Never let u go (Chpt 23)

Chapter 24
11 pm
One hour before Radhika’s birthday
Arjun was standing at parking lot of Radhika’s apartment like he was waiting for someone. Suddenly his phone started to buzz.
“ Hey..Where are you?? I’m waiting here…” He frowned
Someone speaks on other end.
“Okay..Have you brought all the listed things which I told you?” He asked
“Yess sir…” voice said at the other end
“ Fine…come fast…” He ends the call and smiled.

Radhika was lying on her bed waiting for slumber to grab her and she could sleep peacefully.
This would be her first birthday when she was all alone. Suddenly she heard a noise from kitchen and got up to find out.
She entered into the kitchen without switching on the lights.

“ Who’s there..” She whispered and found none in the kitchen.
As she turned to go towards living room she collided with something..something very strong like a wall..but due to sudden encounter she slip and fall but with her she felt that wall also falling.

Light gets on.
She found herself on Arjun‘s strong body;they fall on sofa, she got shocked.
“Happy birthday to you..happy birthday to you..happy birthday dear RADHIKAAAA…Happy Birthday to you…..” She heard chorus sound
And found Teji, Zubin,Kritika,Aditya and Rita holding balloons, ribbons and cake…
Arjun whispered in her ear
“ Happy Birthday Radhika…”
She blushes and her skin turned crimson with his whisper.
Aradhika got up.
Radhika was very happy with this surprise she couldn’t stop smiling.
“ Oh My you guys plan this? Means literally I didn’t even know when guys slipped into the apartment…” Radhika exclaimed

“ Thanks to Arjun sir..He made this all plan..and we entered in by spare key given by Sam…and its credit again goes to Arjun Sir..” Teji answered

She looks at him who was busy watching her leaning to the wall having sweet smile on his face.
“ Okay…let’s cut the cake Radhika ..I’m damn hungry this Kritika didn’t allowed me to eat something while we came here…” Zubin said teasingly to Kritika

Radhika nodded.
Teji lit up the candles and brought cake before Radhika which was of butterscotch flavor her favorites.

“ Wow it’s so lovely…It’s my favorite…Thank you guys…” She took picture of cake in her mobile.
“ Make wish and then blow off the candle in one go..” kritika instructed
She closed her eyes in order to make a wish and then excitedly blew out the all candles in one go..
After feeding piece of cake to all she came to Arjun.
Radhika decided to shove her piece of cake onto Arjun’s face..
“ Ah..”
All turned around to see Arjun’s face covered in butterscotch and whipped cream.
All waited to see Arjun’s reaction. He stood there with cake dripping down on his t-shirt and Radhika laughing uncontrollably. With that he took big piece and gets hold of her and shoved it on Radhika’s face. With this real entertainment started and all other started to apply cake on each other’s face.

“ This is crasy…We were supposed to be celebrating my birthday and not wasting such yummy cake. I am putting an end to this…” Radhika said peeping from behind curtain where she hides herself from cake holi.
Eventually with that all started to laugh and all stopped playing and clean themselves.
After giving her gift all started to leave.
At last Arjun came close to her and wished her birthday again.
“ Thank you So much Arjun for making my birthday special ..” She said with sparkling eyes.

“ Still many more surprises are waiting for you…”
He muttered and went downstairs.

She waved good bye to all from balcony of her room and turned to found four boxes on her bed with small note on upper box.

“ Radhika,
I hope you enjoyed my little surprise. I just want to shock you and make you feel special. There are 24 surprises coming your way with the sun shine. Out of 24, four presents on your bed which has a gift for you. Tomorrow, neither of us going to office. So be ready at 12 pm sharp..i will be waiting for you…
Radhika took out gift wrap from of one the boxes and find a rich baby pink color chicken work Anarkali salwar kameez. The baby pink cum peach color churidar looking lovely with net peach color dupatta.
She unwrapped the next box having small pendant necklace with matching jhumake in it. Third box contains a peach color diamond bracelet. And last box contains matching stilettos with dress with note
“Do wear it tomorrow…Please accept this gifts…for me”
She was surprised with all the gifts and excited for next day morning. Rather than having gifts she was happy to spend time with him.

Radhika woke up with sun shine down on her face. She felt the birthday celebration, surprise, gift and all would have been her dreams but soon the boxes proved its reality.

