Never let u go (Chpt 26)


My lovelies as we are nearing to end of our story…only few more chapters to go…Will Arjun catch up with Radhika before she leaves him back in Sydney? Will they have their happily ever after? Everyone will be find out soon..Thank you sooo much for reading and giving your precious reviews to me..M overwhelmed with your love and had “ Khushi k Aasooo…”

Chapter 26 : “ Just the way you are “

If we can accept somebody in our life who has had as ex-boyfriend / girlfriend, why apprehensive about marrying someone who is a divorcee? Specially in woman’s case. Just because one official ceremony and some viewers and commenters were involved. Need to think and Society needs change.

When Arjun went out of site she started to cry vigorously. Taxi driver too was looking at her suspiciously. She tried to calm down herself but couldn’t, tears were falling like crazily. When some things are not in our hand then we feel most helpless than anything that’s what happening with Radhika. She quickly messaged Teji to come over her apartment.
As taxi arrived at her apartment, tumbling from the car, she climbed the steps and went into house. She quickly changed Anarkali dress and put on pair of jeans and black hoodie top.
As she threw some of her cloths in one of the bag, she went to open the door and found Teji on door. She made him seat without uttering a word. Teji sensed tension, sadness in her face.

“ Chashini , what happened ? Why you called me at this hour? “ Teji tried to understand what was going on.

She didn’t spoke but come up with her luggage from bedroom.
Teji got shocked and surprised, he figure out something had happened with her.

“ Radhika..Be reasonable. This isn’t the answer to your problem…”
She didn’t listen nor was she in state to listen something. She saw all over the room and saw scattered bouquet of flowers, gifts. Tears rolled down from her eyes.

She picked the phone book from desk and dialed to the airport.

“ Yes , I need to fly out as soon as possible to Gold coast”
It didn’t take long to book ticket. Swapping her phone she looked towards Teji who figure out that something had happened between Aradhika.

“ Radhika..don’t do this…” Teji begged
She picked the piece of paper and then began to write, and as she began to scribble down note , she felt tears begin again and some dropped on paper ,making the ink smear at some places. As soon as she finished turned towards Teji and handled it to him.

“ Wait here for Arjun. Give this to him.”

“ How do you know Arjun sir will come..” He started

“ I just know him. He will come..”

“ what about Nesam?”

“ I will deal with them later. I don’t know what to say to them right now. Keep this keys with you and when Sam returned handover her..please teji”
She said and went towards the door.
Taxi still waiting at her apartment she sat and drove off.
As taxi arrived to airport, she picked her stuff and walked through the security towards the gate. As she did required stuff to fly she sat on chair to wait for call to boarding a plane.
She thought dragging Arjun in her bad fate was not good. Its matter of time he will forget her after some time if she would not stay in front of his eyes. May be this all for the best.

She picked her phone dialed to Sam as she had gone to some tropical island for honeymoon her phone didn’t connect. So she decided to send a voice mail to her.

“ Hey Sam, I need to tell you something and you going to be really angry on me..but I have to do this…I am sitting at the airport and in couple of minutes going to board a plane to Gold coast. I got call from Gold coast university for creativity and arts workshop. Sorry for not informing you earlier because I’m not sure at that time.. but now I have to go far from Arjun. May be I will not come here again”

She found tears rolling down on her chicks again and heard announcement regarding her flight.

“Flight 324 to GoldCoast is now boarding at Gate 12. “

“ Sam I need to go..I will call you as I done with all the stuff there..bye take care…”
She snapped her phone in her jeans pocket and gathered her belongings and walked towards the gate. She turned once to look behind and handed over her ticket to the guard.

Though she made her choice but she didn’t know what destiny’s choice is.

Arjun was sitting on sand having complete blur in front of his eyes. Suddenly a thought crossed his mind..Radhika…He knew her that before she did something he need to catch her. He knows how she will thought and would act according and would regret later on it.
He stood and grabbed his car and accelerated with maximum speed. As he arrived , he jumped from the car and ran towards her apartment and found Teji sitting on steps.
“ Where is she?” He asked.

“Gone. I told her it was mistake but she said she have to. She left this for you.She said you would come here Sir..” Teji completed in sad tone and handed that piece of paper to Arjun.

While unfolding the paper his hand trembled, and saw her beautiful handwriting script along with blotches where some ink had run, he feels her tears.

“ Arjun
I’m sorry, but I can’t stay here, not now at least. Everything happened so fast and it is something that I can’t handle this moment. I’m not running away but I need to get myself back together. Live your life with someone else best for you and who deserves you. Take care.

“ No.She wasn’t going to run. Not now. I couldn’t let her “He mumbled.

