Never let u go (Chpt 4)



Arjun whispered “ Radhika “
Now Arjun’s mind fully occupied by Radhika’s thought. He had lost something to Radhika. He got numb and radhika’s face was zooming in HD around his mind. He became staue.He turned back again and his eyes searched for Radhika. He ran toward the exit, came out of disc..But found empty road.
He felt hand on his shoulder n turned to find out who’s was it..
Neil standing behind him..
“ Bro what happened” y r u so restless? “ Neil asked in curiosity.
“ A I saw her, don’t know what clicked but from that moment I could not get out her from mind” Arjun lost in Radhika’s thought n replied to Neil.
Neil face was in jaw dropping state like he got electric shock of some 420 volt…
“ what?? Are you talking about a girl” Neil reacted still in shocked expression.
Arjun give him annoying look.
“ you mean really you saw a girl who mesmerized ‘ THE ARJUN MEHRA ‘ by just glimpse ? or I have drunk so much that I imagining you r talking about the girl” Neil still unable to believe..
“ Neil. Shut up. I am serious. You think I’m joking ?not at all yarr..I don’t know what was in her that pulling me towards her” Arjun said in soft voice..
“ Okay lets go home..I don’t want to go back to disc now” Arjun headed toward car.
They drove back to house.
Sunday Morning
Radhika got up early in the morning. Took warm water bath and got ready to go to NGO.
She wore lemon yellow color kurta n naïve blue color legging which is plastered her leg.
She took blessing From Ganeshji.
“ Ganeshji , Today is special day of my life. Please stay with me always like you always had” Radhika says innocently..
Sam saw her while sipping coffee sitting on sofa.
“ Chashni, Best luck and take care..I want to come with you but you refused..” sam with smile on face.
“ oh my sam darling..actually I want go alone n want to prove myself that can live independently na….Next Sunday I will take u with me…” radhika making pout of her face…
“ Okay chashni..i can’t win in words with u…Once u reach there call me… and I will call Neil and talk about your job ….” Sam
“ yeah…Bye sam…Take a rest!! I’ll come soon!! “ radhika bid goodbye to sam..
Sunday Afternoon
Neil’s Phone ranging continuously ..He picked up the phone… And jumped in happiness by seeing Sam ‘s name on screen. After dancing in joy he realized that he didn’t received call yet..
“ Hello Sam…” hiding his happiness Neil said softly..
“ Hey Neil what takes u so long to take call ??” Sam asked in lil bit anger..
“ Oh sorry, actually its plugged on for charging…” Neil lied..
“ Oh then its okay…Actually I need your help yarr “ Sam responded
“ Help? Sam you can give me order yarrr…” Neil in flirting tone.
“ Neil stop Flirting..” Sam Blushed
“ Don’t need to comes but Naturally Sammy “ Neil still in mood.
“ Okay…Now please listen to me..My friend Radhika need a job..she has extreme talent in creativity area..Please give a job suited for her profile in ur firm please “ Sam said pleadingly
“ This is small thing for me Sammy.. Believed that ur work is done..I thought u would say to pluck me moon or star for urself…” Neil said coolly
“ Neilllll….” Sam blush and shy with broad smile on face..” And Okay I will send Radhika to your Office on tomorrow…” Sam says in smile.
“ Okay..But listen one thing my friend Arjun is handling all this lately and he is quite strict about his work..Tell your friend to prepared well for interview.. “ Neil advised sam.
“ Yeah I will tell her this…Okay bye for Now.. c u soon “ Sam with smile..
“ Yeah!! Byeee…take care Sammy” Neil being upset with short talk.

Monday Morning
The morning alarm woke Radhika up and she did not waste her time in curling on bed. In the while sam is wide awake and getting ready for office..
Radhika took bath and wear red colour long top and white leggings ( Remember the dress of Radhika during Lonavala trip in MMZ)
“ Whats time Neil told to come for interview” Radhika asked while wearing Bracelet given by Ankush.
“ He didn’t tell me exact time but you don’t worry about it..Neil will manage all the things over there” Sam replied making sandwich for them.
“ Are you sure Sam..i will get this job..i m bit nervous !!” Radhika biting her nails.
“chill…. M 100% sure…See chashni you don’t worry you defiantly bag this job “ Sam said in confidant tonr.
Radhika took blessings from Ganesh ji
They had their breakfast.
“ Let’s go I will drop you at birdsong “ Sam accelerated car towards the Techno park.

