If I Never Met You- A SwaSan OS

Hey guys! My prev OS got a good response. I’m just feeling a bit low coz I’m not that appreciated as other writers are. Just trying to be better this tym. It’s a long one, I warn u beforehand. And, I also posted a poem on my wall. Do read it. This OS is the story of a girl, a girl who….read ahead, you all will understand. This is gonna be a musical OS, plzz DON’T skip the musical parts. Lovely di wanted it to be a RagLak OS, sorry di, next tym it’ll be RagLak. This tym, let it be a SwaSan one. Not exactly a SwaSan one, it’s Swara’s story.


SWARA BOSE- Female protagonist.
RAGINI GADODIA- Swara’s best friend.
SHARMISHTHA BOSE- Swara’s mother.
AADARSH SINHA- Swara’s another best friend cum rakhi brother.
SWADHEENTA RAMAKRISHNAN- Aadarsh’s girlfriend.
URVASHI SHARMA- Swara’s maternal aunt.
UMESH SHARMA- Urvashi’s husband.
KAVYA SHARMA- Urvashi’s daughter.
SHEKHAR BOSE- Sharmishtha’s ex-husband.
SANSKAAR KAPOOR- Swara’s crush cum first love.
LAKSH MAHESHWARI- Sanskaar’s best friend.
KAVITA KHANNA- Sanskaar’s ‘chipku’ frnd….addicted to him.



Swara, a girl of 20, she studies in college, a mature girl, but she has a heart of 12. She has a childish nature which can make anyone fall for her. She isn’t very beautiful, but she believes in the beauty of character and soul. She is the topper of her college. The story revolves around her life.


Swara, a girl with high expectations….Let me tell you her life history.

Swara Bose was born in an upper class family. Her father was a marine engineer in merchant navy. Her mother was a typical housewife. From her birth, Swara got every luxury except love. She could always hear her parents fighting amongst themselves. She could do nothing but weep silently. Her maid was the only person she could share her sorrows with. Her father divorced her mother when she was just three. And one fine day, when she opened her eyes, she was in a new house surrounded by her mother, aunt, sister, grandma and grandpa. Swara always used to wipe her mother’s tears whenever she saw her crying. From her very childhood, she had faced the taunts and torture of her aunt and sister. Her uncle was like a father to her. Her mother had been fighting her divorce case since 10 yrs and she was really hell tired of it. Describing Swara, she was impatient, short tempered, aggressive, violent…..BUT!!! She was a very down to Earth girl. Humble, mature and polite, she knew how to tackle any type of person. She loved every person, no matter how much they ill treated her.

Swara was a topper back at her school, topping since 12 yrs. She had been the Board country topper in her 10th and 12th. Throughout her entire school life, no one talked to her except at the time of exams. She readily helped everyone who came to her for help. She was probably the loneliest girl on Earth, that’s what everyone used to say, but, she opposed it. All she used to say was, “As long as I’ve music with me, I need just no one in my life.” Yes, MUSIC! Her first love. She was a singer, and anybody who heard her voice would be instantly enchanted by it. But much to her dismay, no one ever listened to her sing. Swara found music as her only support. Whenever she felt low, she would take a detective book in hand and switch on her fav music, and let all the aggression down her cheeks through those pain droplets. Music was like the rain to her which a desert craves for. She was a grown up girl, but she always let her childishness overcome her. And that was when her life took a new twist, the twist’s name being, ‘IIT Mumbai’.


Swara’s P.O.V.

“O.M.G.!!!” That was all I could mutter as I stood at the gate of my college. My dream college. IIT Mumbai. I had always wanted to come here. I felt even glad coz I came here on a scholarship. Mom wouldn’t have to be in a tension coz of me. My thoughts were interrupted by a phone call.

The caller ID showed ‘Mummy’. I picked up the call.
“Beta, u’ve reached the college, na?”
“Yep Mom. Now don’t call me. I’m gonna reach my class.”
“Beta, ur masi is wishing u luck. Ur sister also.”
“Give them a thanx as a token of my gratitude. Bye. Love ya. Tell Uncle m missing him.”

I sighed as I entered the college. My masi and di always did this. Fake acting before my mom, showing sympathy for her. My masi, Mrs. Urvashi Sharma, I don’t know how she got a husband as humble as my Uncle. My Uncle, COL Umesh Sharma, he was more than a God to me. He was the angel of my life. But, his daughter, Miss Kavya Sharma, my cousin, 3 yrs older to me, whom I love more than I’d have loved any real sister, she couldn’t stand his love for me. I entered the college as I shook off these thoughts from my head. No sooner had I entered the college than I bumped into someone. I mumbled ‘Sorry’ as I raised my head to look at the person. She was a pretty li’l girl wearing a tank top and shorts. I widened my eyes as I was wearing a formal kurti with slacks. And I had heard that college girls wearing shorts were the typical girls. Shopaholic, big flirts, and attitude queens. Well, to be true, my movie experience said so. A sweet voice interrupted me.
“Hey, be careful. U would have got hurt,  baby.”

