Never let u go (Chpt 5)

Chapter 5

Radhika Thinks about Nesam as couple and get happy.
She Thanked Neil for his help.
“ Neil I’m real thankful to you for your help. Doesn’t found any word to pay my gratitude what you did “ Radhika in very much happiness.
“ Its not me its you who grab this job…you have such talent who would reject you…”Neil
“ But you give me opportunity to show my talent Neil” Radhika feeling very thankful.
“ Okay Radhika Enough of this Thanks giving speech….. After all your friend of Sam I can do anything for her” Neil bite his tongue realizing what he said.
“I Mean you too are my friend na…” Neil wrap up the sentence intelligently
“ oh..of course Neil …We are friends now” Radhika raised her hand for handshake.
Neil shake her hand in back..
“ Okay now you can go home…Come tomorrow at sharp 10 am..Be on time..Arjun is very punctual.he won’t tolerate any one who came late to office. “ Neil alert her.
“ Yeah I will come on time. Bye “ Radhika said confidently.
Neil went towards his cabin.
Radhika was extremely happy she couldn’t hold her happiness.
She went towards the receptionist and asked her.
“ Excuse me!! Could you tell me where the washroom is??” Radhika
“ Sure mam, go straight to this the corridor and take right turn there is common washroom for Gents and ladies “ Rita said formally with electronic smile.
“ Thank you !!” Radhika said and went towards the washroom

As soon as she entered into the washroom, shouted in happiness so loudly that someone defiantly hear her but fortunately no one is around the corner.
“ yuppieeeeee!! Finally I made it..From now I’m independent working women…and living my dreams”
And started dancing like crazy one. She is so happy that she forgets the surrounding and enjoying the moment.

Suddenly door of washroom gets opened and Guess who entered in?
Of course its none other than Our Hero Arjun.
Arjun opened the door of wash room n got stuck there by seeing Radhika dancing happily.He stood there do not making any noise and watching Radhika dancing.
He thought to himself that how innocent she is like kid. Her beauty radiated from purity of her heart which making her effortlessly beautiful.
While dancing suddenly her gaze falls on the mirror in front of her which is pinned on wall above the wash basin. She saw reflection of Arjun in mirror and stops abruptly.
Arjun arranged his face and made it cold again.
His cold behavior made Radhika feel awkward, she recollected her self and place her hair stands hehind ear.
“ I.. I.. was …just..just… Sorry Sir ” Radhika stammered in embarrassment
Arjun passed besides Radhika as he was deaf or blind..He pretends that he didn’t see anything.
Radhika came out of washroom and hit her head by her left hand.
“ How fool you are Radhika” Radhika still in embarrassment and then laugh on herself.
Here in washroom Arjun started laughing remembering Radhika’s crazy dance..

Radhika came out of office building and checked her watch for time.
“ Oh its too early to go home..Sam will came after two or three hours …it will get bored to be alone at home..I will explore the beauty of this garden..” Radhika decided and walked toward the garden which is situated in front office building.
In one of the corner , close to the road she sat on bench under a big tree. At this time atmosphere in garden was so peaceful. Hardly anyone walked in the garden.
Over the rally of trees there was huge lawn .she could see the shrubs periphery of it. In the every corner of lawn there were dozens of plants blossoming with multicolored flowers spreading sweet fragrance in every nook and corner.
The tree under which she sat on has no. of birds chirping and enjoying the weather.
Radhika feels so fresh that energetic inhaling such a fresh air in her lungs and enjoying the scenery of nature.
She winced after she heard that voice and looked to found from where it came.
She find baby pigeon fall on ground from the tree and groaning with pain.
Radhika got up faster and held the baby pigeon in hand.She found bird got hurt badly and unable to move his wings.
She searched for antiseptic cream in her bag and she found one in her bag.
She sat on the ground taking bird on her lap and caressing it softly.
She removed the cap of tube and applied gently on hurted area of baby pigeon. She collects some leaves and soil to make bed for bird.
Her hands were soiled and dirt clung to ankles of white leggings . she kept murmuring some thing regarding how to take care of this pigeon.
“ I m giving you name KITTU ur so cute na…listen nw m making bed for u to sleep…” Radhika to kittu.
She was completely involved in her chores when all of sudden , a racing car breaked and abruptly came to a halt on the road, right in front of Radhika. The sound of vehicle rest at once broke the Radhika’ s concentration.
She looked up in a surprised.
It was posh Mercedes Benz having thick black colored . A naïve blue colored blazer wearing guy step out from the car.
As soon as Radhika recognized him she got up from ground and arrival of her boss make her more conscious and went back a step or two.
“ What are you doing here ?” deep voice came.
“ Ahm….actually … I ..was…” Radhika had managed to say something but scared by deep black pair of eyes.
“ why I stammered before him always…chill Radhika” Radhika to herself.
Radhika sigh in relief and wiped the sweat on forehead. And while doing so , she unknowing ended up smearing the dirt from her hands on her forehead.
“ Ms Radhika why were u collecting soil?” Arjun resumed the conversation and folded his arms around his chest.
In response Radhika bent down and picked up the baby pigeon in hand and showed it to him.
“ So now you have done doctorate in veterinary science too…” He asked Radhika directly looking into her eyes
“ No its not like that..” She said in haste.
“ Then y r u pampering it “ he raised his eyebrows in question.
Unable to hold his eye contact for so long she shifted her gazed on ground and framed her answer,
Then answer softly “ Sir , I have seen this pigeon in pain and I cant tolerate it.. Today As I got the chance to live my dreams as I wished, how I let this baby pigeon in pain without living his dream of flying,,”
She continued …
“He got injured while pursuing his dream of flying high in the sky…So I have try to cure him with my lil efforts…Its like symbol of my dreams too…like him I want to fly high on sky with living my dreams”
For a while she didn’t hear any counter question to her response.So she raised her eyes to look up the face of her boss stood in front of her.
He was staring at her with his deep dark black eyes. He didn’t say anything.He simply walked back and sat behind the wheel again..The ignition was turned on and accelerator pressed. And in no time he left.Her eyes followed the car till it disappear from the techno park’s Gate.

Next chapter : Radhika’s first day in BirdSong

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