Never let u go (Chpt 24)

Hello to my lovely darlings here..This is one of the moments that I know many of you waiting since I started the story…Radhika’s past..It feels like things are coming in full circle and those things are now in the motion which I was dying to write. Problem was when I finished it, I was scared to reread it..funny..huhh? I want you to know that I’m terrified about this chapter.

So hope that you guys like it and understand that I tried really hard for this…so here is the next chapter..

Chapter 25

Radhika was sobbing in tears. She looked towards Arjun who had become statue.

“ Radhika please say this is not real…please…..” Arjun muttered and looked at her with hope that she was joking.

“ No Arjun..This is real..I knew that at one day I have to tell this truth to you..but never think like this way I would have to tell it…..” She sobbed. She remembers full day’s moment of her.

“ But now I will tell you the whole past story of mine….”

“ My dad Raghav Mishra is well known surgeon in Mumbai. He is man of discipline and very strict in nature. As I am his only daughter he used to pamper me a lot. I never had seen his rude and strict behavior towards me. He never said no to me for anything but except one. He wanted me to became a doctor like him and proceed his legacy. But I never interested in becoming doctor. When I had my entrance exam for medical I skipped it and took admission for arts in creativity which is my passion from childhood. I thought he would forgive me and accept these things.

But I was wrong when he got to know about it from that very moment he stopped talking to me. I apologies for 100 times but he didn’t forgive. He said for him I was not his daughter anymore..
I always used to cry lot for his love and forgiveness. I lost my friendly caring papa for sake of my dreams my passion…Now Ankush pursuing MBBS to fulfill papa’s dream.

Like this 4 years passed…that day I never ever forget…it was my result day of graduation…
Flash Back starts

Sam stops her scooty in front of Radhika college..
Radhika was busy praying.
“ Chashni stop worrying yar..i know your result already…” Sam winked

“ What? What it is then..tell me na..” Radhika

“ You are going to fail ” Sam started to laugh

“ Sammmmm…when I have you ,don’t need enemy…” Radhika making fake angry face.
“common drama queen..stop your nautani..I know like as usual you will be the topper..” Sam pulled radhika towards notice board.
As they saw her name on the top of list, both girls started to jump in happiness.
Radhika collected her mark sheet from college office. They both left for home.
On sitting at back seat Radhika was humming the song in happiness and suddenly she saw something.

“ Stoppp…Sam Stopp na …” Radhika shouted

Sam thought something happen serious so she stopped the scooty in all worried.

“ What happen? R u okay..?” Sam
“ Ofcourse..what happen to me..See there “ radhika said pointing towards the other side of road.

Sam looked and found baraat ( groom’s procession ) and get shocked
“ No chashni..We are getting late to reach home..” sam pleaded tried to convinced Radhika..
But she is Radhika not listen to any one. She already got off from scooty and headed towards the other side of the road.
“ I’m going to dance…you r coming too..come fast..” radhika said crossing the road
People were busy dancing on drums and dhol. Radhika too joined and started to dance crazily, Sam too join her.
After dancing crazily they got back to the scooty.
“ Oh my are crazy….chashni..Don’t know how your husband will handle this craziness of yours..” Sam
“ by Being crazy with me…My dream prince will be like me na..” Radhika answered
They both laughed and went to home.
Sam dropped Radhika at her home and went to hers

As Radhika entered into the house, she saw one man was sitting in living room with her father.He was as aged of his father.
She thought maybe he was her dad’s colleague she was about to gone upstairs.
She stopped with voice and couldn’t able to believe that her dad was calling her name. She got very happy.
“From where are you coming? “ Raghav asked her

“ From college result declared today. I’m topped it papa…” Radhika said with excitement.