I widened my eyes more at the word ‘baby’. She left out a soft giggle.

“I’m Ragini, Ragini Gadodia. Software Engineering, First Year. New here, I guess so are you. Don’t think I’m like those attitude queens. I just love fashioning myself.”
I rolled my eyes wondering whether a word like ‘fashioning’ even existed.
“Hi, Swara, Swara Bose. Software Engineering, First Year. Same class I guess.”

I forwarded my hand to which she scrunched her nose and engulfed me in a warm hug. And don’t know when we became the best of friends.

Ragini’s P.O.V.

I’ve been wondering since the past few days that what I did in my previous life to get a bff like her in my present one. This girl, she’s sweeter than sugar and her voice is cooler than ice. She cries a lot, I know, and that’s her vulnerable point. Li’l does she understand that it’s the only thing which ppl take advantage of. It has been five months since college has started and everyone calls her a ‘Drama Queen’. Whenever she hears that word, she just smiles and says, “Hey, I like that name. Otherwise, u can call me a drama queen, but my tears aren’t part of my drama.” And then, she’d walk upto me and hug me tightly, letting me know that it was killing her inside. I gathered up some courage to ask her one day regarding why she always kept weeping. I know she detests that question. Whenever someone asked that question to her, all she’d do was to give a cold stare at that person and walk off. I had to muster up a huge amount of courage to do this. I confronted her.
“Swara, I know you just wanna screw whichever person asks u this ques. But, I really wanna know, m ur best frnd, na? What is it that makes u cry so much?”
I was expecting a direct punch on my face. Forgot to mention, she’s a black belt at karate. Well, instead of punching me, she hugged me tightly and cried away narrating her whole story. I just thought how cruel a person can.’ Fie, Shekhar Bose! ‘ was all I wanted to say, and that’s when I realised that how similar my life was to hers. And then I narrated my life story, the one I’d never told anyone.

Swara’s P.O.V.

It was the first tym I’d shared my past wid someone. It was no less than a relief. And then she told her story. Her mother had left her father when she was a kid of 1 and her father had suicided. And I just wondered why she never wept.
“That’s why I fashion myself. It’s the only thing that keeps me busy. My family is just like yours. They provide me all this only to snatch my property away.”
This was all she said. I could sense the pain in her voice. I was really blessed to have her. She was my princess,my Ragu. No wonder why she called me Shona. From the very frst day at college, I’ve not found a best friend better than her….until one fine day.
“Remember when I met Aadarsh?”
She nodded and we went down the memory lane, rewinding all our memories.


Swara’s P.O.V.

Two months of college were over. Till now, I found no one better than Ragini. One day I bumped into him, Aadarsh Sinha. He was a Second Year student, Mechanical Engineering. I had almost fallen when he held me by my waist and I was lost in his deep, dark eyes. His million dollar smile was making me lose my senses. You could call it a love at first sight scene. I came into my senses on hearing another voice.
“Aadarsh, where r u?”
I turned around to see Swadheenta Ramakrishnan standing in front of me. Uh, she was my batchmate, in fact, classmate. And only the Good Heavens knew how much I detested her bcz of her attitude. But, a pretty chic always gets more attention. Yes, she was pretty, outer beauty was all that defined her. There were at least 15 boys crazy for her. I heard an angelic voice singing into my ears.
“Hey, sweetheart! M here. Just coming.”
And then I realised he was reserved. Swadheenta was his girlfriend. Before leaving, he had a good look of me and ensured that I was alright. And then I shook my head and thought if not boyfriend, then brother. Well, that was somewhat of a ‘mantra’ for me. Our second meet was a strange one. One of my friends, Simmi introduced him to me as her best friend. I uneasily shook his hand. And we exchanged numbers. I could sense his uneasiness in his words. He wasn’t comfortable wid me. He always talked of Swadheenta  whenever he was in a good mood. We slowly became good friends. I got a promotion soon. I became his official advisor. Isn’t that funny? Whichever problem he faced, I always helped him out. I started calling him my best friend. I myself didn’t find out the reason. Until one day. We were having a nyc good chat when he suddenly said that he hates me. HE HATES ME! Well, that was the end of my life. I was almost ready to slit my wrist there. But, nah, my values didn’t define this. I asked him the reason. He said that Swadheenta had broken up wid him bcz of me. I assured him to set things back in place. I confronted Swadheenta and sorted out all misunderstandings with her. She would never feel satisfied. I even tied a rakhi around Aadarsh’s wrist. Now, Aadarsh and me were real best frnds. I loved him….ahan….sisterly love, but I didn’t love him more than I love Ragini. I had received a thousand nicknames in college, all silly ones. Ah! I hated them. But, he gave me the best nickname ever, Jane! Well, that’s what he called me, my silly Mr. English Freak, called me Jane.


