“Never mine!!… so it hearts” By Shyra chapter 4

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Chapter 3

Aniri went to a stall. Anika bought a newspaper and checked the places available for rent.
Anika : God knows how difficult will it be to start up everything here!
Gauri : Leave all that and please get me those pani puris anika! i am damn hungry.
Anika : hmm… stop acting and let’s go even i am dying of hunger.
Later gauri took anika to a store.
Anika : phone?? but it will be quite costly…
Gauri: hmm… we’ll need these phones in this new city so that we can contact each other after all it’s about safety.

The whole day went in search of house but no place matched their paying capacity. Now they moved forward to the last house. A lady opened the door.

Anika : Hello aunty!! Actually we are new to this city and we heard that you are looking for some paying guests….
Lady : yaa but this place is for only marrieds.
Anika : what type of condition is this?? ( gauri helds her hand and speaks)
Gauri : then their is no problem! actually aunty she is my sister and don’t worry we both are married with our respective husbands but the thing is that they don’t stay with us!
Anika :she means, they both have to stay in different places due to work that’s why we thought to stay with each other so that nobody feels alone. ( anika too joined gauri)
Lady : ohh thanks Jesus! i mean then you can stay here but the Rent is 5000.
Anika : 5000??

Gauri : it’s fine!! we’ll pay the amount to you.
The lady talked to them for a while and then left.
Anika : woahhh! i am not able to understand Mumbai at all , i mean sometimes everything becomes so easy and sometimes it feels like we did mistake to come here!
Gauri : we’ll adjust anika! ( she sees her neck) anika where is mangalsutra??
Anika : actually i am not habitual to it so i kept it in my purse…. here it is!
Gauri : wear it! after all now this place too needs evidence of being married…. God knows when people will leave this hypocrisy… i am feeling so bad after telling such big lie.
Anika : let it go now! we are not harming anyone and that’s it!! now let’s get to work.

Shivay was on his way to office in his car, as usual he was checking out his phone but later he kept it aside and looked outside the window. suddenly the car stops.
Khanna : sir car is not starting….
Shivay : so what? just go and check or do you want me to check it?
Khanna : sir there is some major problem, it’ll take time.
Om calls shivay.

Shivay : heyy om… delay the meeting! I’ll be late.
Om: But shivay you know naa that they have specially came to India for this meeting and for this meeting only you traveled in a train so how can i delay it…
khanna: sir it’s not working and no other car is available at this time!
Shivay : So what??
Om: shivay try to understand, it’s urgent please take some taxi at this moment.
khanna : sir….. today is taxi strike!
Shivay : Do you have any other bad news to say! come on say it in one go! come on! Get me some car now!
Om: Shivay come soon!

On the other side, anika had been to the market for purchase of some household items.

Anika’s pov
Haash! finally i have taken all the things as per gauri’s list ( she checks her purse) Now i am left with 500rs with me and if i take taxi aur auto, I’ll be loosing more money. yaaa i can take bus, in this way I’ll be spending less amount.
Soon anika goes to the bus stand and stands in the queue.

Here shivay looks outside and just then he sees anika on bus stand.
Shivay’s pov
what’s she doing here??( he gets out of the car and looks closely at her and notices her having many bags that too under the harsh sun) huh! these girls are mad after shopping, at least look at the heat outside.

Khanna : sir sorry one more bad news is there, this was the last car with us and the rest have gone for servicing.
Shivay : fhat the wuck!! then why didn’t you tell me till now?( he shouts angrily) okkk you want me to go in that bus right.. u want me to suffer in this horrible whether! fine! am going but be ready for whatever you are going to suffer.
Shivay leaves angrily.
Khanna: but when did i talk about bus?? ( he remains standing scratching his head)

Shivay reached the bus stand ( he sees everyone standing in queue)
Someone pushed him. Shivay lost his balance and pushed the person behind him.
Anika : ahhh….. ( sso had pushed her only and made her things spread on road)
Shivay : Are you mad?? how dare you to push me?( shivay shouted on him and turned back)
Anika was collecting her things.
Anika : can’t you guys fight somewhere else? see what you did. ( she spoke and looked at him).
Person : madam he had pushed you! ( he tried to instigate anika)
Shivay : what? no it’s not the truth okkk! i didn’t push you intentionally, he had pushed me….

Anika didn’t say anything, she left the place and shivay went on behind her.
Shivay : hey listen! hey miss… ( Anika continued walking) stop you miss…!! ( he shouted)
Anika stopped and turned to him.
Shivay : see i am sorry but trust me i didn’t do it intentionally!! I have never traveled in bus then how can I push anyone!
Anika : wait what? what’s the relation between traveling in a bus and pushing someone?? ( she asked confusingly)
Shivay too recollected what he said.

Anika : Weird!! ( saying this she left)
Shivay’s pov
Did she call me weird? But i didn’t do anything! then why she called me so?




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