Never let u go (Chpt 8)

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Chapter 8
Arjun came to home, he was extremely happy and smiling continuously on the way to his home.
He stand under shower, Cold water were flowing from his body rejoice him and making more fresh.
After a much needed shower he lay down on his bed and recalls all the moment with Radhika.
How she make her face when he asked her to do that file work, how she lied to him to show him attitude. Thanks god I was there from far end when she standing on cab stand….
He recalls there was splendid…Her innocent face…ohhhh godddd.
Arjun’s thoughts broke by his phone ring..
“ Hello Papa….Hows you….?” Arjun with cheery voice.
“ Hey is that my son speaking? Listening such cheery voice from him is quite weird….” Raj with shocked expression
“ Dad ofcourese its me…” Arjun
“ Australia changed your tone….now m thinking I should have send you Australia before this…let it be…its been never late…” Raj was happy listening Arjun’s happy tone.
“BTW my son Who’s she?” Raj teasingly
“Who?” arjun act like he didn’t understand what Raj saying
“ Radhika….Neil has told me all…”Raj stll nagging arjun
Arjun jerked from bed like someone pinched him hard.
“ Dad….Dad….Neil cooked up all the story …its not like as you are thinking…..” Arjun try to cover up the things
“ Hey my son don’t hide anything. Before as father I am your friend. From your first tone itself I got ur nerve…” Raj
“Dad what to say…..Everywhere I went, image of her flashed before my eyes. Like a ghost she haunted me, floating in my thoughts. The disc, where I fist saw her tugged my heart strings, making me ache with want. I couldn’t forget her. She is playing with me..I don’t let her to do this to me…” Arjun became anxious , his heart racing fast
“ stop..stoppppp….take a deep breath. You r in love Beta…” Raj couldn’t hide is happiness for his son…
“ No dad…I just didn’t let any women to ruined my life again…. “ Arjun with pained vice.
“ Now I will not say anything beta because I know your heart has made its decision whatever you do stop beating for her but it won’t stop…soon u will understand this…..Take care my son..” Raj has unknown smile on his lips.
Few weak passed…..
Arjun do not came office from that night.
Radhika was quite waited to meet him. She want to see his’s smile again.
Meanwhile in NGO she became favorite teacher of her students. She likes to teach such innocent kid over there.
NGO head Mrs. Sonali too got impressed by her teaching technique. She became one of them while teaching.
Sunday Morning
“ BBye Sam…See you at evening….” Radhika gets down from car in front of Techno Park and waved by to Sam who too going to her work..
“ yeah chashni…Bye…Tc” Sam headed toward her company.
Weather was cool sky was getting darker with covering the clouds.
Suddenly downpour started..
Sudden rain makes Radhika to go under shelter of tree in garden. That was the same tree on her first day where she found pigeon.
“ Oh god this sudden rain in April…Now I will get late to reach office…Thank god Arjun sir is not in office from few days….otherwise I would get punish for late arrival…” She thinks to herself..
Her gaze falls on the Garden which was looking very beautiful..She felt plants were dancing because this rain.
She remembers a month and half earlier, at the same place how Arjun interrogated her.
She had smile on her face.
Then she thoughts “ he is good person at heart but why he shows bad side to world and from that night why he was not coming in office..I want to meet him and take him far away from his darkness and pain which I saw in his eyes..”
Suddenly someone came under tree to take shelter from rain. Radhika looked at the person to found who he was.
She got surprised and Pinched herself..
“ Is it true or it’s my head” Radhika in jaw dropping state.
Arjun look at her with weird look.
“ Radhika why r looking at me like this as if you saw a ghost “ Arjun chuckled
Radhika arranged her face back to normal “ Sir you didn’t came office from few weeks so I got shocked seeing u suddenly here…”
“ So you mean that I should have informed you about my arrival so that you could not pinched urself…” Arjun said huskily irritating tone
“No sir I didn’t mean that….” Radhika looked towards ground.
“ I think rain got reduce….” Arjun looked at sky…” lets go…”added while removing his jacket
“Where sir ?” Radhika’s eyes became big thinking why Arjun removing jacket
“In office..” Arjun held his jacket on their heads like umbrella and said “ Let go…”
Now Radhika got his idea.
They both stared running slowly in rain towards the first building.
They were much closed to each other. Their feet’s were tapping in synchrony with rain drops.
Her hair stands were blocking his vision but he enjoying this inhaling her scent from this closed.
She feels his hot breath on her chick in to and fro of their running which makes butterflies in her stomach.
They reached to first building for a minute halt. Birdsong building was three buildings far from them.
After a minute or few again started RUNNING TOWARDS next building
Arjun gaze locked at Radhika’s face. Few water droplets were settled on her face and some of her hair stands got stick to her wet face. She was looking more beautiful and elegant than usual. He lost himself in her beauty.
( BG song playing for this situation in Arjun’s Mind)
Kabhi jo baadal barse..
Main dekhu tujhe aankhein bharke..
Tu lage mujhe pahli baarish ki duaa
They reached second building ..Still Arjun in her thought without bilinking his eyes for second
Tere pahloo main rah loon
Main khudako pagal keh loon
Tu gam de ya khushiyaan she loon Sathiya…
Now third building arrived and Radhika turned to say something but her gaze got locked in Arjun
Koi nahi … tere siva mera yahaan..
Manzilein hain meri to sab yaha..
Mita de sabhi aaja fasale..
Main chahoon mujhe mujhase baantle..
Zara sa mujhame to jhak le..
Main hoon kya…?
They reached Birdsong …Still standing in same position Arjun holiding jacket over their head looking into each other eyes..
“ Arjunnnn…” Neil shouts to call Arjun from lift door and came out of lift.
Aradhika broke their intense and passionate eye lock and rearranged them.
“Where were you bro?? You didn’t inform me too. I have to talked to you “Neil to Arjun in lil bit angry tone
“ Hey Radhika , Zubin and teji are looking for you…” turning his gaze towards Radhika and looking suspicious to Aradhika change of expression.
Radhika went toward lift Arjun still busy looking at her

precap: Truth will poke from past…

happy reading..

credits to : dipika

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