Swara’s P.O.V. continues

I turned to see Ragini yawning.
“It wasn’t that boring, Ragu!”
I scrunched my nose. She let out a giggle and we headed towards our room.
I opened my diary and started writing.
“What do u write so much?” She pounced upon me, startling me.
“About the love of my life, and how he’ll be.”
“What do u want him to be like?”
“Tall, handsome, perfect sea deep eyes, that smile which would send shrills down my spine. And obviously he should be a good dancer. And ya, he should trust me and care for me.  That’s all I see in a guy.”
“Expectations are high, dear! Let’s see….anything else u need?”
“Ya, he should respect my musical talent.”
“U know what Shona, I once read it somewhere, love is not about butterflies and shivers, it’s about the compromise and understanding. I guess that’s why we love each other.”
And we both burst out into fits of laughter. Life at IIT is so difficult. And much to my dismay, Ragu was a mediocre. Ah, how much I wanted her to secure a merit certificate. Ah, I still had maintained my position. Computer Software Engineering topper. I had made a lot of friends. Well, my mom says that they aren’t worth calling frnds. She’s right, I know. Even Aadarsh isn’t faithful to me. Though I’m his sister, I still hate Swadheenta. Ya, u heard it right, I despise her. She doubts the relation and bonding Aadarsh and I share. Is it fully fair and just? I disagree. And now, it’s tym for me to sleep, leaving all tensions behind.

Aadarsh’s P.O.V.

Swara, uh, Jane, I mean. She’s a sweet li’l girl. Her brains aren’t matured yet. She shares everything with me. And I’ve to pretend that I’m interested. I don’t wanna hurt her. She’s so delicate, she’s like a just-bloomed petal. Well, her love for me is clear in her eyes. She loves me, maybe coz she never felt brotherly love before. She tells me clearly how much she hates Swadhu….I mean Swadheenta. And know what, she just detests the F word. Well, I’m addicted to using the F word and she, she even threatened me to break our friendship if I didn’t stop using that word. Poor me! She’s very sentimental a girl, I must say. But, trust me, ur mood is off and u just speak to her, u feel so f**king refreshed. Oops! I again used it. She’ll kill me if she heard it. Her requests are so, ugh, leave it. She once told me that she has no friends except me and, her best friend, uh, what was her name? Uh….umm….haan…Ra-Rashi? No, no…Ragini. Jane is a loner, most of the tyms, but anger is her companion all of the tym. I love lying to people, and she, she hates lies. Ya, her hate-list is a long one. I once remember what happened. I was talking to one of my friends, and to her as well. If I had told her abt talking to my other friend, she’d definitely say bye and leave. But, I didn’t tell her. And then was the climax. Anger at its peak!
“Why can’t u be the f**king free with me that I want u to be?”
This was all she said. And I realised how angry and turned down she felt. The girl who detests the F word was using the F word!!! I guess this was the first tym she used it. I just wish she stays happy. She’s a real sweetheart. She’s my sister, my Jane. And just like this, alternate nights, I think of her and doze off to sleep.

Swara’s P.O.V.