“ Congratulation Beta..” Raghav smiled and patted her back.
She couldn’t believe that her dad was talking to her after almost 4 years.
Then suddenly a man got from Sofa and come to Radhika.
“Congratulation Radhika beta. Do you remember me?” He said
Radhika looked with puzzled towards Radhav
“ Choti he is your Ram uncle…remember my best friend. In your childhood you used to play with his son saral…after 10 years he returned from London..” Raghav said

Radhika reminded and she leaned to touch his feet.

“ Such a sweet blessing with you beta..” Ram said.

“ How are you uncle? How is Saral? Didn’t see him since we were kid…” Radhika
“ I’m Fine beta..Saral too is good. Now he too became one of the best surgeons in town. Soon you will see him in your engagement.” Ram completed
Radhika got stunned with the information. She wants to start her art studio and wants to do many more things but now…this engagement….she was not prepared for marriage…She thought Engagement without asking her and with whom.

“ Engagement?? She asked gulping her sadness.
“ Yess choti..I have fixed your marriage with Saral. I’m so happy that my best friend will become my relative. Are you happy choti? “ raghav asked

Radhika couldn’t hold her emotion back she went rushing to her bed room.

“ She got means she is agree for this marriage..let’s celebrate Ram” Radhav hugged Ram
Here in her room Radhika was crying vigorously. Mala call her several times but she didn’t open the door. Then Mala called Sam.
When Sam came, she somehow convinced radhika to open the door.
“ ohh..Chashni don’t can refuse this alliance…” Sam consoles her

“ No Sam I’m not going to refuse this alliance.Papa started talking to me after 4 years..I won’t disappoint him anymore..I will marry Saral..May be he is the one who made for me.After all I know him from childhood..” Radhika Said determined
“ Are you out your mind Radhika? To compensate with uncle’s behavior you are ruining your dream your happiness..” Sam
“ Now I don’t want anything than papa’s happiness. If I disagree him don’t know what will happen…you know Pihu was his classmate and now his colleague in hospital I will ask her about him.. ” Radhika

“ Haa beta..Pihu my sister’s daughter learned with him. She is like real sister to Radhika. Saral is good as person.I have heard about him. Our choti will be happy with him…” Mala said

“Oh..i remember her we trio used to play…” Sam
Sam agreed and they talked for hours.

After a week Radhika got engaged to Saral. He was good with her but in friendly way. She too realized this.But never share this to anyone. She thought might be they were meeting after so many years with too in this awkward condition that making him uncomfortable with her.

Wedding date got fixed and soon wedding preparations got started. Radhika was happy that she got back care and love from Raghav and in that she forgets her all worries.

Relatives started to come but Pihu didn’t come. Radhika’s maasi told her that she has some work in London so wouldn’t come for wedding.

With each n every day Radhika’s uncertainty increases she felt like something going to be wrong. Mala consoles her that it might be her nervousness of marriage.

Soon Radhika got married to Saral.

But after their marriage Saral used to stay more at hospital than home if someone asked him about it he excused that he has work load n all. Since they got married he used to do nightshifts and came to home for little while.
Though Radhika wasn’t in love with Saral but she cared for him. She thinks as his wife she has to take care of their relationship. So she decided to take a first step and talked with him.

One month passed like this. She decided to celebrate their first month anniversary and give a new start to their relation..
She prepared his favorites dishes and packed tiffin for him. She wore his favorites red color saree and got ready to visit him in his hospital.

Driver dropped her at hospital. It was morning time; she enjoyed the cool breeze from garden area. She stops at one of the rose plant near the hospital building staring beautiful rose flower.

Her thoughts got broken, when she heard some noise from the window behind that plant.

“ What are you doing here? If someone saw you… know what I mean….”
Voice came from window. Radhika recognized the voice it was Saral’s. She got surprised why he was talking to the person like this. She thought maybe was talking to the patient.

“ Okay now you are avoiding me…How could you forget all the thing so easily Saral….” Female voice came.
Radhika felt that voice she had heard was familiar to her. She tried to remember but couldn’t able.

