I never wanted to leave you! part 2


Hello people! Continuing the story..

A short description:
The story revolves around medical students Dhruv and Samaira and their respective friends. Dhruv is a angry young man with a good height and amazing physique who is fallen for Samaira. He is presently the topper of the college. His friends are Sanaya, Rohan and Jai. Samaira is a young bold girl who is presnetly dating Max whereas his sister, Kavita have feelings for Dhruv. Read the story to find out whom does Dhruv choose?


Sanaya notice Samaira coming out of Dhruv’s tent.
“Hey guyz look! This girl will again hurt Dhruv. We need to stop her before she and her creepy bf do something evil.”
Rohan signs that he will go and check Dhruv. He goes to his tent.
“Bro? Everything fine?” he gives him a glass of drink who gulps it at one.
” sab so gaye kya?” he enquires lazily.
“no! Actually I felt you want to talk….” Rohan replies.
“I am fine bro. This time I won’t let her hurt me again.” he says sensing Rohan.
“Do you really think that her presence hurt you?”
At this,Dhruv rise his face and gives him a gesture that”what you mean?”
He also replies with an expression “as if you dont know what I mean?” he says softly “… Please dont hurt yourself.. Sanaya and Jai are so worried for you.”
“hmm… I will talk to you later bro. Please wake me up tomorrow.”
Dhruv covers himself with the blanket ending the convo.
“Yah” he sighs and leaves.

Outside Samaira is walking unconsciously and bumps Kavita.
“Sammy did you talked to him?” she asks.
“Um..No.. he was asleep!”
“Oh! Its okay we still have time. We will talk tomorrow morning…
You know? Bhai will kill me if he knows I like Dhruv so I sent you there..” she says.
“I know Kavi its okay.. Lets go and sleep now.”

In morning Samaira wakes up at 5:00 am. She goes to Dhruv’s tent which was luckily not chained. She enters and sees him sleeping.
She caresses his face and turned to go just when he holds her hand.
“Don’t go please.” he requested in a sub conscious state but she released herself and walked out.
Everyone wakes up and pack their stuffs and head to the highway where they can get a bus.
Dhruv comes after a while.

After a long time a bus arrives.
“Kaha jana hai?” the bus conductor enuires.
“the nearest village”

Only two seats were left which sanaya and Jai occupies. Seeing Kavita standing Jai asked her to sit in his place.
She thanks him.
“Can we exchange seats” she asked politely to sanaya for the window seat.
“Is it not enough that you got a seat?”
They start a cold war.
Dhruv and Samaira shut them.
They both were standing facing each other little tilted.
A passenger around forty was staring Sammy for long but she was lost in Dhruv’s eye.

Max: “Do you wanna sit baby?” he asks Samaira.
Dhruv breaks the eyelock.

“As if there is a seat left for your Queen?” sanaya interrupted.
“I am not talking to you. Kavi will let her seat.” max argues.
“Haha very funny Max.. The seat your dear sister is sitting in of Jai.”
“Where is the name written?”
“Even if written, you won’t be able to see.”
Again a fight starts.
“Please stop it Sanaya” Rohan says irritated.
The man staring Sammy stands and asks:” Madam! Hamare seat me baith jao.”
Dhruv holds Samaira’s arm “keep Standing. We will reach after some time.” he said little rudely in low pitch.
“Hey! What is your problem dude? Leave her .. Sammy sit here.” max interrupts.
Dhruv nods no Sammy , don’t.
“I am fine Max.” She speaks.

The man again says: “Arey baith jayiye! Don’t hesitate.”
At this Samaira pushes him making him sit and placing her yellow nailed foot that revealed her tattoo of human skull in her s*xy and attractive legs with tibiofemoral angles. “Listen Uncle!” she pointed at him “.. Tekko seat mili hai na.. Khush reh! Jyada bolega na to yahi injection lagake sidhe upar bhej dungi… Samjhe?”
Dhruv smiles at her boldness.
Yeah! she was like this only. But why that drops always interferes only when I want to talk to her? ‘ he thought.
“Ajeeb hai aap to… Suno bhaiya ye aaj ki chhokri humko dhamka rahi hai!” man said sarcastically.
Dhruv tightened his fist and was going to hit him but Max grabbed his collar “Stay in you limit!” he said and they get down. They needed to walk few kilometers by foot to reach the village.
Jai and Sanaya were walking together in the lead.
Then Max and Samaira with Kavita in the middle followed by Rohan and Dhruv in the last.


Thank you for reading. Time to say bye!

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