Never let u go (Chpt 2)


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Never let u go…

Chapter 2
Mumbai International Airport:
“Radhika……” Mala called fourth time…
Announcement sound came from background…
“ Radhika beta see your flight’s announcement had done. Put that phone down” Mala says worriedly.
A Girl talking on mobile phone holding trolley bag turns by Mala’s call. She has radiant, lily colored porcelain skin, red soft lips having cute smile on it and her colossal filled black eyes added more essence to her beauty. Her elbow length straight hair tied in ponytail wearing pink kurtha and white chuddidar with matching white duppatta.
“Yes Mom just coming”Radhika says and hung up the phone and came to Mala.
“ Mom sam was online she was giving instructions like you..All treat me like a kid” Radhika says making face like small kid,
“Beta you r special to us n we loveu na so we r worried for u…after what had happened in past makes me more worried about u beta” Mala says in worry…
“ Oh my darling mom…Forget what had happen..i wanted to live new life, wants to explore myself ..That past incident makes me realize that I have to make my own identity and stands on my own feet…M very happy this time that papa is supporting me on this decision” Radhika says confidently with smile..
“Haa betaji…Its good to be Independent..but m worried about what if anything hurt u there m not with you na” Mala
“ arrey mumma m ur brave girl na..n m going to teach art n crafts to kids at NGO not going on any war to fight with enemy…Sam will be there na…So throw ur worries in dustbin…” Radhika says lovingly and hugs mala…
Ankush brother of radhika says “ Di This is for u” and gifted a small box to her..she opens the box.
She gets stunned by gift…it’s a very beautiful bracelet having American diamonds fixed on it…
“ sorry di next time will give original diamond bracelet ”Ankush says lovingly..
“ Awww..This are precious for me more than real diamonds Ankush….Thank you soo much” Radhika hugs ankush..
“Okay take care of Maa n Papa…times to move for flight…”Radhika hugs Mala
“Love u beta n take care”Mala says with teary eyes…
“ U too mumma” Radhika Waves byee to them and goes toward the checking Gate..
Mehra Mansion
Arjun comes to hall where Raj is reading Newspaper sitting comfortably on sofa..
“ Dad am done with packing and will leave in half an hour” Arjun says putting travel bags on the floor.
“Oh my boy…M really happy that you listened me and going to Australia” raj
“ ofcourse dad You r my life line….If any serious situation came make call me n will here in next hour dad” Arjun
“Arjun leave this business at one side n njoy n let me njoy too ..because of you I have to always work nw I will njoy here freely” Raj said teasingly..
“ but take care of your health….Okay now I’m leaving for Airport” Arjun hugs Raj.
“ Okay..I have told Mr Roy that your coming…call him once you reach there…Ramu kaka put arjun bag in car and make car ready for airport”
“Take care beta” Raj says bidding bye to Arjun..
Arjun sat in his Car and leaves for Airport…

P S – Arjun & Radhika are not boarding same plane. They will meet in australia with twist n turn…

Next chapter: Ardhika’s encounter!!

sorry guys for small update..but surely tommarrow will update longer one with aradhika collision…
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credits to – dipika

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