It never remains the same by Tanaya (chapter – 5)

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After the grahpravesh sanskar went out without say anything to anyone.

Uttara take swara to sanskar’s room” Sujata said looking at swara to see her reaction but alas it was all blank
uttara nodded and took her to sanskar’s room and make her sit on the bed….
That time sujata come there

Uttara go and bring dinner for swara and ask ramu Kaka to bring her luggage ” sujata said and sat beside Swara

Swara…. ” Sujata call her but there was no reply

Beta… I can’t say that I know what are you feeling right now? But my child I am also a woman I know what dignity means to a woman…. I am ashamed that my child Did such shameful thing but I can’t change what happened… Now I just can say that… Take your time ….I Am not saying to give this marriage a chance if you don’t want to give… Just listen what your heart say and do it… I assure you I will always be there for you…. Think me as your mother… ” sujata said all this caressing her hair

Swara was shocked listening to her as she know sujata don’t like her

Swara look at her in shock.

What happen? I know we don’t have a good past… I always curse you and swara beta I am sorry for that… But I… ” her words betrayed her as tears started to form

Swara look at her and weep her tears.

I will try to be a good daughter in law aunty…. But I need time for being a wife ” swara fold her hand

Please try to understand…. At least you… Aunty… Please ” Breaking down in front of her

Sujata took her in her embrace and calm her down .

Ramu kaka come and place the luggage and food near her bed.

Swara goo and change….

She nodded and went to washroom

After feeding her she make her sleep and went from there…

Swara bhabi wake up… Mom is calling you for pooja… ” uttara knock on the door

Swara wake up listening to her voice

I woke up uttara… I will be there in 15 minutes” said swara

After taking bath she went down and saw Annapurna Parineeta and sujata were waiting for her near Mandir.

Swara come beta….today you will do pooja as today is your first day in this house as a daughter in law” Annapurna said caressing her face.

Swara smile and did the pooja……All were mesmerized by hearing her voice as they never know she was such a good singer…

Swara must say you have a blessed voice ” parineeta appreciate generously.

Swara just smile and gave them prasad.

Swara you have to prepare something today…. As it is a ritual… New daughter in law make something for everyone ” Annapurna inform her.

Swara widen her eyes listening to her mother in law ….. Parineeta notice it ….

Swara went inside the kitchen and look around with pale face.

Parineeta place her hand in her shoulder

Swara…. What happen? ” parineeta asked

Wo…. Nothing bhabi….” swara said in tension

You don’t know cooking right?” Scanning her face

Swara nodded bowing her head…..

But it is a ritual… You have to perform…chachiji will be angry if you will not do it? ” Parineeta said

Now go and prepare it…. ” parineeta said with authorised tone

Swara get scared listening to her.

Swara..prepare kheer….milk is in fridge…” parineeta said

Swara nodded and open the fridge but didn’t find milk there.
She found only a big bowl and took it out .

As soon as she saw the bowl she was shock….

Bhabhi this…” interrupt by parineeta

What you thought devraniji I will be a witch who will torture you… ” parineeta asked in fake anger

Swara nodded in negative

Parineeta laugh and cup her face

I know you don’t know to cook…. As your mom already told me but this Kheer credit goes to someone else too ” parineeta said

Someone else? ” asked in confusion

Yes… Your dear mother in law… She was planning to prepare Kheer but I told her that I will do it….As she don’t want others to feel bad…. And you too ” Parineeta smile and went from there.

Swara look at the Kheer bowl place it properly in dinning table and went from there.

Sujata was calling sanskar continuously as he was not seen from the time of grahpravesh…
How much she is angry she was still a mother who love her child like anything….

What am I going to do with this boy?” sujata said in frustration

Suddenly she was hugged by swara it was so fast that she stumble a little.

Aree aree chori careful I am not so strong now…. ” Sujata said in shock

Thank you so much aunty…. ” Swara cried hugging her

First stop calling me aunty….call me mom… N why to thank me? ” Sujata asked making her sit on bed

You know i don’t know to cook… So you.. ” sujata didn’t let her to complete

Kheer… Nothing to say thanks in that beta…. I before only know you don’t know to cook your mom told us remember… And I prepared so that bhaisa don’t get angry or disappointed… I can understand [Whisper]Aakhir sas bhi kabhi bahu thi na (after all even mother in law was once daughter in law) ” sujata wink and swara smile seeing this side of her mother in law…

This all were listened by a person.

Night all were having their dinner

Durga prasad: Ram did you hear about sanskar till now?
Listening to sanskar name swara shiver ….
She was having many emotions anger fear hatred but no where love.

