Never let u go (Chpt 21)


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Chapter 21
A week later….
Radhika was busy working on her PC when her mobile on her desk began to ring.
Radhika got happy seeing Sam’s name flashing on Screen.
Sam was out of town for her client based project so was Neil. He was giving her company and they wants to spend quality time with each other. They were enjoying small trip in Melbourne.

“Hello…” Radhika replied with her musical voice.
“Someone is rather happy….” Sam voice was full of excitement…
“ Yes..I am..because I enjoying some peaceful moments at home..other time you annoy me..” Radhika said teasingly…
“Fine..then..i won’t come back..will settle here..” sam said angrily
“ Oh my darling sis..don’t be mad at me.. I am missing you…come soon na…” Radhika said pleadingly

“ Me too missing you Chashni…I want to Share something to you…”
“Go away babe…”

“ Neil asked me to marry him!”
The squeals that come through the line caused Radhika to start jumping up and down and squealing too
Sudden Squeal and dancing of Radhika made all bewilder and shock filled gazes turned towards her. She realized it
“Sorry…” she whispered and went towards balcony..

“ Oh my God..Congratulations Sam….When?” Radhika Said with wide smile on her face.

“Today at lunch..Told him I had to call you as soon as the ring was on the figure”

“ I bet he laughed at your craziness…” She giggles “Wait a minute…Did you tell him about your dream wedding?”
“ Oh…Chashni…Yess…he agreed on it..a Christen style wedding in Church..”

“ Ohhh…I’m so happyyyy for you Sammyyyy..”

“ Chashni I want you to take one month leave for my wedding…”

“ But Sam…” Radhika’s voice cut by Sam..
“ I will talk to Arjun…You know I would only want you to be with me..please..pretty please..with sugar on top”
Radhika thought for a minute.
“Okay.Sam..i wil…Happy…”
Sam squealed again causing Radhika to pull the phone away from her ear.
I love you Chashni…I’ll call you with more info soon..later..byee..”

The line went dead and she put her phone down on desk as she returned to her desk and couldn’t help but smile…
After office hours Arjun came to her desk.
“Let’s go…I will drop you home…” Arjun said smilingly
Radhika was in happy mood so didn’t refuse.
“Coming…” Radhika replied and she grabbed her belongings; went behind him.
As they drove she shared the NESAM marriage news, Arjun told her he already knew because Neil already told his plan of proposing Sam on this trip…they chatted all the way..
As they reached to Radhika’s apartment Arjun stopped her from getting down.
“ Radhika if you don’t mind can we hang out at your place..” he asked hesitantly

Radhika thought for second and replied
“ Sure..we will watch movie…”

“Fine..then see you in an hour…”
Arjun turned engine on and pulled away towards home.
Radhika unlocked the house and got inside. She stretched her muscles and went towards washroom to get much needed shower.

Turning off the shower she dried herself off and grabbed her cloths from closet and pulling brush from her hair she looked herself and thought about Arjun came to her mind she blushed with thought.
As she heard a doorbell rang she went to answer the door and found smiling Arjun.
“You got here early, guess the family wasn’t around were they?” Her eyes full of happiness.

“ Nope…They were busy in their stuff…Can I come in” Replied.

“ Oh…ofcourse…”
He came inside and leaned on sofa..
“Hungry???” She asked

“ May be a lil bit…” He said
“ Just give me few minutes..will make something for us…”
“ How about I order some pizza for treat…” He said with smile
“ Fine..but I will cook dinner for you sometime to make up for it…” She said and went towards kitchen to get ice tea for them.
Arjun went to the wall where Radhika’s and Sam’s photos from childhood to college days were hanging.
He got busy watching them. His attention broken by squeak when he heard Radhika’s footstep behind him. He turned and stunned looking at her. Her hair falling in wet waves down around her face ,making her look stunning. Shaking his head he let himself come back to reality.
“ The pizza should be here in a few minutes..” He mumbled
As soon as the words came out of his mouth and doorbell rang. He crossed the room and opened the door and took pizza from the pizza boy.

He grabbed some plates from kitchen along with bottle of coke from frizzier. He crashed on the sofa beside her before he open the boxes letting her bewilder.
They dug in and they talked about all kinds of things that like they hadn’t talk for years.
After an hour so , Arjun raided the DVDs and put in CAPTAIN AMERICA and turned off the light with the exception of lamp. They sat on the couch. They sat in silence watching the movie, when she felt herself begin to yawn. Her eyes were starting to droop. He noticed that and pulled her closer to his body to lean on it like her pillow.He wrapped blanket Around her and before turning his attention to movie , he looked into the brownish black depths and she too looked up to meet his eyes. They lost for the moment after that they move their gaze towards movie.