She pulled of her cloths from closet and went to take her shower.
After shower she felt very refreshed and went to kitchen for some daily chores.
Doorbell bang
She went to open it and found a flower delivery boy. She laid him in. with that he brought 24 bouquets of red roses containing 24 roses in each bouquet with small greeting.
“You are special like these Roses…”
She blushed. Living room of her apartment got fully occupied by bouquets.
After some time doorbell rang again with courier boy who delivers soft toy of Tweety with a note..
“ You are like this tweety ..Looks cute when you smile…”
After sometime again bell rang with gift no. 18 having a big collage of her pictures from childhood to present

“ From cute to beautiful…”
“Oh my god..he has gone CRAZYYYYY….” She whispered. She checks the time its read 11 pm.
She rushes to the bedroom to get ready for ride which was complete surprise for her.
Radhika wore the dress which Arjun had gifted her. She looked fabulous and stunning in that peach color Anarkali. She wore same stilettos and white Jhumake having peach color stones. She wrapped the bracelet around her tender wrist and put on some kohl and lip gloss on lips which added to her beauty.
Radhika’s dress

She was all set to leave. She decided not to call him rather going downstairs and find that he remember his given time or waiting for her call..

She locked the front door and went downstairs.
She opens the gate and found Arjun already waiting for her leaning to car he was standing with his signature smile.
Arjun was dressed in dark button down shirt that showed how defined his masculine chest was along with the tight pair of jeans.

Her heart skipped a beat or two.
When he saw her coming towards him, he was floored by her beauty. She looked more beautiful than what he had imagined.She came near him and gave him a warm smile. He gazed her carefully from head to toe. He first time saw her in Indian attire.
“ You looks so should wear Indian outfits” Arjun said still looking at her in wonder.

“ Thank you Arjun. I have never felt this special before.Its just because you…” She said blushingly….

“ Let’s go…” He said, she felt his eyes deep warm…she nodded because shyness of his constant glare on him making her unable to form a sentence.

“ Where are we going?” radhika

“ Towards your next surprise…” Arjun winked while driving his constant glares on her.
After driving for half an hour they reached the destination.
Radhika got down from car and found Temple in front her. Her eyes lighten up with happiness, winked at Arjun.
AS they entered the temple premises felt the cool breeze from lawn.
“Arjun, I can feel such positive vibes here. I am in love with this place.” She whispered.
They entered into the temple which had golden kalash and white marble floor, white pillars decorated with marigold flowers.
Radhika enthralled with design of temple looked in all direction.
They took flowers from vender.She covered her head by dupatta.
They see lord Ganesha idol in middle of temple with priest worshipping the god.
They bowed down in respect, folded their hand for prayers.
Arjun looked at Radhika, Her closed eyes form making her look calm and innocent. Radhika opened her eyes slowly with a smile on her face and turned her face towards Arjun who was gazing at her.
Panditji gave them holy water and Prashad.
They came outside the temple, felt peace in the shed of supreme power. They seated silent under one big tree in the premises.
“ There is different sort of peace we can feel near the almighty God…” Radhika whispered.
“ Yeah..Thanks to you Radhika..Because of you I started believe on God again…” Arjun eyes shimmered.
She smiles at him.
As they got up to leave, one by one small kids started to came to Radhika,
“ Happy B’day Di..” A kid said and gave her kissy on her chin and this all the other 23 kids wished her the same.

Arjun was smiling at her because she was shocked with this sudden surprise.
Arjun gave chocolates and kids went happily with it.
After roaming all over city Arjun gave other gifts like chocolate box, her favorites author book with signed copy, her favorite dish, her favorite song CD like this, wrist watch etc…Now only four gift were remaining.

Radhika thanked him with a ravishing smile for wonderful day.
While driving they could see beautiful sunset on horizon.

“ So where are we going now? What’s the special plan? “ Radhika asked in excitement.

“ Just a little more wait. You will see the real surprise which I have planned for your Birthday.” He winked and smiled, accelerated the car more speed.

Once they reached their spot, he parked the car and the staff escorted them to the “ Lindt Chocolatier café cum beach Restaurant “.
Radhika was thrilled at the thought of Arjun’s mysterious plan and was also nervous since no one had ever done anything of that sort for her. Arjun ensured Radhika was completely seated and disappeared for couple of minutes to talk to the manager.
Once everything was set, he took Radhika along with him to surprise her with one of the best evening of her life.

“ Can you please give away the suspense now?” Radhika couln’t controls her anxiety.

“ We are at private space I booked for us.. For this you have to have this…” He showed the black blindfold..
She made pout face and he holds her from back and ties the blindfold on her eyes.

As they walked to the spot he unfolds the tie of unfold.

Radhika was awestruck when she saw the scenic beauty and ambiance of the spot.
All places were decorated with light, candles and flowers. A wooden way was floating on sea, reached to a dies where table and two chairs were arranged with dinner plates. On top of it there was sky full of shimmering stars which reflection was appeared in sea water which making it look like sea and sky were met at the moment. Sound of waves and cold breeze were coming from sea side making it more romantic.
As she stepped forward she sees the rose petal spread all over the place.She was awestruck and couldn’t able to believe that it was real. She felt she was dreaming, her happiness was clearly visible in her sparkling eyes.
He holds her hand laid her to the tree on which different color of lights glowing with small notes on every branch..
There were 24 short poems written on the every note. She got mesmerized with the notes and busy got busy reading them.

