It never remains the same by Tanaya (chapter – 6)

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After checking both doctor asked others to take care of Swara properly as she is mentally not well… While for Sanskar he should be in bed nearly for 2 weeks as he is hurt badly.

Midnight time
Swara woke up with a heavy head searching for water.
She look around and it was dark everywhere. She was scared of darkness she hold a pillow tightly trying to calm herself as she knows none are there for her.
Why… What was my fault? Have I ever did any wrong to someone that you gave me such a punishment. I am feeling disgusted on myself. I hate you… I will… ” Her words stuck when she feel a moment on the bed she scan the area and saw some one there?
Her face fall thinking the possibilities of the person…
Who.. Who are you… ” Swara shout in fear
Go from here…
The person tried to come near to her
No… N. No go from here…. Please… What I have done to you ple..ase…no…. Maaaaa..”Swara jump from her place and hold the jug to hurt the person…
Listening to the person her jug fall from her hand and she rush to the person and hug the person….

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