Her eyes started to hurt so she closed them. She listened to the gun shots from the movie. She didn’t know when she was slumbering peacefully.
Finishing the movie he moves slowly enough that he didn’t wake her up. He gently lift her in his arm and carried her up to her bedroom, pushing bedroom door with his foot and finally laid her down among the pillows.

Pulling her covers he slipped them over her body. He just stood there watching her sleep for a moment. Her hair fanned out like a halo around her face , she was sleeping peacefully. He kept wondering how it would feel to go to sleep with her besides her every night till the life end. He pushed thought away and went to living room. Though he thought was late to drive back at home he decided to slum back on couch. He wrapped blanket around him and could smell the light fragrance of her shampoo in it.. within a moment he drifted in dreams all consumed by her.

When she woke up she noticed she wasn’t where she was fell sleep. Pushing covers aside she went towards living room. She found Arjun slept on couch, his messy hair coving his eyes. His face was flawless, strong and content. She want to reach over and move his hair from his eyes but she didn’t want to rouse him from sleep so she restrict herself from doing so..

As then his eyes fluttered open, he was in a partial sleep.

“ I must be dreaming..because there is no way..i have never seen someone so beautiful before..” he played behind being half sleep.
She felt her skin flush with his words.

“ You must be dreaming….I am not that beautiful…” She said with smile.
He closed eyes for second and looked again to her.
“ Good morning” She replied.

“ Oh..Radhika I am sorry..after you fell asleep I carried you to bedroom and put you in the bed , I realized that it was late so I just crashed on your couch..if I overstepped my boundaries…” He was panic with thought that if Radhika didn’t like his staying there.

“ it’s okay Arjun…” She cut him off before he could finished “ You are my friend so you can stay here if you needed..”

He sat up and pulled his hand from his messy hair.
“ You want breakfast..” She asked
“ No Radhika.. I will better go now…”

“ Don’t worry I’m not that bad and breakfast only…” She said playfully.”

“ Sure then..let me get dressed..”

He stood and folded the blanket and placed it back over on the couch. It was then she noticed that he didn’t have his shirt. Her eyes grazed over his sculptured body. He couldn’t help but noticed Radhika’s watching him closely. He wanted to know as she was thinking the same way as he thought about her.
After breakfast he left for his home.
Chapter 22

NeSam’s wedding preparations were going on full swing. Radhika had taken one month leave so she was helping Sam in shopping and other wedding stuff…
As decided all were going for Nesam’s wedding dress shopping. Samrat ,Piyali and Prerna were going to come after a week so Raj and Sonali were looking towards the marriage preparations..
All were gathering to the shop directly except Ardhika.
Sam called Arjun.
“ Hello..Sam..” Arjun
“ Hey Arjun.. I want a help from you …”
“ Help? You can order me…”
“ oh…Can you pick up Chashni from apartment..actually I am with Neil and we are directly coming at shop…”
Arjun’s heart fluttered with thought..Since he didn’t saw her from the day she was on leave.only he knew how he controlled his feeling.
“ Yeah..sure Sam…I will pick her up…”
“ Thank you so much Arjun..I will messaged her that you are going to pick her up..”
Line went dead..Arjun got excited with thought..He changed into a peach color cotton casual shirt and Blue faded jeans.
He grabbed car keys and headed towards the Radhika’s apartment.
As he reached he dialed to Radhika.
“Hey you ready to go?”
“Yup..just coming down…”

After a minute, When he saw her shutting the gate behind. She saw him, smile come across his face.
She had worn knee length sleeveless crème color frog, bodice of that frong fitting her well showing her delicate curves. She set her hair free. A little pendant around her neck adding beauty to her already beautiful face.
Though for him it didn’t matter what she did, what she wore or anything else , her presence made him happy, and it radiate from him when she was around.

“Hii Arjun…” She exclaimed

“ Hey…Good to see you after almost two weeks….” He exclaimed as he drove towards the road.

“ me too…You know Sam na..She has gone crazy..So I’m handling all her wedding stuff..” She said smilingly.
“ So as Neil too..His condition is no different from her..” He chuckled.