“ Pihu..Please try to understand me…” saral said

By listening her name Radhika got shocked
She thought that how Pihu come here she was in London and if she is here why she didn’t meet me yet.

“ why Saral? Why always I have to understand? Now you get Radhika, she is beautiful than me, rich than can you understand me then…” Pihu blurred out in frustration.

“ Pihu please listen to me..I just love you…I don’t touch her till…You know I married her only for my father’s sake…” Saral came to pihu and tried to console her.

Radhika got shocked with it..She couldn’t able to believe on what she was hearing was true or not.

“ I never wants to hurt Radhika. She is my sister.She is really beautiful person inside out..but…” Pihu started to cry.

“ Pihu you know na papa blackmail me if I wouldn’t marry her he will kill I have to do this…beacuase of that I am trying to hide our relation.I too never wanted to do this to Radhika.She is my friend too.” Saral

“But you won’t keep it secret for long..My reports came positive…I am Pregnant Saral..” Pihu said crying vigorously.

Now Radhika was shattered. She felt some one attacked her from back by sharp knife. Betrayal from loved ones heart deep..She fell on ground and started to cry.

“ Saral I will abort this child and go away from your life..I will not ruin Radhika’s life…” Pihu said with sobbing tears.

Radhika couldn’t resist herself and gone to the Saral’s cabin and saw Saral and Pihu were crying.

“ You don’t need to do this Pihu..” Radhika said confidently brilliantly hiding her tears.

Saral and Pihu got shocked seeing her there. They started to apologies her but she didn’t listen to them and asked them to come home with her.

She told her family to come home. After all gathered at Saral’s home, she told them she wants divorce from Saral. All got shocked and started to ask the reason but she didn’t speak word against Pihu and Saral. Mala and Raghav asked the reason and started to divert her mind but she didn’t say a word and stayed firm on her decision.

After Radhika and Saral divorce, Radhika made Saral to marry Pihu.

After all this, Raghav fumes in anger and always blame Radhika for all this mischief but Radhika didn’t speak word about the truth. Neighbors and relatives to started badmouthing about her character. People in our society never tried to understand actual situation they just blame women. Every time people abused her for taking divorce.

At the end Saral broke promise to keep it secret and told all family members the whole truth. Raghav collapsed by listening to the whole story. He assumed himself responsible for this.

Radhika somehow console him but he didn’t forgive himself for not believing on his own daughter. So he gave permission and support to fulfill her dreams and called Sam to take Radhika away from all the question and situation which she was facing.
Flash Back ends

“ So that’s how I came to Sydney to live new life and to make my own identity by my work…” Radhika

She looked towards Arjun who was Shocked to the core by hearing the entire story. Inside his heart was paining for Radhika which pain she bear till date.

“ I know you will think proposing me, touching me was your massive mistake..But more than that I curse myself for hurting you….I know people won’t like to marry divorcee girl that too most eligible bachelor like you.Whenever I tried to be happy, something bad happen and that happiness gets snatch from me..I don’t want you to be part of my bad luck..its good if we remain friends only…” She felt hot tears streaming down from her eyes.

Arjun was no more in his sense. He was completely frozen.He saw tears started to form in her eyes again. He wanted to take her in arms and comfort her, to be the force who will keep away her from all the bad things in the world.

Radhika took it wrongly and she felt Arjun didn’t want to talk to her.

“I have to go Arjun..” She yelled and turned to run away from him. She didn’t want to saw pity or sympathy in his eyes.

As soon as she took off, he came to his sense and started running behind her.
“ Radhika…stop..wait..” He yelled
Taxi stops at her waving, she climbed hurriedly before he could reach her. She didn’t want to face him and needed to be alone.

As he watched her drive away from him, he felt his legs fall out from beneath him. He was shattered and completely heart broken.

Thank you soooo much for reading.
You are really the nicest friends ever, so I give all my love to you. I’m spellbound with your love and motivation..Muhhaa to you all.

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