Never let u go (Chpt 28)


Hi my lovely girls here..This is the last chapter of our Aradhika’s journey. I have put my heart in this chapter so please let me know how’s this chappy is…Please silent reader comment on this chappy.

Chapter 28 Last chapter

“ Arjun….”

His eyes watched her, they move as they are examining her. After almost a week he was watching her. Her pale tired face, dark circle around eyes showing that she was cried every day and night but still she was looking beautiful he thought. He was happy to see her in front of him.

“ Can I come in, Radhika? “ Arjun asked with a smile.
Words weren’t coming to her as she nodded and step aside to let him in. She was shocked and thought he was flown all the way for her..does he?…she know his fear for high altitude as he shared this to her. Her heart was overjoyed seeing him and want to hug him tight but she controlled herself.

Still she couldn’t able to speak or form a sentence in her mind..

“ You have a nice place Radhika..” He spoke wondering all over to place.

“ Thanks “ she finally shuttered
“What are you doing here Arjun ? “ She asked

Turning around to make his gaze meet to her, he walked towards her and took her hand to lead her towards the couch. She felt magic with his touch.

“ I needed to talk to you..i needed to see you…..”

“ See what ?” she said gently taking her hand back from his.

He stopped for a sec or two and looked up to her

“ I love you Radhika..”

She dropped her gaze and fidgeted and then she felt his hands on her chin to raise her face towards him…

“I love you. I love your hair,I love your smile, I love the way you look at me, I love your voice , I go weak when you touch me, I laugh at your jokes when they are not funny,. I take every chance I can get to talk to you., I could stare at you forever and I could be with you forever…. “ His eyes filled with tears.

“ Arjun…..”

“ Don’t say anything….just listen…You said if I would have you in my life I can’t live happily..but you are wrong ..before you came to my life I was not like the person brought mom and dad together which is happiest thing to me and brought light into my brought smile on my face after ages..then how could you say that you can’t make me happy….”
“when you told me about your past, I felt like dying..I wanted to hold you close,comfort you and to tell you that it would be okay…that I wouldn’t let anyone or anything to hurt you again…” He was pouring his heart out…

“ are guy like every girl want to be..girls throw themselves on you….you can get anyone….” She blurt out…

“ you are the first and only girl I have cared for…There is no woman that fascinates me,enrages me, and completely captivated my heart…”

Sighing Radhika got up from the couch and walked to the window..He was staring her, trying to figure out what was going on her mind. He stood and walk to her..She saw him coming towards her.

He walked towards her making her go back foot..With his every step she too was going back and strikes on the wall finally. He came close to her placing his hand on wall; arrested her in his lock.

“So what is your answer? “ He leaned close to her.

“ I…i…do…don’t love….” She stammered with his proximity

He smirked. He raises his hand, brush his knuckles on her chicks and blow hot air all over face…

“ Say it on my face straight…Don’t you got butterflies in your stomach when I touch you….” He whispered near her ear shell.
She shivered with his husky voice. He noticed and smile..

“ Say it Radhika that You love me…” Arjun again whispered. Their lips are few cm apart.

“ Nooooo..we should be remain friends that will be good for us…” Radhika pushed him gently and walked away from him.

Now he fumes in anger, he fisted his hand. He grabbed her hand turned her around to face him.

“ Radhika, I can’t keep my heart out..enough of this…I know you are my destiny..but if you don’t want me then I have to learn to live without you.I can’t be just your friend anymore…I want it all or nothing . So this is your choice radhika. Do you want to spend your life with me or this is end of our friendship?” He completed.

She stared in his deep eyes. She thought she is not ready for it or something…He gave her ultimatum of ultimatums…She dropped her eyes and kept mum.

He walked towards her and gently touched her cheek.
“I understand. I wish all the happiness the world can give to you..” He whispered and slowly landed down and gently brushed his lips against hers.

She stood shock as he walked out of his luggage and left.

Tears began to stream down and thought started to race in her mind..
“ Oh my god…He is going and not a chance he will come back…no friendship or nothing….Now I can’t lose him…” She blurt out

She ran from her apartment, running to the stairs to beat elevator to the ground floor. As she reached ground floor, found elevator’s door opened she ran to the street and frantically searched for him. As the night got started street was crowded with people. Then she noticed cab curbing from few feet away from her building.
He was gone…

Next morning

Radhika’s phone was ringing 50th time now.

Radhika got up from couch and saw screen reads “ Sam calling..”
She was crying all night after coming upstairs. She wiped tears and swiped the phone…

“ Hello Sam..sorry I was sleeping..” She said with gloomy voice.

“ What the hell are you said to Arjun…What are you up want to destroy your life right? “ Sam was angry like anything.

“ Sam..” Radhika said crying.
“ Don’t shade that fake tears…Now party hard that you win..don’t talk to me ever….” Sam frowned

“ Stop Sammy give phone to me..she already is shattered and you…..” Radhika heard Neil’s voice on other side…

“ Hello Chashini..its me Neil..” Neil spoke in calm voice..

“ Neil he is gone..all is over..” radhika started to cry heavily

“ Don’t worry..He is too nautanki like you..He loves now don’t cry..come here..its your turn to put efforts…” He voice soothing her mind…

“ But if he will reject me…” she sobbed

“ He never ever reject grabbed you bags and get your man…” Neil said smilimgly..
Radhika smiled

“ I have already booked your ticket..Now get move on and go rushed to airport…” Neil said
“ Yeah…I coming….Say sam to forgive me..” Radhika smiled.