7 months were over at IIT. In 3 months the fresher’s would be there. That’s a strange rule of our college. The first year’s don’t have a fresher’s. Well, 3 months are a lot to go. I was thinking of all this while I was passing through the football field. My opinions of football had always been absolutely, well, something I don’t wanna say. Another of the names in my hate-list. I chuckled as I thought how much I hated things, and I sighed pondering over it that I never actually tried loving those things. My gaze fell to the guy leading the whole team. I thought I had seen him somewhere. Umm….where did I actually see him? I gasped as I recalled the name. ‘Sanskaar Kapoor’. And my gaze turned to see the boy behind him, I knew him as well. He was Laksh, Laksh Maheshwari.
Sanskaar was the First Semester topper for Mechanical Engineering. And Laksh followed. He was a First Year student. I remember I had looked up the notice board to check my result and had ended up seeing him in the first position. I recall how much I had howled and wailed as I had seen that, until Ragu told me that he was a Mechanical student. I chuckled as those flashbacks filled my mind. I suddenly saw Laksh walking upto me.
“Staring is bad, miss. I see u staring at Sanky for long.”
“Sanky? Who’s that?”
“Ohh, you don’t even know the name and u were staring at him? That’s pretty shameful.”
“See, you chatter monkey, just keep your mouth shut. And why the bl**dy hell will I stare at someone? No matter it is Sanky or Mental or Crazy.”
And then, I saw Sanskaar approaching the two of us. I could sense my heart skipping a beat. I didn’t want to fall in love again, Aadarsh had become my brother. I didn’t want more of brothers.
“Lucky, what’s the matter? Why can’t u stop flirting with girls?”
“Excuse me Mr.! Plzz explain this Un-Lucky monkey to shut his mouth. He’s blabbering too much. And he just put a false allegation on me for staring at some Psycho. Oh, I mean Sanky.”
“Madam, that Sanky is me only. U r a topper, rgt? What was ur name? Ah…ya…Swara Bose. See, I can understand that Lucky is like this only. But, u r a topper. Even I’m one. So, u both plzz sort out this matter. And Lucky, u meet me later. I’ve told u a thousand tyms not to call me Sanky. Phew!”
Saying this, he walked off. All the while when he spoke, I could clearly sense a glint of hesitation in his voice. Even my voice cracked at the end. And then I recalled my list. Tall, ya, he was taller than me. Handsome, well he was smoking hot! For his eyes, uh, I was lost in them just as soon as I saw him. In fact, I had to avoid eye contact with him while speaking, as to not to fumble. And his smile, better not describe it, coz I can write a whole epic on that. I shook off these thoughts from my head. I shared this with Ragu.
“Eeehhhh! Love at first sight!”
She squealed in ecitement.
I gave her a you-are-impossible look and put my head on her lap and dozed off while she caressed my hair.
Much to everyone’s surprise, my meetings with Sanky kept on increasing. We dashed into each other every tym. While he gave a sheepish smile, I just blushed a crimson red and walked off. Day by day, I was falling for him, yes, I was FALLING FOR HIM!  I was falling for his antics, his sheepish smile, his silly talks, his hair which longed to get ruffled by someone’s soft hands, I was just falling for everything I saw in him. I started visiting the canteen during the lunch break. Normally, I used to cook something for myself, but, now I started going to the canteen, just for him. Yes, I was head over heels in love with him. I used to steal glances of him from the corner of my eye. I used to talk to him quite often regarding his studies n all, which Laksh found fishy. And one day, a disease struck my heart. The disease of jealousy!
That day I had entered the canteen and walked upto him. I greeted him. We just asked of each other’s well being and then I went and sat on my seat. By this tym, the whole college knew of my attraction for him. But, they knew it as an attraction. Li’l did they know that it was love, he was my first love. I still remember the poem I had written when I was in class 12. I had named it as ‘That feeling’.

I wonder what it feels like to be in love
People call it a wonderful feel.
I’ve actually never been through it
Is life just a movie reel?

What I’ve heard of, confused me.
Some say it’s painful, some say it’s wonderful.
But, why do I feel times and again,
That it’s nothing but tearful?

That pain, when the heart cries,
I, not knowing, can still guess.
Those tears and sleepless nights,
Boy, the split creates that mess!

Is love about pain, I asked myself.
A heartbeat said yes, another said no.
But somewhere in the pitch dark sky,
A star does brightly glow.

The glow of the star is the will of your heart
The feeling, can’t it be as peaceful as a dove?
Gimme one chance, just one,
Uh, I wanna live that feeling, that love!!!

Ragu had called it ‘fantastica’. Oh, she could invent new words I must say. From ‘fashioning’ to ‘fantastica’ to ‘osh’, she was an expert at it. I saw a girl going towards Sanskaar and closing his eyes from behind.
“Kavita, I know it’s you!”
I gasped at how he understood it was her, I knew Kavita. She was in the same class as Sanskaar’s. I calmed myself down by thinking that they were brother sisters. But, I knew deep inside that they weren’t. I saw them talking for long. Sanskaar wasn’t as free with me as he was with her. I hated it when a person wasn’t free with me, it always led me to use the F word. Jealousy had affected me, a new disease had sowed it’s seed in my heart. I saw Laksh walking upto me.
“Feeling jealous?”
“Why? And what dyu think should make me jealous?”
“Sanskaar’s bonding with Kavita, obv! Oh come on, everyone knows how much you like Sanky. Don’t lie.”
“What’s the relation between them both?”
“Ah! Now you came to the point. They both are best friends. Kavita has been crushing on him since long. Sanky shares almost anything with her. Professor once even led them both out of the class due to their continuous blabbering.”
I fumed in anger. Eyebrows raised, forehead creased, nose puffed, lips twitched, ears sprung in attention and my fists clenching. That was my look at the moment. Laksh walked off after igniting the rage inside me. Even with that angry look, I looked adorable!
It wasn’t long before I had got his number from Sam, our common friend. And then, true shades reveal. Sanskaar talked very less with me. All the tym, I could see him engaged with someone or the other. He was a playboy, he loved making fun. But, one thing I knew, whenever I talked to him, I felt deep satisfaction in my heart. Our chats were enclosed in the four walls of studies, marks, some silly jokes and small fights. And one day, I burst out at him during one of our chats.
“Why the hell do you not understand me? Sanskaar, there’s a lot you need to know about me. Yes, I am a sentimental girl, yes, my world revolves around my sentiments. Yes, I cry at petty little issues, yes, I hate it when you don’t give me the importance I deserve, yes, I hate it coz I play the complete role in our friendship while you are just for a namesake.”
Only I knew my condition at the moment. I had literally shouted at him. The worst thing in the world is actually when the person whom you love the most doesn’t love you back. I could very well understand that he was flabbergasted at this burst out of mine.
“Bye. I will talk to you later.”
This was all he said. I guess he broke our friendship. I was too scared. All my fingers were crossed making it look like a knot. He returned after five minutes.
“M sorry Swara. I didn’t understand ur emotions. I know you’re a senti girl. I shouldn’t have said that all. I wanna start afresh. Wanna become my friend?”
It was the first tym he had said sorry to me. I jumped out in glee. I was screaming in the room. All the girls came out of their hostel rooms, while I sat, confused what to say.
Sanskaar and I got along really well by now. I hadn’t been this happy in my entire life. We used to chat for hours. We used to start at 8 and ended at 11. The fresher’s was round the corner. We girls started preparing ourselves. From waxing to hair cuts to underarms, uh, there was a lot to be done. Dress selection, matching earrings, matching peeptoes, matching clutches, better not describe it. I hadn’t had a talk with Sanskaar in a while. I was missing him.