Uttara saw her shivering as she was beside her …..

Bhabhi you okay? ” uttara asked holding her hand.

Swara nodded and went from there excusing herself .
She sat on the bed and hug a pillow. She always do this whenever she wants to cry as from childhood she was habituate to cry alone as she don’t want her dida and maa to bother about her.

I don’t know what sin I did that this all happened are happening with me …… I never hurt anyone knowingly but still why I always get hurt by everyone…. Durga maa what should I do…. I am not able to think anything please help me or I don’t know what I do…. Please maa help me…


Crying her heart out she slept after her eyes dried.

I am so much messed up that now coming out of this mess is not possible…. I know whatever I did can’t be forgiven…. There is no excuse of my deed….but I know how much In guilt I am right now….
No one will understand this…. The pain I am going through the pain of betraying my love…. The pain of destroying a innocent soul life….
How am I going to face that girl… I know she was forced to marry me but I will do anything to ask forgiveness from her or I will die in this guilt.
I know I am betraying my kavita by moving on in my life but….
`You aren’t betraying me sanky` someone whisper in my ears…..

Kavi…..i search here and there and saw my love smiling at me

What happen shock to See Me love….
I nodded I went and tried to hold her but alas I failed as always
I know sanky you are in pain but the pain you gave to that girl is also not less….
I know you love me but love can happen again…. You care for her…. Your heart curve for the love you deserve sanky…. You are not bad…. ” Kavita’s soul smiled at me

I don’t know what to do kavi…. Please help me” I cried… I want her back

Ask forgiveness from her…. Move on in your life love…. Do anything to get her forgiveness…. And stay happy keep her happy…. I will always be there for you love…. ” by saying this she disappear…

Kavi…. Kavii.. Noooo please come back…. See I will do anything please come back…. Please….

I beg her but she never come…. Whenever I am in trouble she will always be there for me….

I will do this…. I will do anything to get forgiveness from swara…. Kavi did u hear that… I will not let you down….
I will always love you kavi…. ‘ I whisper and went home.


Swara was sleeping in sitting position…..
She wake up and saw sanskar coming out of washroom.
She sniffed and looked at him in horror.
She didn’t expect him to see here.

Sanskar saw her tense face….He started to walk towards her….
With every step towards her….her breath get heavier….. She was getting difficulty in breathing Now…

Sanskar: Swa..swara… See I.. I am sorry for whatever happened I am…really very sorry… I know a sorry can’t make anything better but….

He place his hand in her hand to calm her down but swara lost her mind and hit him with the jug place near her bed

Aaahhhhhhh…… ” Sanskar hold his head in pain

Stay… Stay away from me… I will kill you…. No… Don’t do anything….. I am telling you stay away from me

She tried to inhale air but failed and at last faint in front of sanskar.

In this time…. All the members come to their room as listening to sanskar’s scream and swara’s shout

Swara…. What happen to you? ” Sujata ask in shock looking at her body lying on the floor

San…. ” Her words stuck as she saw sanskar holding his head with blood flowing from it…

Sanskar…. Chore what happen to you…. ” Annapurna rush to him and hold him as he was loosing his conscious

Laksh call the doctor quick ” Durga Prasad said

Laksh nodded and call the doctor.

He went and help sanskar to reach the bed….

Lak..laksh… Swara… See.. Her… ” sanskar said in faint voice

Bhai calm down swara is fine… ” laksh assure him but he was continuously blabbering.

Precape:Well depends on the idea I get

Now telly people…. Tell me….
1)what should sanskar do to get swara’s forgiveness?
2)what should swara do now? Forgive him and start a new life which is not so easy.
Punishment if yes then what type of?

Please drop your ideas… I really need it

Thank you

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  3. Look yaar one simple thing i know is
    If you want to give punishment for sin then why marriage
    Marriage means giving a chance to herself or hinself to live your life.
    Marriage is not a part of punishment

  4. ankita Gaude

    First saskar ko swara ka trust pana hoga

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  6. Awesome… But sanskar should work hard to get forgiveness from swara

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  10. Nice.. I love sujatha here. Sanskaar should get punishmentv& he should work hard to gain swara’s trust.

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    Okay laksh nvr loved swara?? He so easily let her marry sanskar…
    N swara is sanskarz true love not cavity… hope u undrstnd dis soon sanky…
    See here punishmnt i dun knw abt it coz dey r married now it means shez giving him chance..
    U can show sanskar doing evrythng for her… he hs to earn her trust n love…

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