They talked all the way until they reach to Olympia the bridal shop.
They entered into the shop where all were already present.
Seeing Radhika there, Sam went to her and pulled her to sit beside her.
Radhika and Sam got surrounded by tons of white puffy wedding dresses. Boys knew that until Sam didn’t get satisfied with her dress they have to bear this shopping torcher.
The clerk was affirmative and was doing everything in her power to make Sam happy.
Radhika tried many bridesmaids dress after dress but still sam didn’nt get satisfied. After almost two hours Radhika pick up one dress from one of mannequins.

“ Why don’t you try this Sammy?” Radhika asked to sam who had frustrated
The clerk took it down and handed to the Sam.She went towards trail room and changed.
When Sam came out from the Trial room, all got stunned it’s like that dress was only made for her.That dress perfectly hugging her body, it has elegant trail and bodice was covered with stylish breading material. Sam had tears in her eyes.

“ I think we are taking this dress..” sam declared. Neil hugged her tight.
After all shopping everyone left for their work except Ardhika.

“ Hey, You ready to go? “ Arjun asked excitedly

“ Where?” Radhika asked confused

“ For long drive…Please don’t Say No…I missed your company so much..Please…” Arjun said almost in pleading tone..

“Fine..Lets go..” She laughed

Putting the ignition on Arjun took the wheel and Radhika sat on the passenger seat and they headed for the highway.

Turning down one of many back roads, they drove, listening to the radio , talking on many things most of the funny things.They drove for hour or so then they realized where they reached.
They got out from car and found out that it was the same place where Arjun brought her on their first day out.
Then from the distance they heard the rumble of thunder. Looking up to sky, it was storm coming in.

“ Arjun…” She called him in concerned.

“ Whats wrong?”
The sound of thunder come again this time a bit lauder.
“ I think we should start heading toward home..looking like it’s going to start pouring soon..”

“ We still have a little while Radhika, Let’s stay here for little while….”

“ Okay”
Standing there he had urge to touch her but it didn’t look nice so he thought the perfect idea. The request once she made.

“ Radhika, would you dance with me…?”
She thought he must be crazy in this stormy weather he wants to dance.

“ Arjun we don’t have music nor a weather like it..”

“ I belived you when you asked me to dance once and I answered with same respone. And we managed it right..” He exclaimed.

With that she smile and let her arm around his neck and he hold her by her waist. He started to hum his favorite’s song.
Then a stray drop of rain dripped down on her arm, making her shiver slightly.

“ Arjun, it’s starting to rain…” Radhika whispered.
“ I know..we will go soon..”

Then something hadn’t expected happened. The clouds opened up and rain began to thunder down upon them. The water was beating against their body making their hair plastering their skin.
Radhika pulled herself close to his strong body , trying to keep the rain beating down her.
He suddenly pulled back some, his hand gently touched her face, lifting her chin so she was looking at him. He never released his grip from her waist, but used his other hand to push away some of the hair that had fallen on her face which was blocking his view to her face.

Lightening crack at the moment letting him see her eyes for second . they were wide with wonder..It was s*xiest thing he had seen in his life he thought. He continued caress her soft skin as rain abused their bodies. Then he realized her hand was beginning to move too…Starting to stroke his face with backside of her hand.

His free hand started to trace her facial feature, stroking his thumb across her eyes..down her nose..across her sensuous lips.

Lightening lit up in the sky again,His hand began to snake itself into her long waves of hair , pulling her face closer to him. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. At his contact she got shocked, didn’t know what to do. He moved his lips slowly, in teasing motion over her. Then she clicked something in her mind which felt good to her.
He kept pulling her closer, not allowing any distance between them.. In the next moment she too started reacting back him, her lips moving with his. He felt her lips soft and tender at first like flutter of butterflies’ wings .He ran his tongue across her upper lips, a sigh escaped from her mouth as her lips gets a parted , granting him entrance into her soft warmth. His kisses became more fiercer with second ticked by , but suddenly he pulled back..both of them gasping for air..
His eyes sparkled with lightening flash on them.

He grabbed her hand and dragged her to the car , throwing open door for her and then shutting it behind she had chance to close herself. When he got inside the car, they didn’t look at each other.
Engine gets started and they threw at the drive. There was raining still outside.


Next chapter : Nesam wedding..Arjun starting to prepare to prapose Radhika

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