Never let u go (Chpt 20)


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Chapter 20

Radhika was sitting on grass at the same place where Arjun brought her first. Seating under the sky she saw lovingly towards Arjun who was already watching her.
A sweet smile came across his face. He slowly took her hand in his and looked deep into her eyes.
They were engrossed in each other.
Without breaking eye contact he whispered
“ I Love you Radhika….”
With that magical world Radhika got butterflies in her stomach…She blushed crimson and whispered
“ I love you too Arjun…”
They remained silent in each other’s embraced
“ I want to share my past with’s important…” Radhika whispered….
And she shared all things happened to her.
After listening to her Arjun fumes in anger and pushed her towards the ground with jerk..

“ You Betray me Radhika…You didn’t share this to me before..for what are you waiting till? To get me engrossed in your innocent face….You are fake Radhika…”Arjun fuming in anger..

“ Listen to me Arjun..Please don’t do this to me…I am not culprit in all this…you love me na..please believe me….” She begged, tears tumbling down.
Arjun’s expression was cold. The sparkled that once danced in his eyes was gone. He was looking away from her.

“ No Radhika…I hate you …I don’t love you..I never want to see you again….” He yelled as he glared back at her
“ No…Arjun Please don’t…..” She begged
“ Go….Radhika Mishra…Leave me alone…” He screamed

She let out a blood curding scream and jerked into a sitting position. She was dreaming. She reached up to touch her face to find it drenched in sweat. It was worst Nightmare she had.

“ Radhika, you okay?”

Sam pushed her blanket aside and she was hell worried about Radhika.

“I think so..just a nightmare…” Radhika mumbled

“ Radhika you have to forget all that past thing and do not let that past things haunt you…” Sam’s voice was calm and soothing.

“ I know Sam…but it’s difficult to throw your past from your life…it haunts you always…”Still Radhika was in effect of that dream…

Sam wanted to discuss about Arjun to Radhika but she knew it was not the right time to do that.
“ Okay..don’t think too much Chashni…all will be fine…I will get you a coffee..”
Sam smiled and left for the kitchen. Radhika curled up on bed for some time and decided that she will not share her feelings with any one.

Few weeks later…..

Keeping her emotions in check was the full time job for Radhika.Her mind keeps jumping to the conclusion that he would feel the same for her, but her past in her heart told her she was going to be crushed again eventually.So telling him wasn’t on her priorities list.

She thought better to get rid this problem off it would be good if she would avoid Arjun.
So she was avoiding him after their day out. The fear of crossing paths with Arjun never left her though.
She stayed away from Arjun’s cabin like it was infested with plague. She was acting to be normal all the time.

Arjun noticed this change in her. Whenever he tried to talk to her she made excuses that she was working on important project or spent more time with group in canteen.

Arjun’s pov : Radhika you are pretending to be normal but you are far from it. It is like you are hiding something from me.I will find it out. I am missing you…It’s hurting me deep inside my heart. You are mine, I will not let you go far from me…

He checked her where about with Teji.
Teji informed him that Radhika was discussing about upcoming ad with their Media counselor.
Arjun headed towards Ms . Miller’s cabin. He looked in from the glass wall of cabin and saw her typing away at something.
Knocking, he pushed the door open to meet Radhika’s eyes. She got little terrified when he walked into the cabin.
“Excuse me….”
“ Radhika, Can we talk for a minute” He asked .
MS. Miller, the media counselor smiled taking some papers with her and leaving them alone. He sat in MS Millers chair facing her.
Confusion flooded her thoughts.
Radhika’s POV :
Why he wanted to talk to me. Oh god please he doesn’t ask something that I am not willing to answer.

She didn’t speak, just looked at him.
“ Radhika, what is going with you ?You have been acting weird and everyone is noticing it. Even mom when you come by house. You aren’t acting like yourself..” He looked confused and annoyed
She didn’t speak for a minute or two.
“ I’m fine. Just too many things are going at once. Stressed out I guess.” Her voice was shaky and she wanted to avoid that issue.
“ It’s more than that , Radhika. Talk to me.” His voice was firm like he was demanding for answer.
“ Arjun, you can’t fix everything in my world. You know that we all have things that bother us and we don’t want to talk about it. It’s my personal matter. I don’t want to discuss it with you..Please Arjun leave me alone…” Her voice was full of venom and that was very unlike Radhika.