Looking towards Teji he asked her whereabouts.
“ Sir chashni left for airport before half an hour. Going to gold coast…” Teji informed

He quickly jumped from the stairs and ignited his car. While driving he was calculating how far she would have been from him. Pushing down clutch he accelerated to the very high speed in hopes of catching up with her. He knew he would stop her from going and don’t want to lose her at any cost.

He was pushing all the driving laws in thrash. As he reached to the Sydney International Airport , quickly dashed inside.
He quickly looked to see what planes were leaving and then saw a flight for Gold Coast in less than twenty minutes.

Running through the crowds of people, he kept praying that he woudn’nt be too late, that she wouldn’t be out of his reach. As he neared the gate for flight for Gold coast , saw the guard and a lady standing at a podium to collect the tickets.

“Hello sir, may I have your ticket please” lady said with smile.

“ I don’t have ticket. I just want to talk to someone before she gets into the flight.” Arjun said hurridly trying to pass.

“ I’m sorry sir. I can’t let you pass without ticket and I believe that the flight is booked completely and in few minutes ready to take off. You can always catch the next flight sir, it leaves in two hours.” Lady said

“ You don’t understand I have to stop her from leaving…Please..for god sake…” Arjun begged almost in verge of breaking.

“ I’m really sorry sir. There is nothing I can do, and I just got the messaged that they are in the process of boarding. Even if I could let you through, she is already in the plane.”

The feeling of his heart dropping made him sick. She was gone and he couldn’t able to do anything. He walked slowly through airport , when he looked up he saw a plane taxied out to the runway. Watching the plane, he felt like dying. He thought this couldn’t be the end. Not the end of Arjun and Radhika.

They are meant to be Aradhika.

He came outside and saw plane disappearing from his eye sight, sighing he sat on the bench. He felt alone never like before. Nothing but he realized it’s his fault that he let Radhika run from the beach, didn’t fight hard enough to catch her and let his own heart broken.

Next Day….

When curtain to his bedroom flew , he groaned as roll over to smash his face in pillow. He didn’t care who was in his room or what was going around.
“ Get out of the bed Arjun..”
Rolling across he saw Sonali standing in his room’s door.

“ Mom..Please Go away..let me be alone…” Arjun groaned

“ What happened last night? The best question is what happened when you proposed Radhika..By your state I can guess all is not well” Sonali spoke calm

He narrated the whole story. He knew that he can’t keep this for long.
“ Arjun…” Sonali’s voice filled with pain

“ No mom. I was stupid to let best things happened to me go away. I was too afraid to do anything and I lost her. I can’t live without her but don’t know what she thinks of me now..”

Sonali walked over and sat down beside him and looks deep into his eyes.

“ She suffered a lot Beta..I can understand her state. Have faith. I do. I have faith that everything between you and radhika will up like it’s supposed to.From very foist day I like her and wanted her to be your wife… I believe you both are destined for each other..”

She stood and wrapped him in warm hug.He felt secure in his mother’s arm. And felt blessed having truly amazing mother.

Sonali went downstairs.

Arjun got up and went to took shower. After getting ready he went downstairs. He saw sonali working in Kitchen.
“ Where are you going arjun?” sonali asked

“ To Radhika’s apartment. Untill I get her back I will stay at her apartment…NeSam are coming tommarow..We will search her out…I’m going to fight for my love….” Arjun’s voice was firm with determination.

Sonali came close to Arjun and cupped his face in her palm.

“ I’m proud of you beta..You two deserved to be happy…and I think you both will happy together ” Sonali said
Arjun smiled kissed her palm and took his car keys and left.

Arjun got into Radhika’s apartment. He roams all over the place and could feel her fragrance at every place.Arjun was sitting all alone in her apartment , thinking of Radhika and remembering the memories he had shared with her in the same room. Their pizza and movie date, their non-stop talking for hours. He was badly missing her. He leaned on coach and thought chocolate orbs come in front of his eyes. He was watching her picture in his mobile and caressing her face.

“You made me feel complete and showed me how to love unconditionally, and I knew no one can make me feel like that way. My love for you won’t die easily. I wish you open your eyes and hear , “ I love you just the way you are, and I don’t want to let you go..”

He fell asleep.

Next chapter : Nesam returned. Arjun found Radhika’s whereabout…and he goes to get her back..but..

Song dedication to this chapter : Just The Way You Are By Bruno Mars..

Please listen to this of my fav…it describe well Arjun’s feelings…As this are the last chapter I’m going to dedicate a song for every chapter which are left..So I too want you guys to dedicate some songs that you guys like…And please tell me how these chapter is…Love you all till ants wear pants…muhhaa…

Credit to: dipika

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    1. Hey Brin Darling Thank you so much for this lovely words..Every one deserves second chance to make bad into good

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