Never let u go (Chpt 9)


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Chapter 9
A Walk to Remember
“You are out of your mind!” Arjun uttered
“Bro m in love…when you deeply in love with someone, you won’t fear to do anything for your love..” Neil smiling thinking about sam
“But now m hell lot of nervous ….telling your feelings to your love I think most difficult task than task asked to do in any action show…” Neil was shivering
“f**king idiotic thoughts Neil..but why you drag me here with you at her apartment…” Arjun irritated
“ I bring you to increase my moral confidence. Here I am extremely nervous and you are f**king my brain out. Here I have just messaged Radhika to come out?” Neil shouted
Arjun and Neil are standing on stair case in front of Sam’s Apartment. Its Sam’s Birthday and Neil wants to share his feeling on her b’day.
“ Bro if someone saw us here standing like this, they will interpret us as thieves and handover us to Police..” Arjun yelled.
“Don’t worry nothing will happen like this..” Neil said Assuringly but from inside he was extremely nervous.
Door got open of Sam’s Apartment someone’s shadow comes out. By door’s crenching sound Neil looked to whos coming.
Radhika came infront of them without making any sound. She had worn white loose t- shirt and black hot pant and tied her hair in knot. She was looking stunning as usual in night cloths too Arjun thought.
“ Hey are you ready ?? All arrangements are done “ Radhika whispered in low voice.
“ All setups well…but I m very nervous..” Neil
“ Don’t worry all will happen according to our plan..Now its my turn to execute my role..You guys go to the terrace…I will bring her in few minutes…” Radhika went back to apartment
Boys headed towards the terrace.
Radhika tried woke Sam up.
“ Sammm….Sammmm…please wake up…..” Radhika while moving sam to and fro
“What chashni?? Please let me sleep na….you too Go to sleep….” Sam groaned in sleep.

“ COCKROACHHHHHHHH” Radhika screams

Sam jumped from bed like it was burning and started looking here and there.
Radhika starts laughing…
“ I don’t getting sleep so I wake u up….Please lets go for walk on terrace …” Radhika
“ NOWWWW….check your watch chashni.its midnight…” Sam pleaded
“ Please Sam…can’t you do this lilttle thing for me.. “ Radhika with fake anger.
“ Okay My melodrama queen…” Sam sighed
They entered into terrace and looked towards the sky which full of shining stars.
Chill wind was blowing. Sam noticed something white curtain hanging on right side of terrace. She walk forward to find what it was.
That was screen place on that corner when sam reached there it got lighten up.she got frighten thinking about ghost or any zobie.
Text appeared:
Please don’t hit me after watching this.
After that next text came…
“ I have been always find myself with loss of words when it comes to You Sam. When I first saw you in GET TOGETHER I lost my heart to you at same time..I have never ever thought idiot like me fall in love with someone like you.
I want to let you know that I madly in love with you and I promise you that I will do my best making you loved and secure. I want to spend my whole life holding you hand till my last breath…Finally I want to say to you..
Will you accept my proposal…”
Neil appeared from behind the screen holding bouquet of red roses and Birthday cake…
Neil and Radhika cheered at same time..

Sam was overwhelmed she felt her heart was stop beating..she had tears in her eyes.

Sam cut the cake and feed to everyone.Arjun wished her.
Neil went on his knee and offers her bouquet “won’t you say anything?”
Sam took flowers and hug him tightly “ I am speechless. When did you plan this? I can’t believe you did this for me….of course I LOVE YOU MY IDIOT…”
They hugged tightly.
Radhika wished “ Congratulation my darling. M very happy for you dear” and hugged sam.
After some time Arjun signaled RAdhika to give NESAM some privacy and they both leave from there
Aradhika started walking on the road.
It was mid night so all the road lively activities were stopped. People were taking good night sleep.
No one was speaking, both were walking silently but they were happy for their friends.
“ So Arjun Sir Do you have girlfriend, someone spl in your life ?” Radhika breaking the ice between them.
But Arjun gave her sarcastic look and didn’t answer her question.
She waited for answer but looking at his face she bite her tongue
“ Okay sir… Whats your favorite hero, Yeh to koe secret nahi hai na?” Radhika reciting kareena kapoor from “ Jab We Met” film.
Still Arjun didn’t answer her.
But this time she didn’t stop and start blabbering about her favorite movies, heroes and all.
Arjun got irritated and place his index finger on her mouth..
“ Chuppp….Ekdam chupppp…..continuously talking… don’t you have mouth ache? “ Arjun shouted
“ My ears will start bleeding if you continue your chatter box….” After some time arjun realized his finger on her lips he removed it frequently..
“ See How peaceful this silence is!!” Arjun sighed
The two of them continued to walk leisurely. They hadn’t planned where they were going so unmindfully took the way back from where they had come to the apartment.
“ICECREAAAMMMMMM..” Radhika screams in joy breaking all the silence.
There was ice-creams shop opened till in midnight too.
She rushed in joy towards shop.
“ Nooo Radhikkaa we have to go back to apartment..” Arjun immediately restrict her to go..
“ Sir please just one…….” Radhika pleaded
Before Arjun could say anything she went to the shop vendor.
“ Uncle , one butterscotch for me and…” she stopped and turned to asked “ Sir which flavor for you??”
“ I don’t need any…I don’t like ice creams…” he said
“ Whattt….Sir you must try one…I swear you will defiantly like it…” Radhika
“ Radhika you wants to eat ice-cream or should I cancel your order” Arjun acts like he going to cancel her order.
“ Nooo… “ Radhika making her face.
A café boy gave her ice cream cone.
“ uuummmmm…” Radhika muttered while licking ice cream, she enjoying every bit of it.
Arjun looked amused. He clearly see how childishly Radhika’s madness about ice cream. He liked that childlike happiness in Radhika’s nature.
“ umm…Its amazing “ Radhika said with her eyes closed.
Now she was licking her figures to where melted ice creams stucked…Arjun wants to laugh but he control it.
“ Okay I will came in min..” Arjun turned to pay to vendor mean while his valet falls on ground instead of his jean’s back packet.
Radhika gaze falls on it.. She picked it from ground.
Unintentionally it got open..
She finds a picture at left side of valet.
A lady holding child near about 4-5 years old. The picture was so cute. That lady caressing the child lovingly in that pic.She finds somewhere she have seen that lady. But didn’t recall who she was.

Suddenly Arjun snatched his valet from Radhika’s hand.
“ how dare you to touch my valet..don’t your parents taught you any ethics and manner that should not touch to personal belongings of others..” Arjun hold Radhika by her arms fiercely and looking angrily at her.His hot breath felling on her face.
“ but Sirrr…..” Radhika try to explained but Arjun interrupt her
“ Now will you shut your mouth up…don’t dare to open it..” Arjun muttered and walked angrily.

He came to near his car and called Neil.
Neil too comes immediately listening to his angry tone.
“Neil get into your car..” Arjun still in angry tone when Neil busy in bidding bye to Sam..
“ What happened bro..Dont ruin my love life yarr..” Neil making face.
Arjun raised car in anger.
As soon as Neil got into car Arjun drove it with maximum speed.

Radhika thinking about the lady in that photograph lying on her bed. Suddenly she remembers something and got up in jerk
“ ohhhh yesss..She is MRS Sonali in her young days….” Radhika in joy” But what her photo doing in Arjun’s valet and whos
e that kid is..”
Radhika thought in bewilderment.

Credit to: dipika

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