont mind just follow my advice dont talk with gaurav becoming a strict dad talk with him like a cool dad,a best freind and please talk with your dad with respect atleast not in front of gaurav because each and everything he learns from you i dont know what is between you and your dad but i just know that gaurav is affected by it i think you understand
omkara-yes i understant and also like your advice and also follow it thankyou so much for such good advice
aayan-its okk take care of jhanvi dadi
he goes with a tashan
shivaay-impressive guy
omkara and rudra-very impressive
screen stop at their smiling face

precap-advik and aayan bond

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