I never wanted to leave you! part 3


Dhruv keeps looking at Samaira from back. She was a very elegant and beautiful girl with a tiny waist that she always used to hid. Most of the time she remains untidy and doesnt maintain herself except her hairs and nails. That were enough to attract a boy. All the boys were mad at her charm but she accepted Max for her best friend Kavita.

He then notice her puffy coiffed hairs that she was always cautious of. She never let anyone touch it except him.
A flashback: Dhruv remembers when in college they both were doing the project and she suddenly fell in his lap.
“Aah! My head!” she screamed.
Dhruv patted her head.
“Nope! Dont spoil my hairs.” she jerked.
“But you are hurt. It will swell”
“Okay!” she spoke low in relaisation “.. But only you ha? I never let anyone even touch it”
They both laugh.
Fb ends. Dhruv comes back to! reality.
“You fine?” rohan asked seeing him lost.
“Ha.. Yah!”

“Lift me yr” Sanaya requests to Jai.
“Very funny Sanyu. I am not your care taker.” he replies.
“what is this body for then?..huh?”she mocks giving a little punch at his biceps. “…Dhruv! Bhai please! Lift me yr I am tired.” she waits for him.
He lifts her in a swing and walked.
Sanaya: “Jai! Dekh! Learn something from my brother!” she comments sarcastically.
Though they were not related by blood but their bonding was like that only.
Samaira turns and looks at them. She smiles.
Max: what happened ? Why you stopped?

They reach the village after some time.
People looks strangely at Dhruv and Sanaya.
“Bhai hai mera! Aise kya dekh rahe ho uncle?” sanyu says.
Everyone smiles at her cuteness and immaturity.

They visit the rural hospital that was not hygienic at all.
“eew” kavita stumbles as she entered.
Dhruv holds her as he was walking behing her “watch out!”
Max pulls her from there.

They put up some tents for the check-ups and wore their coats to identify.
After few hours villagers started coming.
They treat and advice them.

As the day passed they get tired and slept in their respective tents.

Will be waiting for your feedback and sorry for the late update guys I was little busy with my other story.
You guyz can also enjoy ‘TILL THAT DAY’ and I assure you, you will love it.

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