He stood up with anger, he wanted to start yelling at her and tell her what he feels for her but he did exactly against it.
“ That is low blow. Especially for you Radhika..”
He opened and slammed the door before she could say a word.
Internally, she was kicking herself being cruel and stupid all at once.
When you love someone, you can avoid him, you can delete his no. from your cell, you can behave rudely but with this your heart started feeling more for that person.
He was fuming in anger; he didn’t want to stay in office. He grabbed his car and went the home.
As she sat there at her desk continuously thinking how to fix what she have done to him.
As the office hours over she grabbed her stuff and slowly went to the parking a lot looking to be sure Arjun was nowhere seen. She didn’t found his car in a lot which made it confirm he left office before her..then she left for her home.

Arjun’s House

When finally he got home, he slammed the car into park and stormed into the house. He passed Raj , so nail and Neil sitting in living room and stomped up the stairs. He pulled door open and slammed it behind him. He went to stereo and turned to radio station and cracked to the loud. He started punching to the punching bag continuously.
He wanted to push Radhika’s word out of his mind which deeply cutting his heart.

“ What the hell is your problem Bro?”
He hadn’t heard the door open, but there stood Neil in all worried expression.

“Buzz off, Neil. I don’t have time or patience to deal with you right now” he again started punching.

Neil grabbed punching bag and yanked him on the bed

“ Neil, leave me hell alone…”Arjun was feeling like his eyes were bugging out of his head.
“ I will when you tell me what is going on with you? Did you have fight with Radhika or something? “ Neil trying to find out reason behind Arjun’s anger.
“ I don’t want to talk about her..please Neil….” This time Arjun yelled in pleading tone…
“ Oh…so I am going to guess that Radhika is the issue….Why don’t you tell her that you love her…”
With Neil’s last word Arjun frowned
“ Don’t know Neil…I never had this experience to go and tell a girl that I love her..Always girls came behind me…So I damn confused how to handle this…and if she refuses my love then….”
“Arjun, the worse thing she can say is that she doesn’t love you, but she cares for you and even blind can tell you that she too loves you….”
“ I will think on it..Next month she has her birthday…I’m thinking that day will be good to propose her…what’s say buddy?”
Arjun’s mood lightens with the thought and winked at Neil…

“’s I did propose Sam on her Birthday…Sounds someone stolen my idea…” Neil Said Playfully..

“ Ohhh..shut up Bro…..Let me think now..” Arjun curled on bed and smiling remembering Radhika’s Face..
Neil left his room to inform Raj and Sonali that all is okay. After some time he called Sam to know about Radhika and told that something happened between them.

Radhika’s apartment

Radhika arrived home. Sam was yet to come so she thought she had peace for little while.Crossing living room she entered into kitchen and get herself a glass of ice tea and slouched down at one the dinning chair.
She heard sound of front door open and close. Guessing it was Sam she didn’t move from spot.

“What did you say to Arjun, Chashni?”
She turned to see Sam who was leaning against the kitchen door… She wasn’t angry but worried for her.
“ Nothing..” Radhika mumbled. She didn’t want to think everything again.
Sam came over and sat down in front of her and stared at her.
Radhika ducked her eyes down to the table hoping to avoid the further discussion.

“ Radhika, talk to me. What is going on? It’s like something bothering you “

Radhika couldn’t speak so she got up from chair and went to the living room and sat on the sofa.
She heard Sam’s foot step on floor and felt her hand on her shoulder and with that tears begins to form in her eyes.
Sam came over and wiped her tear.
“ Chashini, what is making you cry?”
“ It’s nothing “ she lied..
“ I am going to bet it has something with Arjun. Am I right?”
She didn’t bring her eyes to meet her. Radhika kept her eyes glued to the floor.

“ Chashni, you know me better than anyone. Tell me, I will not let up until you do..”

She knows how persistent Sam is.

Sighing in defeat she looked towards Sam.
“ I realized about a few weeks ago that….” She ran the last part as quick as possible that Sam couldn’t able to hear it “ I am in love with Arjun..”
Next minute she heard Sam’s squeal of happiness.
“…this is great….I am going to tell this to Neil”

“ NO!! Arjun isn’t going to find out this. This is why I hadn’t told you. I don’t want anyone to know, I want everything to stay as they are please don’t tell him..”
Sam’s expression was indescribable. She had thought something in her mind and sparkled return to her eyes again.
Radhika noticed this.
“ No, Sam.. whatever you are think not going to are not going to do anything…You supposed to knew my past”
“ You are no fun..” sam grumbled and threw herself on sofa “ Chashni, you have to tell Arjun.He has right to know and make the choice should know he deeply cared about you..he will understand you…Think positively towards it dear”
Sighing Radhika let her body relaxed on sofa.