“Radhika…” Arjun called her from behind standing on floating dies.

She turned and found him holding Guitar in his hand, she walks towards him. He makes her seat on one of the chair.
“ Very few know my passion about Guitar…Its just because you, I touched this Guitar after my college days….So these your 23rd means Second last surprise..I will play it for you…” Arjun brush his finger across the strings of Guitar and holding her hand makes her seat at the dining table in tent.

The whole day brought surprises for her she just left amazed at every surprise by him and couldn’t able to decide which one is best. But listening to Arjun singing and playing Guitar is the most amazing surprise she got she thought to herself. With strings sound she came out of her thoughts.
Placing his hands on strings he started to play and sing…

Kehta hain…
Khuda ne iss jahan mein sabhi ke liye
Kisi na kisi ko hai banaya har kisi ke liye
Tera milana hai uss rab ka ishaara maano
Mujhko banaya tere jaise hi kisike liye….

Kuch toh hai tujh se Raabta
Kuch toh hai tujh se Raabta
Kaise hum jaane, hume kya pata
Kuch toh hai tujh se Raabta

Tu humsafar hai
Phir kya fikar hai
Jeene ki wajah hi yehi hai
Marana issi k liye….ooooooohoooo

She leaned her chin against her hand and tears streaming down from her face.He continued to play and went on to the other song

Dil ka yeh kya raaz hai
Jaane kya kar gaye
Jaise aandhero mein tum
Chandani bhar gaye

Kare chaand taaron ko mashhoor itana kyun
Kambhakhat inse bhi khoobsoorat hai tu…

He stopped for a moment and come close to her. She stands when he came close to her.
He went to his knees and sang other part..


Radhika stood numb she couldn’t able to Say anything.. She stood frozen
Arjun got stand up and took her hand into his and continued. She felt electricity

“ This is your 24th gift, my proposal. I would like to tell you that you have wooed me from the very first meeting at the disc. You might have not noticed me there but I lost my heat to you at that very moment. You’ve touched my life so deeply that now there is no going back. Before meeting you, I never believed on true love since people like you were never around me.Yet you made it possible. You made me believe on true love. I don’t know what you think of me, but you are special to me. You are the most beautiful girl in this world for me. I feel your love in every song but I have kept hidden for so long. But now I have to say it….
With all the faith, I love you Radhika….”

She quickly pulled her hand away to calm herself..
“ Arjun, please stop. You don’t know what are you saying. You wouldn’t be happy if you had me..Please I’m not best girl for you..You are too good for me. “ She blurred out whatever comes in her mind
“ Radhika you are the only best girl for me…I don’t want to anyone besides me except you…”
Arjun come and hold her at her shoulder.

“ No don’t understand I have past…Please ” Tears trembling down from her face

“ Don’t do these to me Radhika..I don’t care about any past of yours…” He held her tight making his grip tighten on her skin

“ Please forget me will be Good for you..because….”
She stop for moment sobbing in tears..

“ because I’m a divorcee…” She completed her sentence in started crying vigorously

Arjun got frozen with her word, he felt like someone pour hot iron on his heart.

Next chappy : Radhika’s whole past story

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  24. lol…iam sorry di….. u know na…wat and all goes around me and i am sooo lazy too to comment….ya…i read the story actually i wanted to comment tat day coz its the best chappy of ur ff…but the end part…wat was it…u just jave us a heart attack….but i loved this di….those surprises was sooooo awesome….i wish i had someone to give me surprises..ll.. :-p as always u rocked it…i was waiting for ur next one and didnt get na so came to remind of tat ttoooo…but this epi was giving pain to both arjun and rad…. and moreover y does many of our society ppl think tat a divorced women does not deserve a good and unmarried man….i think here also u tried to tell tat…and tat too through rads coz she think she does not deserve arjuns love only because she is divorced…but u know…many of divorced man want unmarried women…woh kya baath hui…. and tats our society!!! lol…similar incident happened whn i was in defense estate…lol….and u know wat…. the blame went on the women… i wonder y the ppl poke their nose in such matters whn both the divorced girl and that unmarried guy love each other and does not have any probs evn whn they r of same caste and state…and as always we youth gang supported thm…. lol…. and some military uncles too…wat to say… of their age friends..hahaha…anyhow…ur tis epi reminded me of tat incident… but anyhow i know ardhika will b ultimately together…lol…love u……….. tc….update next one soon…..

    1. Febyyyyyyy Darling you brought the widest amile on my face.n i m sure one day someone spl will do spl things for you bcos you hav such crystal ckear heart Thankkkkkkkkk you sooooo much for loving,understanding me this r right society always blames women for any mischief happened to her.. never try to understand her…if two loves each there is no ones right to restrict them..thanks for Sharing the incident.. n m too glad that ppl supported them..until we youth don’t stand for our right change will not happen….shooooo much love for my cute lil sis…stay blessed..

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