Never let u go (Chpt 29)

The Epilogue


One year later…….

“ Who is he? “
“Who is he with?”
“ He is hot..”

As Radhika was circling in auditorium she couldn’t help but overhear talking of women about most dashing guy in hall. Arjun was standing across the hall busy talking with Raghav and Mala, never noticing women who were in their finest and stalking him. Radhika realized women’s gaze on Arjun. She knows it doesn’t matter because he belongs to her for forever. She got smile imagining that when they got to know the truth how that’s women’s head will blow in the air..

All gathered for honored of Radhika for “Best copy writer of the year “…
Chief Guest stood and announced

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I am glad to present this “ Best copy writer of the year Award” to Mrs. Radhika Arjun Mehra…for most creative idea of add of Maybelline ”

Hall was filled with heavy round of applauded.
When his eyes rose to meet her, and walked towards her. Women thought he was coming towards them but they remained shocked when passed them without a glance and stop in front of Radhika holding her hand he made her walked up to dies. She received Award with death glares of the women.

“Congratulations my tweety..” He said when she came to him.

“ Thank you….”She smiled as he pulled up to his arm wrapping.
She couldn’t help but smile at death glares of women from other corner. The man of her dreams is with her and always will be…

Few months before…….


AS they were lying on grass holding each other hand staring the dark blanket shining stars above them.

They were on the place which holds so much memory of them..Dancing…first kiss…That place would always be special for them.
Sky was very clear and cool breeze touching their skin..They were silently looking at sky listening to rhythm of each other’s breath.
“ You were right Radhika..” Arjun said pulling her closer in his arm
“ About? “ Radhika said looking at him tightening her grip on his arm

“ About love is being Great…it’s like written on stars…all is destined..” Arjun says breathing steadily

“ What if I didn’t return from Gold Coast…and would have gone for forever? “ She says looking towards sky..

“ I would have come to you again until you come back to me..I will NEVER LET YOU GO..ever….” He kissed back of her hand…
He stops for a minute or two…

“Marry me….” He turned toward her side looking deep into her eyes…She couldn’t speak a word she had happy tears…He stood and pull a diamond ring from his pocket and went on his kneel…

“ Radhika Mishra..I want to marry you…I can’t wait another day to make you and want to stand and scream to the world that we love each other and want to spend whole life with you…you are the most beautiful women I ever Mishra , will you marry me..?”

She couldn’t control but to lean and kiss him..The kiss was filled with different passion..

He pulled back and smiled “ So your answer is yes, right ? “

Pushing him playfully she answered

“ are the only person whom I want to be…I love you …so much..”

One month later…

She turns around to notice Arjun in a brownish violet shervani. Shervani fitting was perfectly fits to his well-built masculine body. Her cheeks turn pink from excitement of their wedding.

Arjun gazed locked at her from the very moment he saw her in Red designer lehega..She was looking goddess comes to earth only for his..

After phere they bow to each elder’s feet.
Arjun grab her hand “ I want to spend eternity with you…”

Nesam handed tickets to aradhika.
“ This your wedding gift from us..Honey moon trip to New Zealand…” Neil said winking towards Arjun..Radhika couln’t stop but smile..

After coming to New Zealand and enjoying full sightseeing. They come to hotel room..Radhika was busy sorting their cloths.

Arjun was watching her, holding a shopping bag. She turns to face him.
“ A gift..” Arjun says

She tilt her head in confusion “ A gift? Why ? “

“ cause I think you will look hot in it..n why do I need any occasion to give gift to my wife..”
She stops frozen

“ I want to you to see in this dress..”
“ Okay..give me five minute..” she say heading towards ensuite bathroom of their room.
He wait patiently for two minutes before she calls out..

“ Arjun its awfully revealing!!” Radhika screams
“ it will look good..” he shout back
“There’s skin showing everywhere..” radhika says

“just step out..” he tell her

“ I can’t Arjun..”
“ Babe, you will look amazing…”
Then he heard door click open and when she stepped out his mouth almost drop to the ground. She was looking breathtaking.

“ You look incredible..” He says

She blushes pulling the red fabric of dress which was revealing side of waist. He grab her by her waist and pulling towards him, he place a gentle kiss along her neck, slowly rising towards her lips.
Her hand reaches to cover her chest. The gorgeous red dress had a low cut revealing very little to the imagination. He swing her and grab her in his arm put her on bed..

He climbs on top of her, stroking her stomach skin which was exposed in dress. She felt shiver with his touch travelling in from her spine..He place chain of kiss on her bare neck which led her escape name in his moan. He pulled the zipper down of her dress. She too reciprocates by unbuttoning his shirt. Their dress got thrown on floor.As started to kiss her all over her body she moaned uncontrollably. She too started kissing him passionately. She scratched her nails on his back like a hungry tigress.