Sanskaar’s P.O.V,

Swara, she’s a girl whom no one can describe. She could be a real nuisance sometimes. But, she was always available whenever I needed help. She called Kavita a ‘vamp’. Can you imagine? A vamp! Seriously, this girl was too good at giving nicknames. No wonder she called me black koffee. I chuckle whenever I recall her calling me black koffee. Another thing that fascinates me is that she never agrees to the fact that I’m handsome. Cmonn, everyone knows m the hottest boy on the campus, and all the girls secretly crushed on me, but she, whenever I used to call myself handsome, all she’d do was to call me a rotten brinjal. Eeww….rotten brinjal! She was what we describe in hindi as a ‘jhalli’ and ‘pagli’. Fresher’s was approaching. I gotcha go select my dress. Know what, she says my dressing sense isn’t good! Gosh! And she types really fast when she’s angry, just like a typical girlfriend. Wait, did I just say girlfriend? Oh my! This girl will drive me crazy one day.

Swara’s P.O.V.

Wohooo!!! Fresher’s is finally here! I pushed the door to the room open. It was a dimly lit hall, decorated with white balloons. All boys were wearing tuxedos, well it had to be, the dress code said so. I wore a navy blue pencil cut piece, down till just above my knees, with silver earrings and shimmering heels. Blue, well, I hated that colour. Hey, don’t laugh, I know my hate list is long! I wore blue because it was his favourite colour, now don’t ask me who is this ‘his’. I sat on the bar counter and ordered a soft drink. Ragu greeted me. My, she looked like a real princess, wearing a long, elegant gown, blood red colour. My eyes searched for just one person, and there he was wearing a blue shirt with a white tuxedo. People would definitely call us a perfect match! And then the DJ night  started. God! How much did I dance! I was having the time of my life.

Sanskaar’s P.O.V.

She was dancing. She wasn’t in her senses even. She was dancing as if there was no tomorrow. Though Kavita was sticking around to me, my eyes were fixed at her. Now you get who I was speaking of, yes, Swara. If she would have been in her senses, she would have boiled seeing me with Kavita.

Swara’s P.O.V.

Phew! The dance was finally over. I danced like a crazy. Well, that I already was. We all were pulled in for a game of Truth and Dare. Ah, another name in my hate list. I often wonder why my hate list is this long? I sat down for the game, I didn’t like being called a spoilt sport. Me, Ragu, Sanskaar, Simmi, Swadheenta, Laksh, Kavita, Sam and a few others. Kavita was again with Sanskaar! I tried to focus on my game. The bottle was spun. And…it…landed…on…Kavita! She was asked for a song. I guess donkeys sing better than her! She was actually braying! God knows why she chose dare instead of truth! The bottle spun again and it landed on Sanskaar. He was asked for a dance. My list was spinning in my head. ‘He should be a good dancer.’ All the while he danced, I could recall Hrithik Roshan dancing, my Hrithik Roshan, my first crush! I just looked at him all the while, he was so adorable! He finished off with a loud round of applause with lots of whistles and hoots. I neither clapped nor hooted, all I did was to adorn him with my gaze. The next target was me! I didn’t want that. I chose dare. And I was asked to dedicate a song to Sanskaar. Thankfully, he had gone to grab a glass of water and when he returned, all he heard was that I was going to sing a song, just a song. He gave a bemused look at that and I started my song.

Haan aa o…

Main jaan ye vaar du
Har jeet bhi haar du
Keemat ho koi tujhe beintehaan pyar du
Sari hadein meri, ab maine tod di
Dekar mujhe pata awargi ban gaye
Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye

Aa o… aa…

Kya khoob Rab ne kiya
Bin mange itna diya
Warna hai milta kahan
Hum kafiron ko Khuda
Hasratein ab meri tumse hai ja mili
Tum dua ab meri akhri ban gaye
Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye


Sanskaar’s P.O.V.

