Never let u go (Chpt 27)


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Chapter 27

Next day

Arjun was in deep slumber. Doorbell rang. He woke up with jerk by sound of doorbell bang.he didn’t realized how he slept on couch thinking about Radhika. He got up from couch and went to answered door.
“ Bro it seem you missed us a lot..” Neil said standing leaning to the door.

Arjun was surprised to see NeSam and Raj in the doorway at this early morning. They got into the house left Arjun at the doorway.

“ What this Bro…we just fly for somedays, and you guys made mess out of you…” Neil teases him relaxing on couch.

Arjun got into the bathroom to freshen up without paying any attention to Neil words. Sam made coffee for all.

“ We brought something for you..” Sam said raising her mobile.

“ What ? right now I just want her to be in front of me…I have called some detectives but still I didn’t get any information about her whereabouts…” Arjun said frustratingly.

“ That’s why I said we have something special for you my would be jiju….” Sam said teasingly and played the voicemail sent by Radhika to her.

Arjun listened voicemail and could feel her sobbing.

“ So she is university campus…” Arjun
“ No she is not there.. As soon as we heard this voicemail we checked to University administration but they told that she not staying at their hostel… and as security issues they didn’t disclose her proper address..So I have called my people to get information about her…in few minutes her address will be in our hand….” Neil winked

“ damn just me because of whom she is hiding herself…” Arjun yelled

“ No Arjun..It just because she had taunted by many people about her past making her ran away from don’t blame youself…” Sam said comforting Arjun

“ Arjun , Life isn’t perfect , that you have rough patches, but you don’t have to blame for have to do something to fix it..” Raj said..his fatherly voice soothing restless in Arjun’s heart.

“ What though ? “ Arjun

“ You want Radhika….Give her something grand gesture of your love.. which shows how much you love her at any point of life..pour your heart out….Don’t be afraid that she will hurt you,just jump… I would be happy seeing you both together..” Raj

Neil’s phone beep with the messaged, with that light around all faces got lit up…

Arjun saw the address and decided something to him.

“ so what are you going to do? “ Neil asked.

“ Going to get her back…” he answered with smile..

“ Okay..Be careful Arjun..don’t matters what happened..remember..she loves you…” Raj said

“ Thanks dad…” Arjun said hugging Raj…
He called airport and see next flight for Gold Coast.

Within a few hours he was in a plane. He had a fear of high altitude and as because of that he always chooses to drive by his car…so he was terrifying siting at window seat. Captain came to intercom and told to buckle up the seat belts and they were would be taxing on runway soon to took off. He panicked and grips the armrest.

“ Never flown before..son?”
Turning to his left he saw old women probably in her seventies looking at him in curiosity.

“ No but have fear of high altitude…” He replied with gritted teeth

“ You will be fine..I think that its more than it which bugging you..” Old lady

“ You are good at reading people..” Arjun

“ That’s happen with my aged people…” old lady

“ I’m going after my girl…” Arjun

“I should have guessed. Young love.. I remember my first love..not something I would ever forget…”

“ But she is hurt…” He replied relaxing some as talking to her.

“ All relationship have a hurt little but what important is LOVE..”

He sighed
“ You survived..” she chuckled

“ What?” he said confusingly

“ Your fear….”

He couldn’t help but laugh…

“I figured that all you need is little distraction..I do hope that everything goes well with your girl..she must be lucky..” She said examining Arjun

“ No..i’m the lucky one..She is absolutely and totally perfect…” Arjun said remembering black brownish kohl filled eyes.
With a smile old lady got back to her crossword puzzle..He leaned back and closed his eyes thinking what to say when he got to Radhika. With her thoughts he fell asleep and woke up with Captain’s announcement that they are landing in Gold Coast soon.

He stepped out the airport and sees the clear sky, shining sun and cool breeze; all things giving sense of positivity. He took a cab to her place.

The city getting closer by second makes his stomach filling with butterflies. Paying the driver,he looked around the neighborhood that Radhika was living in. He got the peach color tulip flowers bouquet from the roadside flower shop. He took lift to Radhika’s apartment and reached on the 5th floor as mentioned in the given address. Stepping out he saw two doors similar in looks..He went to left one. Shaking..he brought his hand to knock and waited her to answer. His heart was beating fast.

Leaning on the university campus’s bench Radhika was engrossed in deep thought about her what was going on her life. She was badly missing Arjun and his presence around her.As she came to Gold Coast, from authorities she got permission to stay outside the campus. By their reference she got the apartment near university campus.. She spent most of her time in campus busy in workshop. With her bubbly nature she won the every ones heart around.
As she has session to for her drawing class she got up from the bench and headed towards auditorium.

“ I have brought a new idea today.You guys have to draw a story in today’s class..Story telling drawing. Any kind of story you can include.” Mr Crane head of the drawing class informed all workshop aspirants.

In an hour Radhika completed her drawing, staring over it leaning over her one leg..

“ Radhika, I’m impressed with your story line..It has depth and heart. You have shown character’s so beautifully..but….” Mr Crane said while observing her painting.

“ But what? “ Radhika interjected
“ Radhika , this is love story right ? and its obvious that its end on happy can’t end something like this so tragically. The girl just can’t leave the guy and story end..” Mr Crane

“ It’s supposed to be tragic sir..though having so much love. Nor every love story should ends on happy note na…” Radhika muttered painfully as she knew they are real charaters.

“ I know artist hate when someone suggest them..but still this not real but that couldn’t mean you can’t give happy ending.. and we always crave for happy ending…” Mr Crane

He just stared for second and went to another student. Radhika began to stare at her painting and wondering if Mr Crane was right..

As drawing class wrapped up she grabbed her belongings and left for her apartment. In twenty minutes she reached to her apartment, unlocking the door she got in. Pulling her hair in ponytail, she pulled nice pair of pajamas and tank top.

As lying on Couch she started to read a book she got for her to fight with loneliness she was facing.
She heard a door knock and got startled because no one comes at her as she was all new in the city. Sitting the book on the couch, she crossed the room to pull door open and got stumbled as she saw who was standing on the other side.

She got stunned seeing Arjun standing so close to her that she can touch him, she could even fell smell of his cologne.

“ Arjun….” She whispered…

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Song dedication : Main tenu Samjhava from Humty sharma ki dulhaniya…
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