He too smashes his lips against her like he was trying to her how badly he wants her.
She look into his eyes which was filled with love and passion..
“ I love you..” She whispered
“ I love you too gorgeous…” He said reaching his hands to the table lamp button to put it off…

Love is the incredible and beautiful feeling; no one explain it without feeling itself…
Every girl want a strict guy who will be soft only for her and every boy want a girl who is simple but only go naughty with him..

Two years after Aradhika’s Marrige…

Mumbai, India

Arjun was leaning on bed staring Radhika who was in deep slumber. Arjun tuck her hair behind her ear which was spreading on her face due to wind coming from bedroom window. His touch made her rose from her sleep…She opened her eyes blinking it several times..

“ Gooood Morning my KING….” She said in sleepy voice…

“ Morning QUEEN….did I disturbed your sleep…” Arjun said touching her cheeks

“ No..not at all..why you are leaning like this…” Radhika

“ I was staring at are looking gorgeous Today…” He said leaning closer to her..she went crimson…

“ Today? Don’t I look gorgeous everyday…??” She said playfully

“You look gorgeous everyday..but today you looking extra gorgeous…your face is glowing like early morning sun….I want morning kiss” HE said smilingly

“ Arjunnn…it’s been two years we are married n you…..” She said blushing…

“ For me every day is new..I can look at you all my life….” He stops and remind something and said..
“ Hows you ? You didn’t informed me that you got fainted yesterday…when I came to home mom told me..but she didn’t tell me why you fainted and what doctor uncle said…she told me to ask you..n when I came to were in deep what happen to you babe…” Arjun was all worried..

“ You almost look cute when you worried for me…” Radhika said teasingly…

“ Radhika stop…answer me first…” Arjun said in demanding tone..

“ I have a special gift for you….” She smiled and hold his hand and placed it on her belly and leaned to come to his ear..

“ You are going to be Papa soon..” She whispered and buried her face in his chaste with shyness.

He left surprised. In happiness he couldn’t able to form a sentence.

“….papa…..” He whispered and cups her face in his hand to meet with her eyes.

“ Thank you so much Radhika for giving me precious gift of my life…I love you bebe…” Arjun kissed her forehead..

“ I love you too…you make me feel so complete and content…” Radhika hugs him tight..

They engrossed in each other’s arm dreaming of their beautiful future..

Well my lovelies this is end of the story but not the end of aradhika’s story..It just begin..right???

Song dedication “ Agar tum Sath ho.. from Tamasha..Specially suggested by Ritu di..Thank you so much di for this beautiful song…

Other song from me…Never let you go by Justin bieber.

I never thought that this dream of writing would come true one day..It’s just because of your encouragement I reached at this point…

A very special Thank you to ALL OF YOU for being wonderful are really amazing people I ever met…
It’s you encouraging words keep me rolling along with this story. Honestly, I have been blessed to find you people and honored to call you FRIENDS. Thanks for making my dream come true.

Silent readers Thank you soooo much for reading my story…

Next works is in progress..I need your suggestion..Should I write for sequel of this story or to write for new story….
Love you guys from bottom of my heart..muhhaaa…

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  1. Sathya

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    1. Satz darling Thank you so much supporting me all this journey by your lovely are one of the inspiration for writhing…. I hav fast today of wad savithri to get husband like arjun..haha..we miss rads naughtyness na so i add it..n thanks dear for suggesting right option dear…i too feeling bad..this epi you

  2. Happy ending deepu it was perfact ending with happy note

  3. Happy ending deepu it was perfact ending with happy note waiting 4 ur new ff or sequel of this ff

    1. Nandu darling Thank you so much admiring me n loving me…Wills surely come soon..loads of love n hug. tc

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  9. Shree

    Di!!!! I love you so much!! Loved it so very much!! He is every girl’s dream man!! Lovely!! Loved the way you put it in!! Ended with the future planning of a small cute family!! Will miss this story for sure!! Come back with the new sequel soon..

    Love you so much??

    1. My cute lil Shreee darling Thank you so much..m on cloud 9..Really…..m so happy i got u guys here…surely you will get a guy like arjun..cos u r swt like chashni na…Loads of

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    1. Ohhh My sweetie Darling m gonna miss you badly so will come soon with nxt to meet you….M really overwhelmed yarrr…Thank a tonsss for loving ,motivating n supporting me..i m speechless….i wished you too get the partner like Arjun…i too feeling bad that this ff is ending bt you say right v hav to good things on right note..this ff like baby for me…Loads of love..see you soon..take care..muhha

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  14. di wat an epi di
    its amazing plz write sequel for this
    the way readhika was feeling wen girls were staring arjun she is proud of her own choice its amzing di
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    1. Thank you so much Natasha darling for being always there n supporting n loving me through out this journey of my ff…m really happy that you like this..n surely come up with sequel you tons.stay blessed

  15. RituM

    o…..o….o……. its interesting….nd yes do continue……..m waiting for the next one…..n thxxxxxxxxx u knw for what…..

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