She finished her song. All the while, everybody was staring at her, their mouths opened in awe. What was she? An apsara from heaven? Her voice was sweeter than the cuckoo, I can bet on that. Why did I feel again and again that she was singing that song for me? Just for me? I had heard some rumours that she loved me, but I don’t believe in rumours. What if she really….
My thoughts were broken by the applause all around me. Really, her voice was that mesmerising, enchanting, the perfect rhythm, the perfect flow. Hoots filled the atmosphere. That’s when I realised that she was wearing blue, my fav colour. Are these rumours true….

Swara’s P.O.V.

I saw him staring at me. The natural blush on my face was giving a perfect competition to a tomato. Laksh was just about to say something.
“Swara, u dedi..”
I cut him off right there in the middle of his sentence.
“Laksh, thanku, ya ya I know what you’ll say next. Haan, haan thanku.”
I could see everyone controlling their laughter by pursing their lips. The bottle was spun for a few more tyms and it landed on me yet again. I feared taking truth coz I knew what they would ask me. I took dare for the second tym. Sam asked me to do the most horrifying task in the whole world. To tell whatever I knew abt Sanskaar! Sanskaar didn’t look shocked, though. Kavita smirked, saying that I knew nothing abt him. And the spark ignited. I started off.
“Name- Sanskaar Kapoor
First Yr. Mechanical Engineering
Meritorious student
Birthday- 23rd August
Fav colour- Blue
Fav actor- Salman Khan
Fav actress- Jacqueline Fernandez
Fav singer- Kishore Kumar
Crush- Jennifer Aniston Lopez
Fav movie- PK, OMG and Drishyam
Loves watching crime branch movies and serials
Huge fan of CID and Crime Patrol
Fav author- Jules Verne and Chetan Bhagat
Hates listening to soft and slow music
Loves pranking around
Anything m missing on…ya…he loves having Black Coffee, leading me to start calling him as ‘Black Koffee’
Best friend- Laksh Maheshwari
Rakhi sister- Kavita Khanna”

I said the last one intentionally. After I finished, I looked up to see everyone staring at me, their eyes wider than the Pacific. And before long, they burst out laughing.
Laksh started his commentary as usual.
“Swara, you know so much abt Sanky? Even I don’t know this much. Really Sanky? U r my roommate and I don’t know u love having black coffee? And wait Swara, what did u say? Kavita is his what? Sister?”
“Lucky, stop it. How much will u chatter?” Sanskaar paused him.
“No Sanskaar. Let him speak. What were u saying? How I know this much. Well, u don’t know this much that’s a shame first of all. And I know this much about Sanskaar or I know nothing about Sanskaar, that’s none of your concern. By the way Kavita, I hope you know the meaning of tit for tat. If not, this is the best example ever, I set today.”
“No! No no no! Sanskaar is not my brother!” Kavita screamed. Everyone was surprised at her behaviour. Yes, she was crushing on Sanskaar, but, this reaction!
“Why Kavita? Well, Sanskaar himself told me that he looks upto all girls as his sister. I specially requested him not to make me his sister as I already have 10 brothers. Have u ever requested him?”
“That doesn’t matter, u b***h!”
I was abt to say something when another voice interrupted her.
“KAVITAA! How dare you!”
It was Sanskaar! I never expected that he would shout at her like this. He further continued.
“You know what? You are the first girl whom I ever loved! Yes, I loved you! You always supported me. I looked upto u as a best friend, but you, you are obsessed with me! Just go to hell with ur bl**dy obsession!”
Kavita was abt to justify herself when I stopped her midway.
“Wait Sanskaar. Laksh, you were asking me na that how I know this much abt Sanskaar? Okay. So, today, I, Swara Bose, declare this in front of our whole batch that ‘I LOVE SANSKAAR KAPOOR!’ Yes, I love him. I love him for everything he gave me, I love him for everything he did for me. And today, I prove to you all that my love is true. Yes, I love Sanskaar, but m not selfish enough to snatch him away and force him to love me. I can get his heart by snatching it, but I won’t get his soul. That soul, which is the most pious soul in the whole world. Sanskaar, if you love Kavita, give her ur love, she loves you. And for me, I’ve been leading a dull life since I was born. I’m used to all this.”
Saying this, I ran out of there. Ragini followed me. I turned around and stopped her from following me. I rushed to my room and shut it close, letting those pain droplets soothe me. I switched on some music to lighten my mood.