Arjun’s cabin..
A Huge cabin beautifully decorated with inspirational slogans on the wall and having a glass wall at right side of the cabin which have fish pond behind the whole glass wall….Which added the beauty of the cabin and view of it makes person’s mind refreshed..
Arjun was standing near the glass wall, watching fishes in fish pond. But his eyes still picturising the Radhika’s face to him.
“ Why I couldn’t get aways from the thought of that girl? What’s in her that making me restless ??what happened in that few moments…I have to control all this…” He questioning to himself..
Neil entered in cabin and saw Arjun lost in thought n smirk…
“ Ho gaya hain tujhako to pyaar sajana..Lakha karale tu inkar sajhana,,Hain yeh Pyar Sajana….”
Neil sung a song in nagging tone.
Arjun turn to find Neil.
“Shut up this nonsense Neil!! M not thinking about any girl or love” frustrated Arjun exclaimed
“ But I didn’t mention any girl…actually I was singing a song from DDLJ” Neil added teasingly
“I…I…was…” Arjun stammered
“Mere Bhai, how you behaving na…it’s all symptoms of Love” Neil responded
“You know Neil I don’t believe on this crap..It’s just a infatuation…N I will get normal soon..” Arjun exclaimed
“ Okay…soon will get to know this is infatuation or love…” Neil gives wicked smile.
A landline rang on desk..
Neil pick the receiver up and began “ Hello “
Receptionist on the other side “ Sir, a girl named Radhika has come and she is asking for you. Should I send her in?”
“ Let her sit in reception for few minutes ..I will call you back in few minutes “ Neil said firmly and put downs the receiver..
“ Hey I forget to tell you. ..Sam friend need a job so i called her up for the interview. She has come for interview right now” Neil informed Arjun.
“ Buddy you don’t need to ask me for this things…this company is urs tooo” Arjun said firmly..
“ Thanks bro…”Neil said with smile.
Arjun knows that Neil loves sam.
“Send her in” Neil called Rita the receptionist..
Arjun is standing facing toward the wall opposite to the door.
“May I come in sir” a soft and sweet voice came.
“ Ofcourse Yes !.. ” Neil replied with smiled
“ Good Morning Sir!! My name is Radhika Mishra..” Radhika replied with smile.
AS soon as Arjun heard the Name “ Radhika” he turned quickly.
And got froze at the moment by seeing Radhika in front of him.She standing merely some inches away.. A desk is separating them.
Arjun’s jaw dropped instantly.
Her red top which gave perfect shape to her curves. Her beauty astonished him. He wanted to hold her tightly and take her away from the real world.
He was dumbstruck gasping at her beauty.
Neil pinched him and makes him came in reality.
“Is she the same girl? “ Neil whispered in Arjun’s ear.
Arjun says stop nonsense to Neil by raising his eyes.
“ Please take a sit Radhika “ Neil said politely
The all three seated..
Suddenly Arjun decided something and sit straight and make himself as strict and arrogant business man.
Radhika starded giving introduction of herself and told about her projects etc etc related to her skills..
Neil Asked questions and she gave answers to all of them confidently with a cute smile..
Suddenly Arjun got up from chair..
“ So Miss Radhika you have done this childish project all over the years and you think that you will get this job with the help of this crap” Arjun said coolly in rough voice.
Neil got stuuned by seeing Arjun completely rough Avatar.
Radhika too got hurt with Arjun’s thrashing words.
“ We have enough of employee who have extreme talent which required to the Bird Song…So why should we hire you Ms Radhika? Arjun added more roughly
Radhika arranged herself.. And Began
“ Sir I know Bird song is one of the Best Ad firm in Australia. Despite of being Indian company it has captured immense growth and profit in international market. It has 1000 billion turn over per year.
Radhika explained confidently
“ And to became part of such great organization would make me feel proud. I’m ready to give any taste to prove myself.” She continued
Arjun gets quite impressed by her answer but didn’t showed it kept looking at her with flat face.
“Okay m giving you a first and LAST CHANCE to prove urself” Arjun still in rude tone.
“ So you have 5 minute to prove ur talent. You have to prepare ad for sugar free candy..” Arjun while walking around the desk.
“ And I don’t want any repeated thing in this ad like its quality or other thing….It had to be simple and creative one…” Arjun continued and give her paper and pencil.

Neil is still in shocked that why the hell Arjun is behaving like this..He easily could have give her job but still he is asking such questions to her.
Radhika took paper and think for a minute or two.
Neil got worried as she still didn’t write anything on paper yet. Now 2 minutes were left.
Radhika starded to draw something on paper. Neil watching eagerly..
Arjun is watching in his wrist the minute hand strike to display 5 min he said “ STOP”
Radhika stop drawing and took her hand off from paper.
Neil grab the paper and exclaimed in happiness “ Its superb”
Arjun snatched the paper from his hand and saw what she drown
And he too get mesmerized by Radhika’s Work.
She drown a lollypop at the upper right corner of paper and line of ants coming towards the lollypop from lower right corner of paper but when they reached near to lollypop they changed their direction to the opposite side of lollypop..and get to see a message written on left corner..” Oh Its SUGARFREE”
Arjun didn’t utter any word.
“Radhika you can go and wait at reception..We will let you know the result in few minutes” Neil said with broad smile.
“ Thank you sir!!” Radhika with smile and stepped out of the cabin.
“ What were that? Why u behaved like this? Strange yar…You mood swings are difficult yar…” Neil in annoyed tone.
“ Because she is the same girl whom I seen in disc….and don’t want her around me…else…” Arjun stopped suddenly
“ Else you will fall for her…”Neil completes
“ I don’t want to involve in such things n I don’t have time for this…. So I did this…”Arjun frustrated tone.
“ Please bro don’t play with ur own life” Neil in worried
“ m not playing with anything Neil…” arjun
“ Okay Bro but please give her a job else sam will cut me into pieces..I have promised her… Please…please…Please…”Neil Almost pleadingly
“ Okay..She got selected but only because of her talent…”Arjun without in expression.
Neil gives tight hug to Arjun and came out of office.
“ Sorry Neil But I will make her to resign from this office soon …” Arjun to himself
“ Miss radhika…” Neil with broad smile.
Radhika was tensed after hearing Neil’s voice she crossed her finger.
“ congratulation !! You got can Come from tommarrow” Neil congratulate Radhika
Radhika jumped in happiness she was feeling like floating on cloud 9..
“ Thank you so much Neil Sir” Radhika in extreme happiness
“ Just call Neil simply…N tell sam hi from me” Neil said
Radhika nodded and feels happy about thinking about Nesam

Next chapter : Rudeness vs cute smile!!

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