new beginning (episode 3)

hi guys i am very happy with your comments and really like your suggestion
but i have to say that anika and shivaay meet after number of episode
so let started
episode 3

In banglore
in sighaniya mansion

a old women is walking here and there and saying come fast sonali aayan is arrived he came home in any minute
and dont forget the aarti thal and the old women is shanti sighaniya(anika dadi)
then a voice come
aayan-badi nani i am here he touches his foot for blessing meanwhile sonali come with aarti thal dadi do aarti of aayan and do teeka
dadi-my grandson is become so big kisi ki nazar na lage then she start some pooja by chillies
aayan-why you believe all this
dadi-my baby all have their respective beliefs we dont have any right to change it or question it we only respect it get it
aayan-yes i understand
sonali-oh my god aayan you became more thin your mom does not give you proper food but now you came in nani home na your nani gives you proper food thats you became more healthy
aayan-nani you are saying like that you didnt see me from ages ut we meet last month remember
sonali- i know but last monts you are not thin like that
aayan-ok my lovely nani you do whatever you want to
and then he kisses her
sonali-ok then i am going to prepare the food
sandeep-i think someone forget his nanu
aayan-how can i forget you my superhero he hugs him and kiss him
sandeep-stop buttering now when you are with your nani just forget that there is your nanu is also present
sonali-someone is jealous
sandeep-yes i am jealous
dadi-stop fighting both of you first time aayan come india alone and you both are behaving like kids
sonali and sandeep-sorry mom
then sonali phone rings and she take it and says what? please you dont take tension we are coming and cut the phone
sandeep and dadi-what happened sonali why are you suddenly come in tension
sonali-mom choti dadi have an heart attack
sonali-yes mom purani haweli se munshi jii ka call tha we have to go now
sandeep-but aayan
sonali-he come with us
dadi-never i dont want that aayan go with us there is no good vibes there
sonali-then what will we do
sandeep-i have an idea in mumber my freind is lived with his family we drop aayan there for two days there many children is present he will enjoy there
sonali and dadi-thats a great idea
sandeep- aayan you have any problem with this
aayan-its ok nanu but you cant tell anything to mom she will take tension
sandeep-ok i am reaaly sorry aayan you came and we are doing this to you
aayan-its ok nanu problems not come by saying that we are coming they come suddenly so its ok
sonali-my grandson is so intelligent
dadi-sanskar tho mere hi hai na
aayan-you are right badi nani
screen freezes on their smilling face

precap-aayan in oberoi mansion his bond with oberoi childrens

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