Dilon ki mohabbat ko bandhe kyun haye re
Dilon ki mohabbat ko bandhe kyun haye re
Hain kyun fasle darmiyan leke aaye re
Hain kyun fasle darmiyan leke aaye re

Kaanch ke wo khwab nazuk
The humare saare
Chhoone se hi tootne lage
Mannaton mein umr bhar ka
Sath jinka manga
Humsafar wo chhootne lage

Na marna munasiv
Jiya bhi na jaye re
Na marna munasiv
Jiya bhi na jaye re haye re

The song didn’t lighten up my mood. This was the first tym even music wasn’t with me.

Sanskaar’s P.O.V.

The rumours were right. She loves me. How do I tell her that she’s the first girl I ever loved and not Kavita. Whenever I see her, my heartbeats go up, I start breathing heavily, I feel nauseated. Her eyes have that glint which just pulls me towards her. Her smile has that spark which can ignite a whole fire. She doesn’t know how possessive I am regarding her. I love her! Dammit! I love her! And as far as I know her, she’s sitting in her room, listening to some breakup song and thinking of the moments we’ve spent together. Ah, but, better late than never! I see Kavita approaching me.
“Sanky, I’m sorry I reacted that way. You love me, rgt? We shall start afresh. We’ll be in a relationship. Swara is rgt for the frst tym.”
“I’m kind enough to forgive you but not foolish enough to trust you back. Sorry Miss Kavita Khanna, it’s all over. Forget that any Sanskaar existed in your life.”
I left her behind in a shocked state. The girl had guts,I must say.
I knocked on Swara’s room’s door. Much to my surprise, she thought I was Ragini.
“Ragini, I said na I need sometime alone. I know u r my bff and we promised each other that we’ll share each obstacle in our lives together. But, today, u can’t. Today, even music isn’t there with me. Every song I listen is reminding me of him. If music can’t, u should forget about reducing the pain. ”
“Swara, it’s me Sanskaar.”
“Sanskaar, you, wait, wait, I’m opening the door.” she panicked.
She opened the door letting me face her back. I frowned at this.
“Can I see your face?”
“Sanskaar, it’d be better if u come straight to the point and then leave. Kavita must be waiting.”
 At this, I held her from her shoulder, turned her around, and shook her hard.
“Come into your senses Swara! Kavita Kavita Kavita! She hangs around with me doesn’t mean I love her. I enjoy her company doesn’t mean I love her. Why the hell don’t you understand?”
“You yourself said so Sanskaar,” her voice was soft while speaking these words, but soon she turned stern, “In front of the whole batch.” she continued.
“You remember when I had said that my heart starts throbbing when I see you, my head starts eating circles and I feel nauseatic?”
“I remember. And you had continued saying that you felt that you had seen a vampire.” She sneered while saying that.
“Idiot, duffer, God!!! When will u understand? The last part was a joke! My heartbeats really go up when I see you coz I love you dammit!”
“W-wha-what di-did you ju-just say?”
“Kavita is not the first girl I loved. It’s you. I never loved her, I said that to make Kavita realise her mistake. Please believe me. I ain’t joking this time. I love you Swara. I love 6you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!”

Swara’s P.O.V.

Was this happening? He just said what? He what? He loved whom? Is happiness really knocking at my door? Then I remembered what Aadarsh had once said to me, “Don’t ignore what God gives you while you are busy cursing ur destiny, crying for ur grief.”
I looked up at Sanskaar. He was looking at me as if he would lose me at any moment.
“I love you Sanskaar.” I hugged him saying this. He wrapped his arms around me and said, “Why this sudden change? Tell me to go to Kavita na.”
“Sanskaar stop it!” I hit him playfully on his chest and hugged him tightly as to never let him go away. God had given me the greatest happiness. A best friend like Ragini, a brother like Aadarsh and a life like Sanskaar. He was my life….oops….he is my life! Aadarsh was right. Sanskaar kissed my forehead and Ragini entered the scene just then. Poor timing!
“Disturbed the love birds?”
“Stop it Ragu!” I said, wrapping her in a warm hug.
Life was perfect!


Phew! Finished! It took me 5 days to write this One Shot. Can u all imagine? 5 days! I first thought to make it a painful story with Sanskaar and Kavita patching up in the end and Swara saying some sad lines in the end before slitting her wrist. But, then I recalled, why let evil win when good is there?(Good wins over evil.) Hope you all enjoyed. This is the maximum an about-to-be-thirteen girl can present before you all. Thanku guys! See you all after my exams!

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  1. Awesome
    I like the poem

    1. Thanku so much….

  2. Ameera

    Wow awespme its really nice. Fantabulous keep writing more, loved it, keep smiling

    1. Thanks a lot…stay blessed…

  3. Nisha_Anu

    I bet you may read my fanfics but your writing just stole my heart. And btw, your real name is Laddoo? Or is it just a nick name?

    1. Nickname di…real name is Ishani…

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow ur os is very interesting n I m happy with fact u added dehleez characters here 🙂

    1. Thanu so much. I follow ur ff Krpkab and edkv (the different shades of love we have for each other) and I love it a lot….