“ Thanks Sam for talking to me…I think I need some time to think..”
Sam stood and come over to give Radhika slight hug and left for washroom to get freshen up.
Radhika stared out of the window watching chill winds blow across the atmosphere.

She made up her mind and went to her closet grab a pair of jeans and a hoodie top…
She got ready quickly when Sam came to her.
“ where are you going at this hour chashni?” Sam asked in surprised.

“ I am coming to tell you.. I am going to Arjun’s apologizes for my behavior…”
Radhika replied..

“ OHHHHoooo….don’t throw excuses to me…you want to see your Ajun na…” Sam said playfully

“ Stop it Sam…Please m still serious about my decision of not telling him..but I don’t want to ruined our friendship…So….” Radhika said seriously…
“ Okay okay Chashni..m just kidding na..dont be serious…N go…you would get late to come…” sam said
“ I’m so dumb…How could I forget Neil…..Get ready you too coming with me..You can meet him..”
Now Radhika said it playfully..Sam made pout…
“ Now don’t refuse it my dear….”
Sam and Radhika left for Arjun’s house.

Arjun’s House
Radhika and Sam entered into the house. Sonali saw them coming, she sped up and wrapped Radhika and Sam in warm hug as she reached to them.
“ oh..Radhika and Sam I’m so happy to see you both..come, let’s talk..” She exclaimed as she led them to sofa.
They barely got seated before Sonali went on and on how she was happy with her family..
“ Enough of me , what brings you both here..?”

“ I need to talk to Arjun..” Radhika said hesitantly
She looked at Radhika with smile as if she was knew that why Radhika came here..
“ Yeah sure beta..He is in his gym…” Sonali exclaimed “ and Sam Neil is in lawn with Raj…”
Sonali smiled as she stood..
“ See you both at Dinner table in an hour..” and she left without waiting for their response..

Walking up steps , Radhika paused before the door and gathered her courage. Taking a deep breath she entered into room
Pushing the door open, she saw him leaning over the treadmill drenched in sweat.
“I’m sorry for being a b*t*h earlier” She said softly making sorry face her voice was little bit shaky
Arjun turned and got surprised to see in front of him with all cute expression. He gathered his thoughts.
“ I wish you would have talk to me…I was worried about you..” He voice was calm; internally he was happy seeing her in front of him.
“So I guess you accepted my apology…” She said smiling; she felt light a little bit..
“ No..You have to do something special to get it….” He said playfully and went towards the dumbbell’s rack.
Radhika got confused
“ What you want me to lift that 20 kg dumbbell…” She screamed in worry
He laughed at her expression…
“ This not for you..”
“ You have to hold your ears and do sit ups and Say please forgive me Arjun…” He said winking and smirking.
Radhika couldn’t believe and got shocked listening to him..
“ I guess you must be Joking..Don’t you ?”
“No…I’m Serious…” With fake flat face he replied…
Radhika thought for second…
“ Okay…”
“ But I have one doubt…” She inquired
“You didn’t mention how many sit ups I have to do…” she asked innocently…
He can’t hold himself from laughing but he suppressed his laugh somehow.
“ Till I didn’t stop you…” Arjun exclaimed
She started doing sit up making pout of her face like a kid who got punishment for not doing homework.
He was busy observing her every moment…
BG Song played
Itani Mohabbat Karo Na
(Don’t love me so much )
Main doob na jaaun kaheen
(lest I drown in this..)
Waapas kinaare pe aana
(I shoun’t forget to come back)
Main bhool na jaaun kaheen
(to the shores)
Dekha jabse hain chahra tera
( Since I have seen your face)
Main to hafton se soya nahi…
(I’ve not slept for weeks…)
Bol do na zara
(Please tell me)
Dil main hai jo chupa
(What’s hidden in your heart)
Main kisi se kahoonga nahi
(I’ll won’t tell anyone)

He was totally engrossed observing her; with her every move tingling of her earrings, floating of her one hair stand which was disturbing her. He wanted to go and kiss her.
“ Okay stop stoppp…” He couldn’t see her doing more sit ups
“ It’s just 5 sit ups…” Radhika said innocently
“ Forget have to give me one promise that We r going out on this saturaday…” Arjun
She hesitated for second and replied
“Okay..Promise..” She said smilingly..
Servant came to his gym
“ Excuse me sir..”
“ Sonali mam called you and mam for dinner..”
“ Okay..we are coming..” Arjun replied to servant and moved towards Radhika “ Let’s go Radhika
They moved towards dining table…

Love is not falling for someone, it means falling unknowingly then someone catches you ….

Next chapter : Neil proposes Sam for marriage..Aradhika’s first kiss…

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