Never let u go (Chpt 6)


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Chapter 6
Radhika came to home got freshen up and lie on sofa in living room.
She thinks about the whole day the interview, washroom dance and after the garden incident.
She thought why in all incidents her boss was common factor..He is handsome like hell but so arrogant. What was in his eyes is bothering her so much..may b business ethics and environment made him emotionless like a rock.But y he is in pissed off mood always .
Radhika’s thoughts got broke by doorbell rang.
Radhika got up from sofa and opened the door.
“ Hey Sam, How was the day babe..u look so tired!! “ Radhika cheer up seeing sam.
“ chashni it was badly hectic n tiring yarr…I need boost yarrr “ Sam sigh in tired and sat on sofa.
“ oh… My babe had to do so much work..will make special coffee for will get recharged by it “ Radhika says going toward kitchen.
“ Chashni how was your day and interview?…Tell me first this” Sam suddenly got with excitement and went toward the kitchen
“ Guess what…”

“ I got jobbbb….” Radhika said in full excitement..
“ Uuuuuuhhhoooooo…..I know it…I know it…my chashni spread her magic and grab the job…” Sam hugged Radhika with happiness …
“I am soooo happyyy for you chashni…Let celebrate this moment….I’m going to order one BBQ pizza and bear for us….” Sam took her mobile from pant pocket and dialed to pizza house.
The pizza was amazing and both pounced on it.
Last slice of pizza was left in box now, both started to looking at each other like two contender looked at handkerchief in game .
Sam snatched the last slice . Radhika looked at her with a sad face in hope of getting last bite of it. Sam smiled and fed a bite to radhika
“ chashni don’t be sad take this one bite..”
Sam and Radhika enjoyed the evening with pillow fight and their crazy dancing
Friendships are what make us strong when we feel weak, happy when we feel sad and comforted when we feel alone.
Radhika and Sam share the same bond of thick friendship. They are like shadow of each other, cares a lot, fights a lot and party a lot .

Next morning
Radhika woke up early in the morning and started completing her morning chores.
“ what makes you to wake up in this early morning “ Sam rubbing her eyes still curling in bed.
“ Neil told me that our boss is so punctual , he didn’t like who came late in office not for 5 min too…so I donna wanna let for my 1st day” radhika..
“ Sounds quite strict…” Sam winced
“ is he handsome and charming? “ sam enquired teasingly
“ He is handsome like hell but more than that he is too arrogant and emotionless..” Radhika said making face and told sam about yesterday’s incident
“He is Devil…” Radhika declared.

“ Chashni I never ever saw u making thinking about someone…your boss looks really angry young man…” Sam replied.
“Yes definatly he is..Aaj khush to bahot honge tum…hayye!!” said Radhika , reciting Amitabh Bacchan’s dialogue from Shenshah
They both burst into laughter….

Bird song office…

Radhika reached office on time, she didn’t want to create bad impression of her in Arjun mind.
“ Hey Radhika……” Neil called
“ Hi Neil….Good Morning….” Radhika with her bright smile.
“ Good morning…. You came 20 min before the time…Great!! “ Neil
“ Yeah… I don’t want to give another test for punctuality..” Radhika said jokingly..
Neil laugh out loud..
“Brilliant … hows sam?” neil
“ she is good…she too wanted to thanked you….She said she will call you…” radhika
“ oh…really…” Neil blushed
“ okay let me introduce you to our colleagues…” Neil brings her near the round of various desk
( Here Bird song office is same as shown in Manmarziyan…)
Neil comes to middle of circle of round desks.
Other employees are doing their work related to start work for the day.

“ Good Morning all. May I have attention please!.. ”Neil in cheery voice
Everyone began to look around and stop their work at Neil’s voice.
“ I wanna introduce to someone new who is joining our team from today…” Neil said excitedly
All the other people hooted with sound “ huuuuuuuuuu!!”
“ Come Radhika…” Neil asked Radhika to come at center who was busy observing what was going.
“ Meet Radhika…She is working with us in our creative department team which means in MyTeam…Welcome her..”Neil cheered
“ Welcome to Birdsong Radhika “ All crowd say cheeringly …
“ Radhika here in office we work as we doing it for ourselves. we love our work and so as environment in office is as friendly as you feel urself like u r with ur friends gang…which helps to explore to generate more n more new ideas” Neil added..
“Thank you so much for ur warm welcome..M very happy to work with u all…” Radhika said happily
“ Okay you interact with others I will come after some time….” Neil goes to Arjun’s cabin.
“ Hi “ Radhika excitedly and try to broke ice between her team mates.
Soon the “hi” grew into the series of conversations and introductions

Radhika got friends cum colleagues as Teji. Zubin, Kritika, Rohit, Aditya and sachi.
She was busy arranging her desk.She place Ganesha idol in front of her besides monitor of computer and her family photograph.
In mean while office boy came who is in his mid 20’s looking for Radhika.
“ Hello Radhika Mam, I’m Rahul work as office boy here…” Rahul with smile.
“ Hello Rahul…” Radhika replied with smile.
“Mam Arjun sir called you in his cabin….” Rahul informed radhika and went to do his work.
Radhika got up from her seat , walked towards Arjun’s cabin
“ Ganeshji, now for what he called me..i came on time…will he shout on me for yesterdays incident…help me !” Radhika crossed her fingers in worry.
“ May I came in Sir? “ Radhika asked from the entrance of Arjun’s cabin.

to be continued…

Why Arjun called radhika…

credits to : dipika

Sorry guys for short update soon will come with big and romantic update.
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Credit to: dipika

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