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Hey laddoo really? I am so happy u liked that ff a lot 🙂 n do u write any ffs? i think if I m not wrong u write one of them right?

    2. Uh I don’t write any ff. This is my third OS. M llaaning to write an ss after my exams.

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Oh ya os I mean but I read so many one shot i dont remember which one u wrote haha,I think one I read recently maybe I dont remember 😛

    3. U can see that on my wall…on the posts page…

  5. MINHA

    Mere pyaari laddoo,
    It is one of the best os in the world.something special with a variety touch…really fantastica…..

    1. In the whole world? Best one? All these comments are making me blush like anything. My sister just asked me if anyone has proposed me, bcz m blushing like an idiot…

  6. Falguni

    wow such a lovely story dear..

    it is fantastic.. 🙂

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  7. Sree

    I cant believe it. U r just 13??????
    Well i am shocked cuz this was an awesome os. I must say dear u write very well. This os was just amazing.loved it???

    1. Sree

      I loved ur song selection very much. They r my favourites??. U truly r great writer. ? .

      1. Thanku so much di. This means a lot to me. These songs are my fav as well..

  8. Shatakshi

    This is my reaction
    Like seriously Laddoo…what a piece of writing yaar…
    U know it took me half n hour or more to read as I felt each n every pain of swara…
    Hats off!!!
    Loved it to the core
    Today u proved me wrong that I won’t love any ff or os except twinj…
    I won’t say more becoz this story is still revolving in my mind… N I want to enjoy it

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    It’s simply amazing

    And a girl of 12 to write something this beautifully and effortlessly is beyond imagination and beyond expectations.

    U have spectacular writing skills

    Go ahead!!! Never stop writing.

    Love ya!

    1. Whoa! One after one I’m getting such beautiful comments…this is beyond my imagination! Thanku so much. Will surely keep writing and will try to write better and better….

  10. Ashu

    Kiddo!! I don’t have words to say!!???
    My kiddo is so so so talented!!!
    Ur just superb sweetheart!???
    I think I need help in writing, frm you!!??

    And ur song selection, and the poem!! OMG, I’m speechless??

    This is one of the bst os I read!!!
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    1. Di…kya mazaak krte ho aap bhi…u need help from me? Di u r much more older and experienced than me….thanku so much for liking it di…

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    Oh my!! I don’t find any words to describe how I feel.. I’m surprised!!

    You’ve got the talent.. This os is beyond awesomeness!! Loved it to the core of my heart <3

    Today's been a very bad day for me but your os lighted me up, I feel good now..

    You're really incredible and amazing..
    Love u so much, tc, Keep smiling 🙂 and have a beautiful life ahead…

    So sorry for long comment, umm one more thing, can we be friends if you don't mind, pls?

    Hope you read this

    1. Isabel

      And can I know what is that poem?

      1. Ya…what dyu wanna kno abt that poem? I’ll tell u…

    2. Oh my God! It’s my pleasure to lighten up ur mood. Thanku so much. I wish u the same in ur life ahead. And ya, we cannot be frnds, coz we are already frnds!!! And qhich poem dear? The one in this os or the one on my wall?

      1. Isabel

        The one in the os

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    Laddo ur fab !! It remembered my love story which was started by the game truth or dare. I am from Iit kharagpur. Many similarities between this this story and my real life.. Even I proposed my Pankaj on fresher’s day which happens at the tear end. Loved this story fab one!!!

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        Nope dear. I am from andhra.but studying in kharagpur

  16. Tweetypankaj

    Laddo ur fab !! It remembered my love story which was started by the game truth or dare. I am from Iit kharagpur. Many similarities between this this story and my real life.. Even I proposed my Pankaj on fresher’s day which happens at the tear end. Loved this story fab one!!! No words to express my feelings!!???

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      1. hey laddo thank you so much for ur advice and actually I was writing and os for first time so didn’t wrote one shot and episode 1 got written by itself…..ohh I live in Delhi Queens Valley School Sec,8 and so glad that U read it love if I wrote next time then the first person should be you to read and comment it and tell whether I have improved or not thanks for replying love U threee???

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    1. Arshdeep

      July 4*
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      1. Oh my God. This is the most beautiful comment one can ever give me. It’s a privilege that I hv such readers. This story has been very special for me. I never knew one can read it thrice also. U saved it? Was it really this good? Did I really write this well? And for ur heart, I have stolen it and will definitely steal it again and again….only if you have many hearts??. Trust me, I’m a very extrovert type person. But ur comment just made me so quiet. I’m short of words to express my gratitude. I’m growing so soft and so calm. And for a star, maybe I’m not a star, but all my readers are definitely stars. And for thanking you….why not? I got my 77th comment and 151 stands the record with my reply. The max I read was 150 comments…crossing it feels so good. Thanku thanku thanku….thanku till infinity. May God bless u also…stay happy…stay blessed…keep smiling???

      2. Arshdeep

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