“ That’s like my girl..Don’t worry about Sam she will be okay when you come here…bbyeee” Neil

Line went dead…She took shower, changed into blue denim with tank top with a white button down shirt. She grabbed her bag and left for airport..


The plane landed and she made her way direct to the cab stand. As she was entering to the city her heart started to pound within.
The can stopped in front of Arjun’s house. Paying driver she ran towards his house and found Sonali in garden watering plants..Sonali Saw Radhika..

“ Oh..Radhika..i’m so happy to see you again..come seat…” Sonali pulled her into warm hug..

“I need to see Arjun…” Radhika said breathing heavily.
Sonali looked at her smilingly.

“ radhika…you won’t find him here..he doesn’t live here….” Sonali
“ What ? Where does he live “ radhika said confused

“ Go home Radhika…” Sonali..

“ Home?” Radhika was confused she didn’t understand what she was saying.
“ Yess Radhika..Go home..You will find him there…The day you left Sydney he is living at your place” She said patting her shoulder and pulled Radhika in hug.

“ Go beta..good luck…” Sonali said smilingly.

Radhika walked back to the cab. Getting in into the car she calms herself. As she reached to the apartment , she saw his car in car park of Apartment lot.

Walking up steps, she paused just before the door for a second with hopes of gaining courage.she knocked with her shaky hands.
The door clicked open, and she saw Arjun standing in with his glory, his normal attire, deep black eyes and most kissable lips. He was surprised.

“ Radhika…..”

The grand speech she prepared in plane was all vanishes from her mind now.She felt her knees getting weaker and throat getting dry.

“ I didn’t expect to see you again…..” His voice was shakier than usual

“ I need to talk to you….”

“ Do you want to come in….” He said making her way to come in

She nodded and came in and sat on couch..He was standing leaning to kitchen door in front of couch.

“ So “…he started “ what you wanted to talk to me? “

“ I don’t know how to tell this but….” She stops and said silent prayers.

“ I’m sorry Arjun for what happened when you come to Gold Coast. I’m sorry I couldn’t form a sentence at all when you told me you love me..I’m sorry that I let you think that I didn’t want you..Arjun you have been my friend and I kept hiding my past..I’m sorry..I was scared….”

“ Radhika……”

“ No..let me finish… When I first met you, I never would have imagined that I would have such strong feeling about you. I never would have thought that I would have dreams about you or miss being your side or get butterflies in my stomach when someone mentions your name .when I first met you I never would have thought I would love you….I’m sorry messing our life..I always love you…I know it’s too have made your decision , right?” Tears roll down on cheeks

She didn’t sit longer there. She thought as per he said he have taken his decision to move on… She stood and opened door to go but then she felt tight hand grasp on her wrist. Turning around she saw Arjun’s sparkling deep black eyes and him pulling her in to his body, wrapping his strong arms around her.

“ Do you think that I will let you go after you tell me you love me? “ He asked with s*xiest of smile on his face.

“ But….what about everything you said…” Radhika said innocently

“ Radhika, I want you to know how much you love me..realized it… silly tweety…” Arjun said playing with her hair..

And it was then he spun her around and kissed her. She felt his lips so warm and tender and couldn’t resist, she kissed him back with equal passion. Their lips started moving slowly like they were living that moment. With every passing minute their kiss became more passionate and intense.Their bodies were locked together and they felt they were in heaven.The kissed was filled the fire that burned passion and love into every part of their body..

Then they pulled away back, gasping for breath. He leaned down his head and brushed his forehead against her.Then she too look straight into his eyes and saw the same sparkle which was missing in his eyes.

“ Are you going to say anything my tweety or just going to stare at me…..” He asked with chuckle.

“ Wow….I wondering actually if this is real…” She giggled

“ Baby, this is real..and I should be one who was questioning if it is real..because I started to worry that you wouldn’t come….” Arjun

“ I have to come for our love…So what do you want me to do ? “ Radhika

“ Well, honestly I want to pick you up and take you inside and spend hours staring at you..Beacuse you are most beautiful woman and I love you and always want you with me…” He was staring at her in her brownish eyes..

“ Now..This is romantic..i didn’t know you had it in you..” radhika said teasingly

“ Just for you…” He said as he stroked the back of his hand against her face.

“ I love you Arjun Mehra, and want you forever….” She said lovingly

“ Well, Radhika Mishra, I love you as well and I will spend my life on earth with you only and doing everything I can to make you happy. Now can I take you in my arms and admire your beauty and ravish you with all the love that I have been waiting for…? “ He swept her in his arm and pilled her close.

She went crimson with his words. Her chicks went pink and she felt shiver in her spine.
He grabbed her and took her in his arm and slowly put her on couch. He leaned and kissed her, she too reciprocate with equal passion and love.

Song Dedication : Tum se hi…. From Jab We Met

Tum se hi din hota hai….. surmayi sham aati hai tumse hi….. tum se hi…..

Thank you so much friends for being most wonderful and lovely readers throughout this story. I want that whoever read this story to comment on this chapy to let me know your reviews about it..Please it’s my request.
Stay tunned friends.. The epilogue is coming soon….as well as the new story too…

Credit to: dipika

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